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    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    When I was a kid I was terrible at giving away secrets, so when my Mom would ask what I was getting her, I got to where I would say "toilet paper!". Then one year I had the brilliant idea of putting my small gift in the bottom of a large box and filling the box up with toilet paper. My mom's face was priceless! She thought I'd finally done it! It turned in to a tradition, and now we all just get toilet paper. The past several years, I have become very angry about Christmas all together. I love wrapping gifts, but never know what to buy. The whole thing seems off to me, pick a time of year to give gifts just because everyone else does? Why? If you love your family, why wouldn't you have done something earlier? Why wait till Christmas? This isn't even really the day Jesus was born. It has gotten to where that's not what it's all about anyway. Maybe I'm having a crisis, but I just don't know why we should celebrate anymore. Too much of a bother. I enjoy some movies, I dislike the music but find myself singing it when I cook . I don't like how the lights outside are distracting when I drive. Toilet paper is still fun though:).