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  1. Restraints. Act first, then order? A Judgement Call.

    I can see an argument for option one or two here in the absence of other information. Option three looks like it was quoted straight out of a textbook. If the nurse in this scenario chose option one, it was because the nurse had the information to j...
  2. Got fired.. Need support

    It is hard to clearly make out what the OP is saying. Really vague IMO. I want to make assumptions based on what is missing, but I know I would tear the OP apart if I did. OP, this was your second week on your own. If you want to put this job on your...
  3. Everyone wants me to take Nursing?

    Only $3 between a CNA and nurse? Must be a cushy job for the nurses, otherwise, I don't see any retention.
  4. Nurse License Revocation

    Look at CA BON's reporting policies for license revocation. I am willing to bet that if you really wanted to pursue your nursing career, you could get away with it in another state, or another country if it came down to it. Before jumping the gun on...
  5. New nurse: I get no respect

    This is nursing; the exception to the rule.
  6. In for the Long Haul

    If a record is expunged and a background check wouldn't acknowledge it, why disclose it? Best route is to consult with a lawyer familiar with these checks on whether or not an expunged record with surface and then make a decision. Disclosing when the...
  7. New nurse: I get no respect

    You are a new grad. What you are currently experiencing is expected. Pass the test of time and work for your respect.
  8. Shoe recommendations

    If you have the money, you can screw the rules and go for red bottoms.
  9. first job at a methadone clinic

    Who cares if you "lose those skills." You don't need those skills for your easy job. And why would you give up such an easy job to do floor nursing? I call these #firstworldproblems If you eventually move over to floor nursing, you'll have orientatio...
  10. In for the Long Haul

    Wait until you get it expunged and save yourself from the hassle of dealing with your state's BON.
  11. Nurses with eating disorders?

    Which one is it? I'll make it easier on you; is she on instagram?
  12. license under investigation

    All is fair in love and war... and job interviews Think this one through. If there is a complaint against your license, you should find a job ASAP before the complaint surfaces. If the employer has spent time and money orienting / training you, they ...
  13. And what if you don't report it? My money is on the employer not reporting this incident to the BON. Meaning that you are the only one who can shoot yourself here. Either way, your license, your choice. I am not suggesting anything here other than f...
  14. Nursing school: tell them what they want to hear (especially during clinical practice) New job: kiss the right asses and suck up to whoever has influence
  15. Advice on Washington state job market

    I've found they go on sale right when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. If the OP waits until November / December, it will be a buyer's market.