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I will admit that I am somewhat skeptical of the profession. But, I don't have back or head problems and have never had a need for one.

I will say though, that my husband has an old football injury to one side of his neck and shoulder and he has antagonized the injury 2 or 3 times in the past 14 years since he was first injured and each time he went to a chiropracter who gave him an adjustment and then maybe saw him one or two more times shortly thereafter to make sure everything was ok and he has had success with them for this injury. They alleviated much of the pain.

I have another friend who I think based on her family history has a genetic predisposition for back pain and problems. Plus, she has upset her back by working as a waitres through college and she goes fairly regularly to one and says that they do help her. Especially now that she is pregnant. Like maeyken said she can "feel it" when she needs to go.

If you ever want to have some fun with the doctors at your facility refer to a chiropracter as "Dr." so and so.


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i swear by my chiropractor for acute problems, but not too sure about the chronic stuff. the standard at the md is vicodin and soma, not too conducive to working as a safe rn....the chiro fixed up sciatica (i know i spelled that one wrong), and my neighbor's sciatica current health plan covers, so i'm happy....


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Never been to a chiropractor, but my D.O. used to work on my back/neck. I missed him when he retired. ;)


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D.O's aren't chiropractors, they're Doctors of Osteopathy, which is a whole different ballgame. Unlike chiropractors, D.O's go through the same 4-year programme as M.D.'s, and most go through a residency, just like M.D.'s. Their scope of practise is, in most cases, identical to that of an M.D. The difference is primarily in the training--D.O.'s receive a more holistic education and training in stuff like spinal manipulation.

Chriropractors receive a "doctorate" from a two or four-year programme; there are even programs that award an undergraduate and a "doctorate" simultaneously. They don't do residencies, or have prescriptive authority, and

aren't supposed to do invasive procedures, although some do. Some chiropractors claim that "adjustments" can cure anything from infertility to ear infections.

Call me cynical, but I wouldn't waste a thin dime on a chiropractor; I'd go to a massage therapist.:eek:


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I WAS a sceptic as well...right up until I hurt my back. The chiropractor I went to really helped. She goes a little overboard on naturopathy aspect....but my back is sound now for the last 2 years. Don't knock it till you try it.


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I have to admit I am skeptical about the whole chiro business. I am sure they are able to ease some pain, but I get upset by some chiro's who think they are able to cure all diseases with minor manipulations.

We have a family friend whose family is deep in the chiro thing. They chose not to have their children vaccinated because they believe if there is a medical problem, their chiro grandfather will be able to heal them.

I have had chronic back pain for several years due to an unstable pelvis and low back. I chose physical therapy over a chiro. Was it the right choice - I'm not sure. But, I am too skeptical to try chiro!


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Hubby swears by his chiro. He has meralgia paresthetica and says it goes away after a session or two. Blue Shield pays for it too. Several years ago I tried this same one for recurrent bursitis in my left hip, he hurt me so bad I was in tears! Needless to say I never returned.


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I was a little skeptical until I was in a car accident. I didn't think about going to a chiropractor until my best friend started dating one. We were all together for dinner when evening and my back was so sore I could barely get out of the chair. So he adjusted me on my living room floor.

Now I swear by it. I haven't gone to him in about 6 months but my back doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did before.

I think they are great.


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Of all the things I miss since moving and starting a new career, I miss my chiro the most. After having 4 sacroiliac sprains, he always got me back in place and back at 100%. I hate to think what kind of shape I'd be in today if I'd gone to a regular MD and been given just the typical pain meds routine. He was definitely one of the good guys, not one to claim chiro could cure everything. He was also an advocate for living healthy (good diet, excercise, etc) who actually practiced what he preached. As has been said so many times before, there are good ones and bad ones (actually true of ANY profession).


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I believe Chiros can help some problems, but as mentioned in some other posts, some don't know where their boundries are. Often times the same 'adjustments' are used for virtually all back problems. The move where they bring on leg up towards your chest than twist you, or the 'breath out' while having a fist behind your back.

If your problem deals with the nerves in your back or your discs I would seriously want an MRI before any adjustment is made.

Another question is would your back have healed on it's own without the chiropractic care? Or, is the adjustment just masking the symptoms by releasing your bodies natural pain killers? If you have to go back, over and over, or even on a monthly or weekly basis, you have to wonder if your being fixed or just having you symptoms masked.

Dont' get me wrong, I have been to Chiros in the past and it has seemed to help, but when I was told I need to come on a regular schedule...I became skeptical.


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originally posted by warzone

If you have to go back, over and over, or even on a monthly or weekly basis, you have to wonder if your being fixed or just having you symptoms masked.

So true.... I have wondered about this too. BUT at times, I can feel my vertebrae shift... then the muscles get tighter... then the headache starts... I'm going less often than when I first started going, and she lets me come whenever I feel I need to, so I feel like there's progress happening. Definitely NOT everyone's experience though!

I do think that some chiro docs can go overboard on the # or frequency of treatments "required" but some are actually helpful. :) Like mine! She's awesome.

I totally agree that some chiro's are waaaay to into the "chiro can cure everything" belief. I went to one of those. Then left. She was a bit of a b*tch anyway!

RN2B2005: I respect your opinion. It's not mine but I don't see the point in flaming others for their opinions! :)

~ maeyken

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I was going to one for about a year when my L5 disk was killing me. I started thinking about all the money I was spending and NOT getting any better. Lo and behold, when I stopped going, I got BETTER! I would never go again.

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