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JenRN30 has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Endoscopy/MICU/SICU.

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  1. JenRN30

    Purpose of On-Call. I need to vent

    They’re going to burn their nurses out quickly, and will probably have a mass exodus at some point. Sounds like you should find something new, no work/life balance at all.
  2. JenRN30

    Seniors' texting

    Haven't laughed that hard in awhile :)
  3. JenRN30

    New grad med evac?

    Yep, Banner is infamous for this. They put up a job listing with no specific information about the job, just the generic crap that was in the job you were interested in. I don't know how they get people to apply without even a short summary of the open position. Not a Banner fan, if you couldn't tell...
  4. JenRN30

    Thanks to NICU Nurses

    I'm so glad to hear that your son is doing well, and of your great experiences during a difficult time! Good luck with your studies, and keep us updated...
  5. JenRN30

    I'm afraid nursing might not be for me

    This is very accurate. I think your problem is a mixture of both being a new grad, and the acuity level. I have gone through the same feelings that you are and almost gave up altogether. Your feelings are normal, and you'd have many of the same feelings no matter where you were working. The feelings of anxiety will pass once you start feeling more comfortable. When you have a situation come up (code, procedure, etc.) that you haven't dealt with before, you need to rely on coworkers to show you how to handle it correctly. Hopefully you have strong coworkers/charge nurses that assist you when they see that you're in over your head. If they're not recognizing that you're having a hard time, you need to speak up. If they still aren't willing or able to help, then you need to get out of there. New ICU nurses need to be able to rely heavily on their experienced coworkers. Once you've seen how situations should be handled, you'll know what to do the next time you see it happening. Looking from the outside in, I think you should try to stick it out for a year, or until you can get an ICU or NICU job in your hometown (if you want to move back). Try to get into a large facility, because there should be more opportunity to transfer between units. Hang in there. It WILL get better :)
  6. JenRN30

    mom vs nurse

    It's extremely difficult. I have a 5, 3, and 10 month old. One of the things that makes it work for us is me working night shift. Everyone likes this better because I wake up @ 1430, get the kids from school/daycare, and have a few hours to spend with them and make dinner before I go back to work. If I worked dayshift, I'd leave before they got up and get home after they went to bed. You'll figure out a system that works best for your family, but it'll be a big adjustment. By the way, my first job was in Tulsa :)
  7. JenRN30

    For those who work 12's and do self scheduling

    How about Thurs - Tues? 6 in a row, then 8 off. Those 6 shifts are hard, but the 8 off is so nice. You have time to be a normal person.
  8. Not to discourage, but I would never be able to do it without my husband. We have a 5 yr old, 2 yr old, and 5 month old. I work nights, and he works from home and travels 2-3 days per week. I'm able to self schedule, and he travels on my days off. They go to daycare 3 days per week. It's very difficult because there are many hours working shifts in a hospital that most daycare hours do not cover. Nannies are great, but you're right, they are very expensive. And as a personal preference, I would not want anyone except my husband or a family member to be with my kids overnight. I hope that your friend can get something worked out, but it will be extremely difficult without a lot of family support. Especially on a new grad budget.
  9. JenRN30

    Should I pay or should I wait?

    You will most likely qualify for pell grants/subsidized student loans. I think you should go for the cheapest, quickest option ($40k?).
  10. JenRN30

    Working opposite shifts from spouse...

    I would definitely take the job. The hardest part about night shift and being married for me is not sleeping in bed next to my husband 3 nights per week. But, as others have said, we spend time in the afternoon before work. in my experience though, once you get your foot in the door of a unit and make a good impression, day shift positions open up pretty quickly. I think you should try it and see how it works out.
  11. JenRN30

    Good Hours for Single Mom?

    Can't you just get a sitter to pick her up from school and stay with her until you get home?
  12. JenRN30

    Best location for jobs.

    I got my first job in Tulsa, OK. Nice place to live, and relatively inexpensive. Starting pay around $20/hr.
  13. JenRN30

    Potassium question...

    I agree, wouldn't usually call on this unless the pt had a significant cardiac hx. I'd just wait for the doc to round in the am and make sure some PO K+ was ordered.
  14. JenRN30

    Feels like a slap in the face...

    You said this was your first choice unit, what kind of unit was it that you interviewed for? If it was something very specialized such as an ICU or some type of procedural unit, then I'm not really surprised. Especially these days, many of these units are not wanting to hire new grads. Did the hiring manager request you to interview after seeing your resume, or did HR schedule the interview? It very well could be that this hiring manager had someone else in mind before your interview, or that they just don't like to hire new grads and HR scheduled you to interview without their input. I would try not to take this personally. I would suspect that your friends who got hired in the same hospital were hired onto more general units, or possibly had internships/practicums on the units in which they were hired. Also, this is only your first interview?? Speak with HR and ask them to schedule you for more interviews within the hospital. I'm confident you'll get a position. Good luck, I'm sure you'll get something very soon.
  15. JenRN30

    Calculation Help

    Sometimes things are so simple, it's easy to think "what am I missing?" Glad you got your answer eoo71.
  16. JenRN30

    Calculation Help

    If I understand the question right, you would be giving 3 units of PRBC's. At 5 gm/dl, you are 3 gm/dl below 8. 1 unit for each gm x 3 gm below = 3 units.