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Trampledunderfoot LPN

Corrections, Dementia/Alzheimer's
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Trampledunderfoot is a LPN and specializes in Corrections, Dementia/Alzheimer's.

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  1. Trampledunderfoot

    Need for Nurses in Corrections

    Very huge need. Always short. Always busy.
  2. Trampledunderfoot

    Don't Say The "Q" word!

    I am a Christian too, and I fully believe that when God hears the "Q" word He gives a little giggle and makes things interesting.
  3. Trampledunderfoot

    misappropriation of prescription medications

    Some people will call anyone a troublemaker, regardless of whether they are being one or not. In my facility, sharing patient specific meds is avoided accept for emergent situations. Whether it is right or not, I cannot say, but this is how it was explained to me: The residents at the nursing home pay for their own meds, or it comes from their insurance. If you borrowed meds, you'd be stealing money from one grandma to give to another. The meds for the inmates come out of our tax dollars. So whether I give Joe Joe's Tylenol or Bob's, it is really Tylenol that you and I paid for, so Bob should not care as long as at the end of the day, Bob still gets a Tylenol too. In LTC I'd write NA and if it was emergent, pull what strings I had to or take from the emergency kit. In corrections, I'm more comfortable with borrowing. It really is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.
  4. Trampledunderfoot

    Preparing to get my BSN

    This is a relief.... But wait! Are cool handshakes not allowed???
  5. Trampledunderfoot

    Preparing to get my BSN

    So, I am fixing to get my BSN. I'm currently an LPN, and loving it. I am very worried. I need the increase in pay, and will get my BSN regardless. But I am scared. I'm scared because I love working with my hands and legs. I love med pass, taking blood pressures, talking to people, stopping the bleeding, putting the resident on the toilet, running to the medical emergency, etc. Do BSNs do this??? Is it all charting and busy work? Do I have to be the DON? What kind of jobs do BSNs do? I am especially interested in mental health, corrections, and nursing home/dementia settings. This is probably a stupid question... Thanks for any answers!
  6. Trampledunderfoot

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    I kind of like the smell of Flonase. A whiff of tooth paste in your face when a patient just brushed their teeth. How about antibiotics?
  7. I learned what to do during a grand mal seizure while it was happening, same for an MI. Luckily I had good backup both days. I did feel quite dumb though, and almost threw in the towel. I was angry management left me so unprepared. We had a good talk after that :).
  8. Trampledunderfoot

    What does your username mean?

    Led Zeppelin rocks. And I continually feel trampled under life's foot.
  9. Trampledunderfoot

    ADON position with Centurion?

    I wish you luck. We go through DONs, ADONs, etc very quickly. I think it's pretty rough.
  10. Trampledunderfoot

    What do you like best about working in a jail?

    I work in a prison, usually in segregation. I like how I am in control, if it is getting out of hand, I can end the encounter by having the officer take them or walking away from the cell. I feel very safe. I enjoy the craziness, the fights, the medical emergencies. Some of the fake medical emergencies are hilarious! I enjoy the crazy stories they tell (fake ones and also real ones) and the crazy things they do to pass the time (the cadillacs and artwork on the cell walls). It's not pleasant being called some of the things I am called, but once they are written up for it, it typically stops. The medical request forms they fill out can be a great read sometimes! Sometimes I feel like I am working in a zoo... I mean this in a very nice and respectful way.
  11. Trampledunderfoot

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    How about the administrator in her nice office clothes?
  12. Trampledunderfoot

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    This reminds me of a 107 year old woman with poop all over her dress, the bed, the curtain, all up in her hair and nails, she's screaming and scratching at my face. I ended up letting her gum my gloved hand so she would stop fighting, but it made her angry when she found out it didn't hurt. That mess took a while. Then I got berated for my time management.
  13. Trampledunderfoot

    Useless Shift Report Information

    I like report to at least be accurate. Back when I was an aide, we had sent a resident out because her big toe had turned black. When I came to work and was told she was back, I asked "Were they able to save her toe?" The aide from the previous shift said "Yes, she's fine." I go to get her up for breakfast and find she has had an above the knee amputation!!! Just a little off... No big deal.
  14. Trampledunderfoot

    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    I listen to Five Finger Death Punch. So I'm weird.... But it never fails to lift my mood!
  15. Trampledunderfoot

    When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    What about things they say? I find it strange that because over familiarity is so bad, it seems more acceptable at times for the inmates to be hateful and call you bad things than it is for them to be nice and call you something good. I was taught I can't accept a complement from an offender, so "You're my favorite nurse" and "You're on time! I'll nominate you nurse of the year!" is frowned upon and should be reported. Where, at the same time, if you reported every offender that called you something bad, you'd be doing it all day, so you must pick and choose the worst. It seems like a bad thing to always be telling the ones who respect you and have your back that they can't say nice things. This all just strikes me as weird. And what about the ones that call you "wife"?
  16. Trampledunderfoot

    Wise One Liners

    We all have to die of something. If it doesn't work we can amputate it. "If you need it and don't have it, you sing a different tune." Burt Gummer