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  1. TAKOO01

    Do nurses hate nursing?

    Absolutely. I only wish I could do the "take time off" part. The bills never take time off, unfortunately.
  2. There are a lot of subspecialities in case management. I was with an insurance company, and for everyone in my department, including myself, no one had critical care experience. Some were straight out of school. I think it was more about networking and showing transferable skills. But maybe hospital case management requires critical care experience?
  3. TAKOO01

    Surviving Nursing School and Beyond - Article Contest

    Were the winners for this contest announced?
  4. TAKOO01

    The quietest workplace

    Chart abstraction?
  5. TAKOO01

    New job offer, should I accept?

    Sounds like a good opportunity. don't assume it will be boring, though. You will be dealing with essentially two patients at a time: the parent and the child. You will need to be good at wrangling those personalities and needs while you do your work. It may also be emotionally challenging to watch kids struggle with chronic illness. Take it and see how it goes...
  6. If you feel that you have to make a choice between going to school or having children, have the kids. Yes, its hard to go to school with kids at age 40 or 45. But its probably way harder (cant predict fertility, might need expensive treatments) to have a biological kid at 40 or 45. Schools will always be open and ready to take your cash, but at a certain point our ovaries close up shop.
  7. TAKOO01

    Mandatory Staff Pictures In Patient Rooms

    Part of the issue that I have with things like this is that nurses are always thrown under the bus. Management is not putting those pics up because they expect accolades for the nurses. Those pics are there for when patients want to assign blame or complain. Management is also responsible for the care patients receive.Why not have pictures of the managers who understaffed the unit, so the patient has to wait to get her meds? Or pics of the manager who decided that we only need one mask per week, and are therefore possibly exposing patients to COVID? It already annoys me that I must have a picture and my last name on my badge. I don't believe pics and last names add any security for the patient and it actually decreases security for me (at least the inclusion of my last name does). This would make me angry if implemented at my job. My picture is already on my badge. Why do they need one in their room? Its idiotic.
  8. TAKOO01

    Pay raise/Maternity leave

    Hi Nurse Sassy, I enjoy reading posts from nurses who love their jobs. It is inspiring! I would wait until after your leave to ask for a raise. Asking prior to your leave gives them time to try to replace you with a cheaper alternative. When you approach them,do not mention anything about childcare or not being able to afford to work for them anymore. It is a business, and you need to approach them with ways to help their business, not ways to help yourself. (Of course, this is all about helping yourself+family, but they don't need to know that😄). Come up with a concrete list of "RN" things that you do that go above and beyond the coordinator title. Explain how those things add value to the business in a way that someone who is just a coordinator cannot. Ask for a salary that reflects what nurse researchers/coords receive in your area. Be firm and confident. You know you deserve the raise- you just need to convince them.
  9. TAKOO01

    Metrics Driven Case Management

    It sounds like you are feeling stagnant in your current role, yet your job has no management opportunities available. You have a few options: You can apply for management positions at other insurance companies. You can look for other opportunities to expand your knowledge and boost your visibility in your current organization. For example, if there is a problem area that you see that co workers struggle with, you can present some solutions to management. You can wait until another management position opens at your company and apply. Im not sure how the Public Health MSN will tie in to case management. At my case management job, the managers had a variety of master's degrees. I don't think the type of master's really mattered. At your job it may be different and you can use the masters to maneuver into a new position. Talk to a manager with whom you have a good rapport to see if they have advice on how to move ahead in the organization.
  10. TAKOO01

    Meeting With HR, Manager, Union Rep

    Do you know your union rep? If not, try to find out who it is and contact this person prior to the meeting. Reps usually have experience with these meetings in which management tries to blindside employees. If possible, let the rep do your talking. If you start talking off the cuff you may say something that they can use against you. Make sure you take notes during the meeting for yourself. Use those notes to craft your written rebuttal. Do not sign anything, no matter what. Once you know what this is about, save any work emails or texts that pertain to the issue on your personal device. Also record calls if you can. It may sound a bit paranoid, but until the whole situation is resolved, you need to cover all bases.
  11. TAKOO01

    At age 45, would you start an RN program? Honest advice please

    Your options all sound too expensive to me. BUT- you are living in a state that has some of the highest RN wages in the country. And you may have financial resources that make the tutition payments you quoted doable for you. I would do it if I were 45 because I would have 20 more working years, at least. As far as practicality- will you be able to live properly while you are in school? Do you have support or will you be working to pay your bills? Do you have kids, and if so, who will care for them when you are spending your extra time in school? If you have to take out loans, will you have enough left over (when you are working as an RN) after you pay your bills to make the payments? If there are truly no cheaper options, go for it.Of the choices you mention, the 2nd degree BSN sounds best. It's long, but I think it gives the best ROI.
  12. TAKOO01

    Overworked and understaffed on COVID unit.

    Not at all. Contrary to many people's opinions, nurses are not martyrs or angels. Organizations understaff because they want to maximize profits. They expect the nurses to sacrifice them selves on the altar to help them maintain high profit margins. America is one of the richest nations in the world, yet somehow medical facilities can't scrape up PPE, medical equipment or enough staff for nurses to work humanely. Some places won't even give you a chair to sit on! You are under no obligation to kill yourself for a cynical medical system. Please do walk away if you need to - not everyone is built for these types of nursing situations. Thank you for your bravery in trying to help during this national health crisis.
  13. TAKOO01

    What is your favorite shift to work?

    I like 3 to 11 for all the reasons you mention, especially being able to sleep late. Unfortunately, that schedule does not work for my kids or friends. While it is not my favorite, 9 to 5 is what works for the outside world, so that is the schedule that I seek out.
  14. TAKOO01

    Why doesn't any job seem to fit?? (AKA what is wrong with me?)

    I agree with beekee. Can you get your old psych job back? They probably have better PPE protocol at this point. I also agree with everyone who says do not take the LTC agency gig. I think that you are okay leaving another job as long as you can coherently explain "why" in a cover letter and an interview. I am probably considered a job hopper by some, but I don't think it has had an adverse effect on my job hunting. I usually get the jobs I really want, and interviewers do not question the fact that I have had several jobs in a few years. I chalk this up to them knowing the realities of nursing today, an increasing acceptance of a gig economy and the fact that the days of staying at one job for 30 years in any field are fading fast. P.S. - There is nothing wrong with you. Nursing is a tough profession in general.
  15. I remember when I first discovered allnurses. A second career was in my future and nursing was in my list of the top three choices. Making the best choice required some guidance. allnurses offered some gems of wisdom buried within spicily worded replies from seasoned nurses. Over the past few years, I have remained a faithful reader of allnurses. There are some questions that continue to come up constantly, written by anxious people eager for the fresh opinions of current nurses. There are some questions and concerns that cannot be answered on the internet. There are unique circumstances behind each screen name. But the answers to certain questions are perennial. 1 - I am 64. Should I go to nursing school? You are not too young/old for nursing school. Of course, if you are 12, you are too young for nursing school. But generally, any age between 18 and death qualifies for nursing school. Most of these questions are concentrated on the older end of the scale - “Am I too old at 48/59/70 years old to start nursing school?” The pure answer is no, you are not too old. The fine details behind that answer are up to the individual. What will be your return on investment? Will you spend $40,000 and only work 5 more years? Or perhaps money is no object and it is a passion project for you. Do you have the time to complete the school work? Do you have the stamina? Who will pay the bills/feed the kids/walk the dog while you study? These questions are among several that need to be answered before starting nursing school. The bottom line on this question is - age ain’t nothing but a number. 2 - I have anxiety, should I be a nurse? You have anxiety surrounding the idea of nursing school. These questions generally have two categories. There are those who have a medical or mental health issue and need help unrelated to nursing school. Then there are those who feel anxious only when dealing with all things nursing. For those with a true medical problem, speaking to a mental health professional is the best bet. The people on allnurses may be sympathetic, but they cannot help. For those who get anxious about nursing classes, tests or clinicals, it should not stop you from going to nursing school. Everyone gets anxious and stressed at some point. I personally found that nursing school was unnecessarily stressful and believe there needs to be an overhaul of the systems in place. That being said, things are not going to change right now, so take the nursing school experience in stride. Yes, your instructors are unfair, your classmates are bullies and the nurses at clinicals have it in for you. As they say on allnurses - “Suck it up, Snowflake”. This too shall pass. 3 - Are men treated differently in nursing? People look askance at you when you tell them you are in nursing school. So this question is an interesting one. In the working world at large, men tend to have the advantage in so many ways. So it always makes me wonder if nursing is some special bubble where men are generally treated as second class citizens. Perhaps men are discriminated against in the nursing world. I do not discount the feelings and experiences of another person. If the discrimination is happening, do not let that stop you from going to and completing nursing school. Report any incidents that occur in school to school authorities. Snarky comments from people in your personal life will have to be handled with some snappy rejoinders and a thick hide. 4 - I have a C average and I am afraid I will not get into/pass nursing school. For those who are not in nursing school yet, this is a no-brainer. Simply apply to the schools that interest you and wait for their replies. If you are accepted, then yes, you can get into nursing school with that 'C' in Statistics. Please plan to make higher grades when you enter nursing school or else you will be wasting your time. If you are not accepted, well, ask if the school will accept a new grade if you retake the class. For those who are in nursing school and have a 'C' average, the short answer is yes, you will fail and you will waste a lot of money in the process. The long answer is, things can be turned around if the problem is addressed early. Speak to the instructors to help discover your weaknesses. Do not take the feedback personally. Start working on your deficiencies immediately. Do not focus on whatever part of the process that feels unfair to you. The instructor is mean. The other students cheat. No one in the study group likes you. The instructor changes the answers to the exam after grading them. Brush that dirt off your shoulder like Jay Z circa 2003. 5 - My classmates exclude me/ the instructor told me he does not like me. I have alluded to this one in the other four reasons. Humans are social creatures. We tend to imitate each other and engage in a scary amount of group-think. It is not fun to be the person who is on the outside of all this fun. So okay. Your classmates do not like you. Sucking up to them probably will not change that. Sometimes people will not like you. It is a part of life. So your instructor does not like you. This relationship is actually more important than the one with your peers, because a poor relationship with instructors can push you right out of school. Sucking up may actually help in this case. Maybe volunteering for extra work may help if all else fails. Tap dance as fast as you can and make your work match the needs of the instructor. The take away from this answer is that the pain and stress do not last forever. Vent to your real friends, your family or on allnurses. Do not whine to the people in school. FACT: Nursing school is about 2 to 4 years of torture or bliss, depending on individual experience. Push through and push on. If any of these reasons are standing in the way of you entering or completing nursing school, this article is just a reminder that all of them can be addressed properly with just a bit of work.
  16. TAKOO01

    Job: Clinic vs Hospital vs Case management

    It sounds as if your commom sense has told you that despite being a "clean" hospital, you have probably been exposed to COVID patients. Sowhat's the difference if you go to the clinic? I recently switched to an outpatient clinic that does minor procedures. I am quite comfortable. I'm sure I encounter COVID every day through the patients. It just comes with the territory and I protect myself as much as I can.