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Corrections, Dementia/Alzheimer's
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Trampledunderfoot has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Corrections, Dementia/Alzheimer's.

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  1. Trampledunderfoot

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    I heard someone say it is hard for nurses to get mental health help because it shows on their back ground checks and will cause them to not get hired. Anyone know if this is true? If so, this is really sad, and seems like it would put patients more at risk because nurses would not seek care they need.
  2. I'm going to say upfront that I haven't read this entire thread, so if what I am about to say has been said, forgive me. I wonder if you just need to try working with a different population. Kids just aren't my thing. I would bawl at work daily, which I think the poor kids should be spared from. Maybe try a nursing home, or a clinic before you give up.
  3. If you were right, you might have a point. You are not right, and therefore don't have a valid point.
  4. I personally, in my town, know of an instance where white police unjustly shot and killed 2 white men. It didn't even make the news past one article in the local paper. I have not managed to finish all the videos about the Atlanta shooting (yet) and therefore refuse to form an opinion until I do. However, I have watched all videos of the George Floyd murder in their entirety. There is no excuse for how he was killed. The officer who did it was wrong, as the officers who stood by and let it happen were wrong. Regardless of whether Floyd was on drugs, or fought the police in the back of the police car. Regardless of whatever might have happened, had he pulled a taser on the police, etc. I work in a prison, and have seen many uses of force. As soon as the offender (black or white) shout's "I'm through" "I'm done" etc, they mean it, and there is no more fighting because they are ready to comply. This statement made by Floyd should not have been ignored. I have also watched numerous videos of protests and murals being painted in honor of George Floyd. If the movements were #Georgefloyd'slifemattered, I can get down with that, because it did matter, and that fact was not taken into account as it should have been. But after watching all of the videos, 2 facts stood out to me. 1. When my dad died, there was not one single worthless mural painted. Not one single sign made. Not one single national proclamation that his life mattered. 2. When a good friend of mine died (who happened to be quite black), again, not a single word regarding the worth of her life to make national news. The realization of these two facts lead me to the conclusion that, in the eyes of the nation, in order for a life to matter, 2 things must both be true: The life has to be a black one, and it has to have been ended at the hands of the police. I do not know what my ancestors were. For all I know, they were abolitionists running the underground railroad. The fact that I am made to believe that I must apologize to all black people because my grandma might have been unkind to their grandma is strange. I have never been unkind to a black person, since their lives matter as much as everyone else, and therefore feel no need to apologize. I agree with beachynurse. I think tearing down the monuments is saying that all the lives that were killed in the confederacy do not matter, though they were childeren, husbands, fathers, fighting for something they believed in. I also like what beachynurse said about Dr. Martin Luther King. If we pretend the past did not happen, then his life did not matter. #Confederatelivesmatter #Dr.MartinLutherKing'slifematters
  5. Trampledunderfoot

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    Right, I forget that 2009 wasn't the first H1N1 outbreak (guess my age is showing 😳). So they were well on their way for a vaccine before 2009, and it is not comparable to the COVID-19 timeline at all. Forgive my stupidity, and please don't alert the news. You all come up with good articles, I wish I had more time to read up and do research (why I don't get on this site as often as I'd like😢).
  6. I, like every other person (I believe), like to keep my tax dollars in my pocket. However, I believe that defunding the police, along with all the other crazy things I've heard, equals having police officers who do not feel confident, do not feel safe, do not feel that they have the means to effectively do their jobs, and are frankly scared. I know I would be. If we then were to have police who are unable and unwilling to adequately protect me and my family, then the laws should also be changed to allow me to more adequately protect us myself. Will I be able to kill or adequately maim the man who threatens to rape my daughter? No, I will still have to wait for him to do it, and then call the cops. Will I be able to waive a gun to scare off the 15 unruly teens making my back yard their playground and busting my garage windows? No, I will have to call the cops, hope they show up, and pay for new garage windows. Would I be able even to throw rotten tomatoes at said kids to chase them instead of showing a gun? Probably not, because should one of those kids fall and hurt themselves while running away, I would be sued. Will I be able to slit the tires of the guy who slit mine? No, I will have to buy new tires. Don't think that this is another non-empathetic nurse. I care. This is about caring. I am not racist. But I think that #Blacklivesmatter would more accurately read #Onlyblacklivesmatter. I believe in #Alllivesmatter. Black, white, and everything else above, beyond, and between.
  7. Trampledunderfoot

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    It's horrible that you all had to go through that. I can't believe our country is in the horrible state that it is in right now. I can't believe we weren't more prepared. I can't believe it is getting worse, and the news seems to be pretending that it is not. Great advice from you all! I'm praying for you.
  8. Trampledunderfoot

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    That is a good article, askater112. I was young during H1N1, but they came out with a safe vaccine for it pretty quickly, in a year and a half, right? Was this d/t how it was just another flu strain?
  9. Trampledunderfoot

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    What are y'all's thoughts on the many COVID-19 vaccines being tested? Safe vs unsafe. Which one do you think will be most effective? Do you think COVID-19 will mutate faster than the vaccines could be made? Any other thoughts. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200610/covid-19-latest-updates
  10. Trampledunderfoot

    Living as an older individual with comorbidities

    WOW!, I'd never heard of this. This is really cool. More people need to think like you these days, Hillbilly RN! Forgive me for being naive toomuchbaloney, but do they really do this?
  11. Trampledunderfoot

    Living as an older individual with comorbidities

    I agree with this post.
  12. Trampledunderfoot

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Removing stitches is my favorite, staples too. Ear flushing is only satisfying for me if huge chunk comes out, love that. Don't think I've found a least favorite yet. Clipping toenails can also be cool.
  13. Trampledunderfoot

    COVID-19, If a nurse needs quarantined...

    That's interesting. Why would they temporarily release prisoners? Is it because they are immune deficient? It would suck to later be picked back up.
  14. Trampledunderfoot

    COVID-19, If a nurse needs quarantined...

    I have not been a nurse long and have never worked through an epidemic like this before. If a nurse starts showing symptoms of covid-19 while at work, will she be sent home to be quarantined? Will she be quarantined at work so as not to spread it on her way home or to her family? Will she be made to continue working so healthy nurses would have a better chance of not catching it? (I don't know if this is a thing, but if a nurse as covid-19 then there is no risk for her to care for covid-19 patients, right? If she's basically well enough to carry on.) How is this scenario handled? If a nurse comes down with symptoms at home, will she be made to go to work anyway, or will she be made to stay home? If she is made to stay home for 2 weeks or more, will she be paid? I work in a prison, but am interested in people's thoughts in other settings. I initially thought a prison would be least likely to catch the virus. If it is spread to the prison, then of course it would spread throughout the camp fast. But am I right in thinking it would probably be the least likely place to pick it up? Since it is not a hospital or clinic where sick people flock to, or a nursing home or school where you have families etc. in and out constantly. Is there anyone out there with an outbreak at your facility? What are the working conditions like at this point? Thanks.
  15. Trampledunderfoot

    How do you know if correctional nursing is for you?

    I think you would like it. I took a job in corrections because it was available and the pay was nice. Totally surprised that I loved it! I was a new grad with CNA and CMT experience in an Alzheimer's unit, which I loved, so I had some psych back ground. Being a new nurse, it was rough for a while, but I'm totally glad I stuck it out. Learned a lot.
  16. Trampledunderfoot

    School Shoes For Nurses

    This is really good. I like it.

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