When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females - page 3

Hello, I have been working in a medium security state prison for the past month. So far, I love correctional nursing. However, I was very recently assigned to a section of severely mentally ill... Read More

  1. by   GeminiNurse29
    I worked forensic psych. Call them out on their BS, write them up or whatever it is you're supposed to do, don't engage them. Did they train you on what you're supposed to do?
  2. by   DolceVita
    Quote from sarsett
    This is good advise for a community psych hospital, but in prison this response will have you looking "overfamiliar", which is a cardinal sin in prison. Any wind that you are aware of and ignoring a masturbating inmate or coaching an inmate to use vaseline to masturbate will land you in some serious hot water with custody and management.
    Agreed. We have an RN from a State Hospital who works with us at the State prison. She is a super resource but we handle some things quite differently.

    As for giving a "warning" before a conduct report. This would not be some obscure rule requiring a earning. They know the rules. Usually they know them better than we do.