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  1. New Grad Age 60 Can't Land a Job

    I went to nursing school at age 56. I really wasn't too sure how tough it would be after being out of school for 40 years. I chose LPN....knowing that I could do anything for a year. I ended up 2Nd in my class! Woot Woot! My point is you can...
  2. Improving Assessment Skills

    Skin conditions are really tough! We had a prn nurse that worked in a derm office for 26 years. I learned a lot from her. She told me that If there is no one else around to brain storm with, to check with "Dr Google" for pictures. If you can't i...
  3. Scrubs and Stethoscopes Giveaway from Medelita

    Thank you! Can't wait to try your products!
  4. An inmate came in with a medical emergency. "Please help me! I have anthrax on my back!"
  5. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    Our facility requires confinement officers to announce "Nurse on the wing.". To some of the inmates, this is a call to get ready....here she comes. They have plenty of time to put their toys away.....or whip them out. Nurses at our facility are...
  6. Sometimes..after talking for a few minutes you find out it is actually a bunkie problem. Security will move them around if possible. Sometimes the captain will come in. He/she will have a private conversation w the i/m and he is no longer suicidal...
  7. Sick Call costs

    Ours is $5 Emergencies are free....unless it is not an emergency .then it is $5 and a lecture on what constitutes an emergency...and hand them a sick call slip.
  8. fake illness...how to rule out real injury

    Nottaspringchik That is one I hadn't thought of! Thanks!
  9. New to Correctional Nursing, any tips?

    Read this book " Games criminals Play" by Bud Allen & Diana Bosta It gives a great play by play of inmate manipulaton tactics.
  10. What's the funniest thing you've seen on a sick call

    Inmate...."I have anthrax all over my back!" Me..." oh! May I see it?" I didn't see anything Me " Does it hurt.?" Inmate "No". Me "How do you know it's there? Inmate"I just know" Me " Want me to fix it?" I/m "Yes please" Milk of mag and a...
  11. Advice for a New LPN and correctional nursing?

    I am an LPN. I have learned so much more as a correctional nurse than I did in LTC. We have limited staff and 1300 inmates. Weekends we have 1 Rn & 2 LPNs. We all take turns running emergencies. Stabbings...drug ODs...seizures...fake seizu...
  12. Blood pressure tools

    I work in a mens' prison in confinement mostly.. I usually have a pretty good idea about wether the inmate will return the wrist cuff or not. If I am fairly sure that I will get it back with out incident, I put in on the inmate through the flap an...
  13. Prison nursing vs jail nursing

    Hi! I work in a mens state prison and I frickin LOVE it!! I think the difference between nursing in a jail & nursing in a prison is that our inmates have been in the system for a while. We don't have alot of detoxing patients. We don't get p...
  14. Anyone work for Seminole county jail/prison in Sanford, FL?

    Tomoka State Prison is looking for nurses! Centurion health has the current contract.