When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

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Hello, I have been working in a medium security state prison for the past month. So far, I love correctional nursing. However, I was very recently assigned to a section of severely mentally ill prisoners where they do MANY inappropriate things. I knew this would happen, and it's not the last time, but a prisoner in segregation began to masturbate when I approached his cell door to give him his meds. I acted as if nothing happened, but still wrote him a misconduct. I also wasn't shocked or traumatized by the incident, but it's also not my favorite part of the job. What are some witty comments that you female nurses make to male prisoners who intentionally expose themselves or masturbate? I will say "is that it?"to someone who exposes himself. Any other ideas?

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I never worked in corrections, and I'm not sure how witty this is. When I was approached in an off-leash dog park by a male who proudly whipped out his parts and indicated that he'd be interested in "letting you play with it", I responded with "You're proud of THAT little thing?" It deflated pretty quickly.

A patient once walked off the Med/Surg floor and let himself into the room of an elderly female CCU patient in order to masturbate in front of her. I walked into the room to answer her call light just in time to hear her say something to the effect of, "Yes, that's a large one. In fact, I think it's bigger than your OTHER head -- so I can see why you're using it to think with." The guy was just a bit slow -- it took him a moment to work loose the insult implied.

I'm anxious to see what other recommendations you get.

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í ½í¸† Those are funny Ruby Vee! Because this is such a common occurrence to female prison employees in mens' in jails and prisons, I searched this forum all the way back to 2013 and I was surprised that this has never been mentioned, even as a negative aspect of correctional nursing as I've seen many posts asking about the pros and cons.

This has been so problematic in some prisons that some of New York's maximum security prisons are or were issuing one-piece jumpsuits that zip up the back (and are also padlocked) to frequent offenders of this. But I did troll a corrections officer discussion board and I saw a couple of really funny comebacks which I'm going to post momentarily.

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So here are some comebacks that I either thought of myself or came across on a corrections officer discussion board:

For a man exposing himself:

Say out loud,"Anyone have a magnifying glass handy? (prisoner's name) is trying to show me his member and I can barely see anything...if that's even what it is."

Or for one masturbating:

"I recently read in a medical journal that excessive masturbation decreases its size"


"(Name), they're never going to allow blow up dolls in this place so I suggest you quit asking in so many different ways." ROFLOL!!

Hmmm - While I clearly do not understand jail culture, something seems off about "witty comebacks" for severely mentally ill prisoners....

Hmmm - While I clearly do not understand jail culture, something seems off about "witty comebacks" for severely mentally ill prisoners....

If I were inclined to use the comebacks at all, I think I would reserve them for those who are supposedly of "sound" mind.

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Jail and prison culture is like this: prisoners are very seasoned and skilled at manipulating and malingering. There are often hidden motives behind their actions. They lie. They play you. They push things to the limit, and they test limits. Especially with women, even more so if you're not a corrections officer. They're also very good actors. While the large majority of prisoners on the particular unit I was assigned to on the day this occurred are moderately to severely mentally ill, some of them are very sane but are also housed in that unit because of great difficulties managing them in the general population units. When this happened to me, the intent of the prisoner's action was to humiliate and intimidate me, to see what type of reaction he could get out of me, and to test limits.

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Yes Caliotter3, this prisoner does have a mental illness, but most likely moderate extent at the most. He is on this particular unit for mental illness AND difficulty managing him in general housing units, meaning he's received many misconducts. The intent of his actions was to intimidate, humiliate and test limits.

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i worked corrections for a while. on occasion i'd experience the same as the OP. in my experience it seemed to have a bigger effect if i just didn't acknowledge their actions. If their actions ramped up to something i "couldn't ignore" the COs were on it.

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For mentally ill patients I would not say anything if they are really are mentally Ill.

If they are offenders I would say something snarky: Seen one see them all except yours is really on the small size. Or I have said to another inmate Well I guess we all have parts yours must have been made in China as a refurbished one.

Sometimes I just do not say anything at all. Just here for healthcare but you need to stop what you are doing wash your hands then I will give you your medication. I step away and come back in a few if they continue I let them know I am documentation a refusal for medication (I gave them a verbal order) and I leave and document.

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I have visited several max facilities in the state. The SMI (severely mentally ill) population that are chronic masturbaters are housed in separate units with separate rules. When our legislature decided to close all the state run mental health institutions in the early 2000's these men and women were then sent to "group homes", halfway houses, homeless shelters or the street. Because of the severity of their mental illness they didn't take meds, didn't take care of themselves and many found themselves in jail and then prison.

This is not a humorous topic at all. Its not witty and it is offensive.

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I don't work in corrections, never have and probably never will but I have to say the idea of a "witty comeback" to a mentally ill person is offensive to me. No matter the conviction that landed them in a jail or prison they are still being housed in a unit reserved for the mentally ill for a reason. No matter the background or reason they landed in that unit, a witty comeback under any circumstance isn't appropriate.

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