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  1. LoveANurse09

    My heart belongs to the Neonates and I need your help!

    I think doing anything age related will help. My friend always wanted peds ICU. After working med/surg for 8 months she landed a peds home care job per diem. Soon after she is finally in peds ICU. Waiting is the hard part.
  2. LoveANurse09

    non-inpatient OB related jobs

    In my area, we have a home visiting nurse program that does high risk prenatal and postnatal premies visits, its funded by the state so not sure on the pay.
  3. LoveANurse09

    Frontier Bridge vs RN-BSN?

    Love hearing this! It just reaffirms my decision to apply here!
  4. LoveANurse09

    Frontier Bridge vs RN-BSN?

    Wow, 25 combined! I need to get moving on my app!
  5. LoveANurse09

    I only want to be a PP or L&D nurse.....

    Like you, before nursing school I knew I wanted OB, but I went in with an open mind. There were a few other areas I liked, but I knew OB was for me. I too had a great birth experience and was into all things OB! I did a senior practicum in L&D and I loved it. I was excited to go in everyday and truly enjoyed it. There arent many who can say that about what they do. Unfortunately there weren't and still aren't any OB positions around here and if they are they are taken by nurses with years of experience. I will be applying to a nurse midwife program and keep working where I am probably until I graduate. I've worked as a nurse's aid all through school in cardiac where I am now and its ok, but OB is where I belong I just know it. Even in school I loved reading anything OB, it was fun and exciting to me, I know subscribe to a few OB nursing magazines. I had my daughter in May and started school in Aug, it was rough but it can be done. You just have to decide if its right for you. What about doing a BSN,maybe 4 yrs from now jobs will be more plentiful..lol.
  6. LoveANurse09

    First code

    Thanks for sharing! Glad you know where you belong.
  7. LoveANurse09

    New Onset AFIB..Is it an emergency?

    Agreed. If it is new usually HR is high (rapid ventricular response) and this needs to be treated. Afib can also be slow. So assess pts reaction. Afib pts are at greater risk for clots and need to be anticoagulated.
  8. LoveANurse09

    Requirements for going into a specialty?

    Exactly this! I'm still trying to find it.
  9. LoveANurse09

    RN use of ultrasound in fetal demise cases

    Just a thought, could you have used a doppler to let her hear there wasn't a heartbeat,since the baby wouldn't have been viable anyway? But thas awful that you couldn't get a doc to come in!
  10. LoveANurse09

    Med-surg to NICU, MB or L+D

    wow, what a unexpected outcome! Glad your feeling better!
  11. LoveANurse09

    Frontier Bridge vs RN-BSN?

    I agree. I don't have a BSN either. I decided to apply to Frontier's bridge program also because its cheaper than getting a BSN and MSN separate and it allows me to focus on what I really want to do-women and children.frontier only required 1 yr of experience also.
  12. LoveANurse09

    The most depressing conversation with my instructor

    Very encouraging words! I'm sure this is what my life will be like, when I start an MSN program. Sounds like you have my dream job! Good to know it can be done!
  13. LoveANurse09

    Question about weight-based drips

    I had this come up recently too. I was told they stay according to admit wt also.
  14. LoveANurse09

    Interview Prep

    I know the classic question that I've heard comes up in the interviews on our unit is, What would you do for a pt with chest pain? They know you are a new grad and dont expect you to know too much. As long as you sound intelligable and remember your nursing process, you should do fine. Good Luck!
  15. LoveANurse09

    Tips on setting myself apart

    Maybe volunteering at a local Planned Parenthood or other pregnancy center. This is what I do and I'm hoping that educating pregnant women would look favorable.
  16. LoveANurse09

    Highest Troponin Levels You've Seen?

    200"s here. 900"s? Was he dead?