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  1. GGT1

    Nurse resume

    #1 Nursing classes #2 Patient Care Tech #3 Too many to name
  2. GGT1

    Can you work as both? Nurse and...

    Well related to the response above... a Pharmacist does not prescribe meds, only dispenses. I believe you can, but not sure why you would. Pharmacist come out of school making $80,000- $90,000/yr. I know it's not all about money but as hard as I work I'd probably end up following the money.
  3. GGT1

    need help.. CA to GA

    Although I'm sure it's much better than Cali, the job prospects here in GA are not that great for new grads. I know many grads that graduated in May with me and still do not have a job. GBON is VERY slow in regards to licensing so I would suggest applying first. BTW- I'm a new grad and make 23/hr and that seems to be about norm in the Atlanta and metro area. Good luck!
  4. GGT1

    Help: Can't find a preceptor

    I agree with contacting the Education department at you local hospitals. Also, I volunteer at a non-profit community clinic that serves indigent residents of our community and it seems like there are always NP student, Residents, etc. Do you have such a clinic in your area? They really enjoy the free help so you'd have a good chance of them agreeing to precept you. Good Luck!
  5. GGT1

    new nurse refuse drug test

    I know most people would disagree with me, but I think as nurses we should all be subject to drug testing. There are so many nurses that have a problem with drugs and they can easily be obtained in our profession.
  6. GGT1

    School giving me bad reputation...

    Well most instructors (at least at my school) continue to work PT at local hospitals...so I could see where an instructor would tell a manager they work for or know whether or not you are a good candidate. I just always try to remember that nursing is a small world and to make sure I don't burn bridges and that I make a good impression...always. Not impossible, but I doubt someone that just works for the school is calling around to the local hospitals to tell them what a horrible candidate you are.
  7. GGT1

    Should I tattle?

    You had six patients and you are complaining. I mean I realize you had a difficult night with a death and all, but really??? How many patients do you normally have at night?
  8. GGT1

    Problems at work

    Does your company offer EAP services (Employee Assistance Program)? That is exactly what you need.
  9. GGT1

    Employability of new grad nurses in Georgia

    I did the externship in the summer before my last year of nursing school and then continued as a tech at Gwinnett Medical. And yes they did look at grades.
  10. GGT1

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    If anyone is still looking for books, and you live in Gwinnett county... I have some to sell. PM me and let me know what you need.
  11. GGT1

    Employability of new grad nurses in Georgia

    I did an externship between my 1st and 2nd year and continued to work as a tech my 2nd year o school... so when I graduated I was offered 3 new grad positions. However, I know some that graduated that have not yet landed a job and others that had a hard time. My suggestion... WORK WORK WORK and WORK HARD and make connections. It is very competitive
  12. GGT1

    Did i do something wrong? CPR question

    I would say the person who taught you CPR made the mistake... of NOT telling you that it is Normal to crack ribs when doing CPR. It doesn't always happen...but it is NORMAL. Another thing I remember learning the very first CPR class I went to was... the person is already dead, there heart has already stopped. This helps me cope when the pt doesn't make it. Hope you feel better soon
  13. GGT1

    College transcripts and first nursing job

    I had to send official transcripts for my Nurse Externship last year b/c it required a 3.0. This was during the application process, not the interview process. I have never been asked about my GPA or transcripts during an interview (And I went on 7 interviews)
  14. GGT1

    IV push concerns

    I'm a new grad also (May) but I have done similar pushes. The only difference is that I do not turn off the solution that is already infusing...because it helps to flush the medication in. For example... pushing Zofran, phenobarbital, or a large dose of Solu-Medrol. I might push a 1/2mL then listen to bowel sounds... then push 1/2mL and listen to heart sounds... then push 1/2mL and check pedal pulses and check for edema... and so on. It really does help with time management rather than taking 3 minutes to push a med or being impatient and pushing it faster than it should be done. But again... the difference is that I keep the already infusing IV solution on because it helps to flush the medication through. If you are truly concerned maybe you can talk to you Clinician.