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  1. TAKOO01

    planning schedule around child care?

    I was a home health nurse and I do have young children. It depends on what you need. You can work fee for service and just do the hours your kids are in daycare. If you don't need insurance its a good fix for you. I was able to do a six hour day and fit in about 4 to six patients depending on proximity and duration of visits. My day was not very unpredictable because I was able to refuse cases if I needed to. Sometimes I would get a cancellation or a person added, but it wasn't too bad. I was home by 230 or 3pm and did my charting late nights. I'm sure there are also other ways to work a home health schedule that may suit you.
  2. TAKOO01

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    Surprisingly, I am able to do this every day at my current job. We get our lunch break daily, and I either walk or go to the gym every day. I hope to keep it up for the duration of my employment. I've actually lost 20 lbs at a desk job. (Of course there is a diet involved, but the exercise helped).
  3. TAKOO01

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    @JKL33, can you come to my house and say this to my kid? Airfare and accomodations included.....
  4. TAKOO01

    Can nurses who work in jail make good ER nurses?

    Hi, i agree with JKL33 in suggesting you search in small hospitals, highlight similarities between specialties and look further out from your area. In many ways, corrections nursing is emergency nursing. The beatings, stabbings and heart attacks come straight to you, sometimes with no doctor on the compound. Add to that the lack of fancy equipment, and you really can link your critical thinking skills to those needed in the ER.
  5. TAKOO01

    How do you like case management nursing?

    School nurse case manager? I didn't know that job existed! It does sound like the best of both worlds. Does that mean you consult on complicated cases throughout a district?
  6. TAKOO01

    New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    This ^ is very important. Also, can you call your Monday patients on Friday night? That way you have Sunday free, too. For me, 5 to 6 patients per day was enough. I wouldnt do more than 2 to 3 long visits per day, meaning i would do, for instance, 2 SOCs, 1 ROC , then three wounds. I wouldn't do, for instance, 2 SOCs then 2 ROCs and two wounds in one day. Too much. I have heard of people doing 10 to 12 visits per day, but im not sure thats even possible.
  7. TAKOO01

    Feeling like I made the wrong decision by getting into nursing

    Can you talk to some people who work in a lab setting irl instead of online? Is it possible to shadow one of them to see if you would like lab work? Its a big deal to drop out of an absn program, so you want to have some idea of where you will end up. You like hard science, so maybe the lab is for you. I think those things you have observed in nursing are true, but they dont encompass the profession as a whole. If you focus on those things, you would be miserable in nursing, and perhaps any field in healthcare. I saw certain things in nursing school that shocked me, and im no young buck. But I finished because i wanted the flexibility/pay for my family, plus I certainly wasn't throwing away the money and time I had already spent. I say now that its worth it because I can tolerate what I do currently . Tough decision for you either way, but it sounds as if youre leaning towards the lab.
  8. TAKOO01

    Things you wish nursing school would have taught you?

    Uh, everything? Some specifics: IV starts, blood draws, how to deal with short staffing specifically related to nursing, managing nursing work cultures. Tips for nursing school: Prepare so that youre not asking the floor nurses questions with obvious answers Be helpful to floor nurses. Dont hide from the work Let the instructor know what you want to see, he/she may be able to call you over when the action is happening What I learned OTJ: How to navigate the awkward relationship between nurses and ancillary staff. You're not really their boss, but somehow you're responsible for they do (or dont do). I have been places where they are awesome, know more than me and are willing to share info as well as do their job superbly. I have been places where they use the fact that nurses are held to account for their work as an excuse to spend the day relaxing and gossiping about how nurses make the big bucks, so they can do the work. I learned to be firm and not engage in the nonsense with the ridiculous ones. I learned to show gratitude to those who do their work, which makes my work easier. Ok, im done now.
  9. TAKOO01

    Took NCLEX twice and failed

    You can switch up your routine. Hurst and Uworld didnt work. Try one of the other systems- Kaplan, Klimek, whatever. Waiting a long time in between tries didnt work for you. I think you can retake every 45 days. Get your money together and take it now. If the worst happens, take it again asap. Waiting wont ease any test anxiety you may have. Easier said than done, but youre already a year out of school. Do it now. I wish you good luck.
  10. TAKOO01

    Advice Needed!

    Hi jNb716. Ive been a nurse for 3 years. I went into nursing thinking it would be flexible and always have jobs available. Im not truly unhappy in my current position, but a lot of that is willpower. I try to be happy every day no matter what. As a second career nurse, I have seen how the other half lives: regular schedules, respectful workplaces, bathroom breaks....these things can go out the window in nursing. I always throw out the caveat that this is not true for every nursing job everywhere, but it is true for many. As a quick example that pertains somewhat to OP's topic, i applied to and interviewed for several state nursing jobs. I received about 4 offers. Each of them had (outrageous to me) demands that forced me to turn them down. Random shifts that would be leftover from what senior nurses wanted. High ratios of SPMI and MICA patients with no security protocols. Low salaries with extensive work demands and other issues. If OP is in a state position with good steps, he/she could possibly stay there in comfort/security and find fulfillment through volunteer work. I am not a dream crusher- or try not to be. I try not to discourage good people from entering nursing, because they are what we need. Yet i hesitate whenever people ask me about the profession. I feel the urge to give the warning that was not given to me, although I may have ignored it and gone ahead anyway.... All in all, Im still here, no gun to my head, riding the fence between tolerating and disliking it.
  11. TAKOO01

    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    Its not unprofessional. But if you are concerned about the style being too youthful, there are many style options you can look up online, so two puffs is far from your only choice.
  12. TAKOO01

    Advice Needed!

    Oh my. You sound like a smart planner. I wish i had been smart enough to get a government job after college. I would be set now. And very smart of you to plan to stay within the system of you decide to be a nurse. In my heart, I say don't come over here, cause the grass ain't greener. But your plan is quite sensible, and perhaps nursing will truly fulfill you. Im not really sure what feedback you need. You seem to understand that your current schedule will probably disappear should you choose nursing. You seem to know its a lot of work and constant learning. You have a solid plan --- go for it. I grant you the Nurse's Blessing!
  13. TAKOO01

    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    Actually, I was offered a position in writing at a legitimate organization and they rescinded the offer with no reasonable explanations. I had passed all of the interviews, drug tests, recommendation checks and everything before they gave me the offer letter. I assume that someone who was better connected decided they wanted the job, so they dropped me.
  14. TAKOO01

    Monster Med Passes

    I also had upwards of 100 during my med passes in prison. Tricia J gave a great summary of how it goes. I want to add that theres no time wasted talking to complaining families and fetching drinks. If an inmate had a complaint, i marked it down and moved onto the next guy. No long conversations. I did meds, injections, a methadone program and insulin during my pass. We had solitary and super max also, so those guys had to be seen individually. My med pass was about 3-4 hours, but still better than my brief time in ltc. If there was a lockdown or cell move, med pass could take 5 to 6 hours. Put it this way: Ispent much longer in prison than in ltc, and those guys could literally have seriously hurt me at any time. Still better than ltc for me.
  15. TAKOO01

    From ED to Correctional Nursing

    This line just about sums it up. My experiences with home health and corrections were actually different. My HH cases were stable - mostly wound care and meds. No special emergency care experience needed. On the other hand, the prison I worked in had enough beatings, stabbings and random health emergencies to keep a certain level of excitement going. As with everything, your experiences may depend upon variables such as location and size of the facility or town. You may like corrections nursing. If nothing else, you will have great stories to tell.
  16. TAKOO01

    Nursing anxiety

    Versions of stories similar to your own have been posted many times by others. Some people will advise counseling and anxiety meds. My perspective is: if i need drugs or talk therapy just to get through my job, its 100% not worth it. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Leaving this job won't make you a bad nurse or a failure. Try other nursing jobs. Walk away.

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