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  1. Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    Did it for 3 months. God bless LTC nurses and cnas and staff. I loved the patient population but not the politics of running that facility. They had major issues and still do.
  2. How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    I have an ASD baby who’s nonverbal. It’s a huge spectrum. Didn’t read all the replies but please talk to her therapy team (is she getting speech, OT, ABA?). And interact with her! Treat her like a normal kid.
  3. Special Needs Facility Job With 20 Patients

    Depends on acuity. Like are the patients ambulatory? Long term and stable? Tube feeds or no? What kind of meds? Aggression? And who’s training you? What about if you need orders or have to send someone out? Ask lots and lots of questions.
  4. So this weekend we were short staffed in urgent care. I do phone triage along with two other nurses. There’s usually a charge on days and one on evenings that does nurse visits (throat swabs, flu shots, IVs if needed). Im lowest seniority and have...
  5. Seniority and preferential scheduling

    I feel like seniority is common. Where I used to work, inpatient psych, the senior nurses got to pick vacation and time off requests first yearly. Sucks about the day-night rotation. That’s why I worked straight nocs, I didn’t want to do ams a cou...
  6. What was your first job as a new graduate?

    Very first job was a M-F 9-5 wellness RN position in a long term care facility on the memory care unit. Had no idea what I was in for as state came 2 weeks after I started. Lasted 89 days. The place has so many citations currently and will probabl...
  7. New to working overnights

    Clarify with the facility before you accept any position. Ask what their rotation is if any. I worked nights as a psych nurse. Do you have any kids? Young ones? Or spouse? Believe me, it’ll suck. I had two toddlers and was preggo and had my b...
  8. He was a valet hired hired by a contractor for the hospital and was fired. Nothing is being done. When I worked psych with forensics patients (who were there bc they committed a crime of some sort) and on the geriatric ward, what could be done was ...
  9. Real Talk- "Ideal" Nurse Personality?

    Don’t take things personally. I worked in a forensic psych facility and those patients would do anything to push buttons once they figured out which ones worked. I do triage for urgent care now and the people experience I learned from psych helps i...
  10. Is it mandatory to do an exit interview?

    Is there anything in a contract about doing an exit survey? If not, screw it. You’re no longer an employee so you aren’t obligated to do anything for them. However, you should’ve give a 2 weeks notice (and since you were on orientation, they might...
  11. Getting hired with no experience

    Here in my state, the state run facilities are desperate for Patient care techs who have to be CNAs that they will pay for your training and offer a sign on bonus. Of course, you have to pass the test to keep your job. Maybe there is something simi...
  12. I was slapped by a patient

    Report it and call security. And the police. File a report!
  13. Is nursing for me?!

    Just my two cents: Some nursing schools require you to have CNA experience or at least care giving experience. I was not a CNA before going to nursing school (though I did work as a caregiver) but from what I’ve seen and heard, CNAs do very physical...
  14. Medical Assistant vs. RN

    Do you have a primary care doctor? Next time you go see them, pay attention to the name tag of the person taking your vitals and giving you shots. Most doctors' offices now employ MA's to do things like vitals, EKGs, immunizations, etc. You won't s...
  15. Is this a fair holiday schedule

    Last year, I worked Xmas eve, Xmas day, NYE, and NYD all on 8 hour nocs. My rotation was brutal. I was off thanksgiving Bc I was on maternity leave still. The year before, I got thanksgiving day off but not the weekend. Hopefully you get at least...