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  1. TAKOO01

    Job change - anxiety

    I did per diem for a WC clinic and loved it too. I tried to hang on to try for a full time position, but the nurses never left. There was variety in the day, and totally manageable. Go for the clinic gig, OP!
  2. TAKOO01

    Is this crazy?

    You should go. You've already done all the leg work, and now you're just feeling some jitters. All the things that concern you may happen- taking extra time to find an NP job, possibly working weekends, etcetera. But you will work your way through it , the same way you worked your way through nursing school and being a new grad RN. If you are willing to work prisons, you can get a position before you graduate. Im not sure that you will be guaranteed weekends off, but you can probably do some hard negotiating and get that as part of your package.
  3. TAKOO01

    Losing job due to injury

    Do you have a union? If so, this would be an excellent time to confer with the rep. Also, don't wait for your manager to call you for updates. I would give her an update every week about how things are going so that she knows you're still a part of the team and plan to come back. I hope you will be able to return by May and avoid any complications.
  4. TAKOO01


    Hi magdarly, Field nursing can be a very interesting job. I think the worst parts are the weather and critters in patients' homes. You have flexibility with your hours, but you may find that you are working more than your scheduled hours (paperwork!), and perhaps not being paid for that extra time. You get to spend quality time with patients, and most are usually grateful that you come out to see them. Find out if they use a points system or a just a set amount of weekly visits. Find out if they require you to get your own supplies ( bag, phone, etcetera) or if they supply everything. What will be the acuity of patients? Are they doing, for instance, vent patients, and do you have that experience (or will they train you if you don't?) Find out if you will be doing start of care, revisits or UAS. They each usually have different point or monetary values. And not all unions are created the same. Can't hurt to find out about what benefits the union offers to employees. Your scenario sounds like all pros and no cons. More money and unionized - what could be better? Look into it, it may be what you have been searching for.
  5. TAKOO01

    College of New Rochelle Closing?

    This school has a popular nursing program. It must be extra challenging to have to switch instructors and clinical sites in the middle of nursing school.... https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2019/02/25/college-new-rochelle-announces-it-will-likely-close-year
  6. TAKOO01

    Stuck in home health

    Hi Stuck, Maybe a hospital is your dream job, and if so, you should try to get a job there. But are you really "stuck" in home health? If the hospital is not a big dream for you, home health has a few avenues that you can explore, and you're already in the game. You can do regular visits, start visits, UAS, home infusion, home dialysis, care management and team supervision. There are probably even a few positions that I am forgetting. If you hate home health, then okay, walk away. But if you kinda like it and are looking to show your potential, you may already be in the specialty that can do that for you.
  7. TAKOO01

    I need my instructor

    This was the policy in my program.
  8. I just finished a grueling round of interviews for a few institutions (phone, online/video, email and in person). Interview styles are so varied. Most people dont ask medical questions, and if they do, they are usually "critical thinking " medication questions. Sometimes its about how you process the situation more than the getting the medical stuff exactly right. That being said, I usually brush up on basic meds as pertains to whatever position i am applying for, just in case theres a pesky pharm quiz. Just an FYI, I think i am an okay interviewee, having been offered a couple of positions in the past few weeks. But the positions i applied for would probably not be considered as technical as, say, Cardiac,ICU or oncology positions, so perhaps those ones ask for more medication knowledge in interviews.
  9. TAKOO01

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    I worked in a nursing home for two weeks. I ran away. I felt i was forced to do things that could have my license revoked. I was only able to run away because I have a good support system and i live in an area with a decent job market. I was able to find another job in a few months, and i was able to live comfortably while i was unemployed. Not everyone can say the same. Its not always so easy to walk away when you have bills to pay, no support and no other job on the horizon. I think many of us here know what goes on in some nursing homes. And i think we know its not just about the nurses. The nursing home that I left is still standing, and as far as i know, the nurses there still have their.licences. They will probably always have a license unless there is a serious incident leading to an investigation. It is expected that they will falsify records and skip treatments with 30 to 40 patients to one nurse. It has been normalized. I do believe we have to stand up for these nurses. Everybody knows whats happening, ignores it, then throws these women under the bus when someone outside of the system takes notice. Nurses deal with understaffing/lack of resources in hospitals, schools, and just about every.place we practice. Its dangerous to nursing practice. The nurses mentioned in this article are probably finished professionally. But let's not pretend that its only about them and their poor personal choices. Thank you to hyllisR- your passion for your fellow nurses is appreciated. I wish i had an answer to solve the systemic problems.
  10. I agree with those who point out that nursing school presents special hoops to jump through and peculiar hazing tactics that make it hard. Maybe not every school has this culture, but it existed in mine and made it quite difficult. My first nursing degree was my third college degree overall, and certainly the hardest.
  11. TAKOO01

    The Juggling Act: Being a Mom and a Nurse

    This is a great article and so true. As you say, there is no one right way for every person. We just have to make the best decision in the moment and hope for the best outcome. It is hard to let go of the guilt and second guessing.
  12. TAKOO01

    Nurses Forced to Work as Corrections Officers

    If they are openly posting this requirement online, I guess that this practice is legal. (?) I just don't see why it is, though. It definitely doesn't seem safe or ethical.
  13. TAKOO01

    Nurses Forced to Work as Corrections Officers

    You bring up some important points about privacy. I wonder what influence state BONs have over the correctional facilities making these policies. Privacy and safety are big parts of nursing, and you think BONs would jump on it if those tenets were being openly violated. Working corrections and nursing in the same facility seems to be a serious conflict of interest. I agree wi th your point about creating unrest and I also think it would make the individual nurse a target. Having a position that is both punitive and healing creates confusion and makes it impossible to be fully effective in either role. I continue to be amazed at the BS that nurses accept. After the school shooting in Florida, there was talk of teachers carrying guns. It is a patently absurd idea that I hope teachers will not allow. Are the tech people in Youtube going to be forced to provide their own security after the recent shooting ? I doubt it, because those employees are probably valued by their employer. Many business entities have decided that employees have to take on several roles in order to "save money", but someone with sanity has to say no to role mergers that can put employees in danger. I haven't found any information suggesting that nursing unions are aware of or care about th is particular issue.
  14. TAKOO01

    Workplace Sayings

    I don't like these - I LOVE these
  15. Hello, I read this article yesterday : Trump’s Budget Cuts Are Forcing Teachers and Nurses to Work as Federal Prison Guards – Mother Jones I found the article to be frightening and almost unbelievable. For those of you working in federal prisons, how often are you asked to act as correctional officers? Is it only during emergencies, or are you being asked to regularly act in that capacity? How is this practice safe or even legal? And where is the union in all of this?