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    Medical errors the 3rd leading cause of death??

    Without reading, I can tell you that this is the media playing the stats manipulation game.

    When the Hospital Fires the Bullet

    This is where taz0r h4x would have worked perfectly.

    File this one under "things I think but won't say"...

    Things I won't say: "You have cancer. You have 6 months to live." That's for the CNA to do

    I was a cam model. Can I still be a nurse?

    See: Nicole Arbour

    I was a cam model. Can I still be a nurse?

    You should survive a background check. My only advice to you is to refrain from having any cam sessions at your place of work. If you work nights and it is really quiet, the temptation might be there. I urge you to resist those temptations.

    What are the rules of what we can tell patients?

    I don't like to have to be the one to tell my patient a result which could have them antsy on my shift. Patient: what were my blood test results? Nurse: sorry, the computers are down for the night. the tech gets here at 7. ask the nurse then. It starts around 1:15. The rest of the video is on basic ethics which apply to any profession. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POeiWI27tkM

    Who are the lucky ones not working the holidays???

    I'd much rather work the holidays and get the extra money. I originally started with the 25th off, but easily got it in a trade. And I am already working on New Year, so I am rolling in the money!

    Max dose for humalog?

    You could ask the patient how long they've been on insulin. You could test their blood sugar at humalog's peak. 24 units of humalog will do different things to different people, even if they are starting at the same blood sugar.

    Licensing exam failure rate rises in Florida

    I personally don't see the need. The failure rates increasing at schools with lower quality programs should be a deterrent to those seeking an education at such a school. If people choose to go to a school where the pass rate is low, it is buyer beware. On the other side of the coin, people might elect to go to a school while completely aware of the lower pass rate for immediate entry as opposed to being on a wait list. At the end of the day, the best students that put in the time will still pass while the students that don't study enough will be the ones getting screwed. I really don't mind this system. Seems fair game for everyone involved.
  10. NOADLS

    Negativity Bias (This is Long)

    Negativity bias is everywhere. Sabrina Nellie performs on MFC and is highly talented at what she does, but one night she popped a turtle head and that is what she is known for... forever
  11. NOADLS

    Don't profit off people's "not-wellbeing."

  12. NOADLS

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    If I came across a large sum of money right now, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Finish school and become a NP? Keep current job? I could easily live off of a million dollars easily, but I would probably use it to live a ridiculously high standard of life.
  13. NOADLS

    signs of a bad unit

    CNA's not taking orders from nurses. Red flag. Another one is if nurses are doing CNA work (ie changing diapers, toileting patients) You might think the second one is the product of the resources you are given, but I firmly believe that if a workplace isn't giving you CNA's, then it isn't worth the time or effort to stay there.
  14. NOADLS

    "No Haitian nurses" says Ad

    They hate Haitians so much, they even neglected to capitalize the "H."
  15. NOADLS

    Permanent position vs traveling?

    Just looking at the numbers, I don't need to do the math to tell you that you are giving up a lot of money just to travel. I would grab that permanent spot and keep it. Wait for your vacation time to come up and take it then. I would also like to add that your position is in Hawaii. That's like a vacation in itself.
  16. NOADLS

    Tattoos in Nursing

    About 6 months back, we had this new grad who wore scrubs that were too small for her. Every time she leaned or bent forward, we could see her angel wings tramp stamp. I've kept in touch with her and she works at another facility during the day. I'd like to think that family members have taken a good look at it.