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Did alot of jobs request your college school transcripts for your interview. If so did they want official or unofficial? I currently have a hold on my school account, and I dont know if I will be able to get a copy of my trancripts. Any advice?

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I've never been asked for school transcripts for a job interview. They only care that you graduated and have passed the licensing exam.

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I had to send in my transcripts after I got hired. A 3.0 was required for their new grad residency program.

Both new grad positions I applied to wanted official transcripts, if you were selected for interview. For both, unofficial was ok for the interview itself, but if offered the job, they had to have official (though they preferred official at the initial interview, but they were both understanding about not initially having them). Only one even asked for my GPA, but I don't know if there was a minimum or if they were just asking just to know.

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I have never been asked for my transcripts. I have been asked what was my GPA.

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They asked for my GPA during the interview; before they made the final job offer I had to send them an official copy of the transcript.

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I had to send official transcripts for my Nurse Externship last year b/c it required a 3.0. This was during the application process, not the interview process. I have never been asked about my GPA or transcripts during an interview (And I went on 7 interviews)

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It's only been asked once. I don't think it's part of the norm.

I was never asked for a transcript or GPA at the one interview I had that landed me my first RN position. I did have to provide my original ADN diploma for the HR dept to copy for my file when I was filling out employment forms after I was offered the job.

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Why is your account "on hold"? That's one of the reasons employers want official transcripts -- to find out if there are any problems with the completion of your education. If there is a problem with your school, they want to know about it before they hire you.

Yup, I take them with me, but don't parade them around UNLESS it looks like I'm gonna need to give someone reason to give me an edge. Then, I ask if they need anything from me, transcripts?!?! Always they say yes, and take them, make copies. Once my GPA was asked for (it's on my resume) and I pointed it out, and showed my transcripts. In my area about half the hospital online applications ask for GPA from both my degrees.

Oh, to add... I can go to my nursing college website, sign in and print my transcripts as unofficial. If they want a official copy, I'd get a sealed one, or have it sent direct.

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