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  1. Frontier Bridge Class 126

    NurseJBM- they actually called me because my email was incorrect on my resume! earthmama3- You just took a couple extra classes? I believe I was told I could get my BSN then reapply as an only option... CONGRATS LADIES! I'm so happy for you and wish ...
  2. Frontier Bridge Class 126

    Well....I'm out ladies. Im completely devastated my GPA was not a 3.0. I had no idea. I'm sure I was probably the last app reviewed so, good luck to the rest of you!
  3. Frontier Bridge Class 126

    Sent my app in last thursday!! Im hoping we wont have to wait too long. Do you know how we find out? Letter, email, phone call? Good to hear how midwive friendly Michigan is as I'm from Ohio. Michigan would be doable for me, although I too would like...
  4. Frontier Bridge Class 126

    Its true! You dont need l&d experience. Definitly not patient centered at least in my experience. Quite barbaic actually... Is NY midwife friendly? I hope to meet you all as well!
  5. Frontier Bridge Class 126

    Hi Ladies! I just found out the deadline was extended so I'm scrambling to get my app in soon! I'm in Ohio and have been an L&D nurse for almost 2 years. Im very excited!
  6. Pay for RN assisting homebirth CNM

  7. L & D Preceptorship Tips??

    Aaah,brings me back. I dod my clinical preceptorship in L&D almost 2 years ago. I just recently accepted a job on that very same unit! Things move very quickly. Remember to jump in there and help out wherever you can. There will probably be alot...
  8. Bombed OR interview :(

    Wow, a good way to put it, precedural vs. educational, I never thought of it that way. Thanks, we'll see what happens.
  9. Question for midwives with small children

    i have been trying to get these answers for a while too...
  10. Bombed OR interview :(

    So, I had an interview today and it did not go well. I think the main question I messed up was why I wanted to work in surgery. How do you say I like that the patients are asleep and there is mostly NO family interaction, without sounding uncaring? T...
  11. Does working in L&D affect your sex drive?

    absolutely! can someone please tell my husband that its not just me then?
  12. 12 hour shifts...3 is plenty

    Im torn. I like 12's because we can self schedule and therefore I can save alot of my vacation time, because I can arrange my schedule to where I get many days off in a row. On the other hand I work nights and rarely get quality time with my kids. I ...
  13. Interview question help please.

    I would definately mention that you would be willing to cross train. Show them your interested in their facility. I think you be be a good candidate and take the per diem if your offered it! Good Luck!
  14. New RN very nervous about starting out in L&D

    me too, hopefully our time will come soon :)
  15. Reasons why you love OB nursing?

    call her! let her know you saw the change in status and that you really want it! good luck