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  1. Its is interesting to hear this perspective. I mostly hear people raving about working from home. Several nurses I know really want to work from home. But I don't think they realize that wfh is a mixed bag,very much depending on your employer and s...
  2. Nurses please give some insight!

    Your answer is in your question- networking. Do you keep up with the person who is now a manager at the really good hospital? Why not text that person and say you are looking for a job? Jealousy is a time waster. Put that energy elsewhere. Te...
  3. New Nurse: Discouraged and Wanting to Quit

    I imagine that there are people who enter nursing and love it from the beginning. Unfortunately, those people don't post here so much (maybe because they are busy enjoying great jobs!), so nursing can seem bleak when reading through the posts. ...
  4. I don't like the idea of teachers with guns. I also don't like the idea of nurses with any kind of weapon. I think that nurses have to start rejecting the idea (which management has tried to place in our heads) that we have to do the job of everyone...
  5. Getting back in the groove

    I am sorry to read about whats happening to you. Your post mentions more about your life than your job. It doesn't sound like the job is your issue. Sounds like you have some feelings to work out regarding your grandmas death and the whole overwhelmi...
  6. In-service ideas for IDD Program Nurse

    Hello and congratulations on your new job with a great population. Two things immediately Spring to mind: Conflict resolution Bowel protocol (tracking bowel movements, suppositories, laxatives, etcetera)
  7. Mid-Life Blues

    This is depressing, but you are probably right. If you have to stay at a job like this, I guess there is no choice.
  8. NEED ADVICE 2 job offers….

    Congratulations on having two offers that you want. I'm leaning towards the second one because you don't say anything negative about the job, just about the insurance. In your description of the first job, you make the job itself sound bad. Mic...
  9. IR position

    Yes! I have. It is nerve wracking. The longest wait I had for a job was a government position that took ( if I remember correctly) about nine months. I had a friend who waited four months for a second interview for a regular non- governmental nursing...
  10. Which shift would you choose?

    Both shifts sound hard if you have kids. If no kids are involved, 11 a to 11p seems best. No overnights, so you can sleep regularly. And if the job isn't too far away, you have some time to yourself in the morning. Other factors to consider a...
  11. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    So many interesting answers here. I see a little bit of a parallel between this discussion and the current issues going on with women's rights today. No woman should have to explain why she wants a nurse or doctor of a certain gender. It doesn't matt...
  12. Leaving After 1 Year

    Not at all. Sometimes you need an outside set of eyes/ ears when things feel overwhelming, and none of what you said sounds like you owe anything to anyone. I do not want to make light of your situation, because I can read that its agonizing f...
  13. Leaving After 1 Year

    No, you are free to make your choice.
  14. Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    I'm learning so much on AN today. I had no idea trackers were being used. It sounds insulting and I can't see the upside. Are doctors wearing trackers?
  15. I never heard of this reimplantation nonsense, so you made me look it up. It is actually true, although its from a couple of years ago. Why do we let these morons with no medical or scientific expertise propose these laws? Here is what I found:...