CNA attire during interview?


Have an upcoming interviewing with a LTC/Memory care facility. Is it appropriate to wear scrubs? Or should you wear professional attire? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Opinions will differ, but I'm old school and will scream from rooftops that scrubs are NOT interview attire, they are work attire and you don't work there yet!!

Have an upcoming interviewing with a LTC/Memory care facility. Is it appropriate to wear scrubs? Or should you wear professional attire? Thanks in advance for the help!
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Professional attire definitely. I personally would never wear scrubs to an interview.

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Scrubs are never appropriate interview attire. Unless you're applying for an internal transfer and they schedule your interview for the middle of a shift. Even then it's iffy.

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Professional attire. Slacks, a nice shirt, and dress shoes. Don't ever go in sloppy for an interview. Scrubs a lot of times can look sloppy. I would never wear scrubs for an interview. To me it says you put no effort in for the interview and therefore won't put effort in to the job.

The only time I would think scrubs would be appropriate is if you were interviewing for an internal transfer within a hospital and interviewed say right after your shift and the interviewer knew that. But even then, I may hop in the locker room and change.

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Professional attire. Never wear scrubs to an interview. For a CNA position it doesn't need to be a full skirt-suit with pumps formal, but it should be professional appearance.


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Professional attire is always best u less you have no time to change because you are coming from or going to work (and this should have been discussed with the interviewer when making the interview appointment). I myself have gone to an interview once where I wore scrubs, but that was because I was squeezing the interview in before work(well kinda durig the shift. I took PTO for the first hour of my shift) and of course the interviewer was aware of this fact. I made sure my uniform was very neat and tidy, appropriate hairstyle, minimal makeup etc. And yes I got the job!!!

Good luck on the interview!

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Another vote for professional attire. I always wore a dress, or dress pants/top with nylons and black pumps.


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Dress for success.

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Never scrubs. Business attire is always the way to go.

If you are a woman and have the body to rock something a little on the skimpy side and know your interviewer is male, it will definitely work in your favor. That is the only hint I will provide. My "free" good deed for the day. I charge money for anything more.


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When I was a DON on a Subacute Rehab Unit a CNA candidate came to an interview depressed as follows: dingy over worn white scrub pants, a tweety bird well worn t-shirt, and deity well worn tennis shoes, greasy hair. She interviewed well, however, since she did not exhibit good personal hygiene, I was sure she could not provide excellent care to our patients. She did not get hired. Someone clean and neat in appearance, though not dressed in high fashion is a better bet to land the job. Professional, neat, well put together. Does not mean expensive. How someone cares for their shoes is an indication of how they care for others. Just my 2 cents, and professional opinion.