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Anyone share with me positive or negative experiences they've had with Chiropractors? Do you feel they helped you?



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Personally, I have never been to one. I am sure that someone on here has though.


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I see my chiropractor weekly. I think he helps me quite a lot. Being an aide, I do alot of lifting, and transfers. He's always going over good body mechanics and telling me what muscles I need to strengthen.

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My DH wants to go. Was wrestling with our son (now big enough to "take" his dad) and hurt his neck. I made him first clear his C-spine with the MD, who did not recommend a chiropractor (NO surprise, as they ALWAYS say, "PT may be able to help").

I'm tempted to "let" him try it, as it does seem to be an alignment issue. (C-spine clear). long as no "roaming hands seeking problem areas" is on the agenda. (speaking as a skeptic).


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I go to the chiropractor, and have for many years. My upper back and neck get all out of place, and I can definitely feel when it's time for another adjustment. (pain, tight muscles) I'll often get a headache too, while waiting for my appointment, as I live at school but my chiro lives at home... don't get to see her very often! But boy do I make her work when I go! I definitely think she's helped me! :D

I've also had bad chiro experiences though. My former chiro would give me an adjustment, and *cause* a headache. (this was when I was about 12-14 I think) My mom wouldn't believe me, saying how could something that helps you give you a headache. Finally I'd had enough and told my mom I was never going to see that doc again! She couldn't make me! My mom actually made me tell the doc that... but by then I was mad enough it was easy!

After that, I tried massage therapy, but it just didn't "fix" it. So I returned to chiro, with a different doc.

Just like any profession, there are good ones and bad ones. But it's still a good profession :)

ceecel.dee, I'd say "let" your husband try it, especially since you mention it as an alignment issue. Chiro is not for everyone, but nor is PT. If your spine's not straight, you'll just end up changing how your muscles work to compensate for the misalignment... make sense? Usually if something can be fixed, it is! Chiro docs are liscenced to practice, just like other health professionals. No one would let them practice if it were dangerous! (at least that's my opinion!) If it works, great! If not, then you know it's time to pursue other options.

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chiroprators are great! they are the only ones that were able to help my wife and daughter with their neck problems and only thing that gave me relief when i injured my back. I was able to return to work and with no medication:)

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I have it on file in HR that I can see my PMD for any comp problems, unless it involves my back or neck...then I see my chiropractor. I have been with the same one for nearly 20 years. His wife is an RN and also a DC; she often (very quietly!) adjusts the neuro guys at our facility. It's just like any other profession: there are good ones and bad ones. The first one I saw nearly made me swear off the entire profession, until a friend talked me into seeing the one I'm with now.


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I have been going to chiropractors since I was 7. At diving practice in the summer, I would come out of the pool with my head stuck on my shoulder...needless to say, I walked out of his office with my head back in its' right place....they have helped me more than I can say...and for me, any stress in my life seems togive me +++tension in my neck....I go to my registered massage therapist, and then on to the is easier for them to adjust you if you've had a massage and are much more relaxed!!!!!!


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I was in nursing school and I began to have MASSIVE headaches...They were bad... I couldn't laugh ,cough , smile w/ out hurting..I couldn't sleep.. I ended up in ER..THey thought I was suffering from meningitis...took 3 DIFFERENT spinal taps..OUCHHHHHHHHHH

Next day was NOT better so I paid my chiropractor a visit...he worked on my neck and spine for an hour....and to say least I walked out of his office feeling better than I had in DAYS!!

I go to him first if its headache or spine related ......:)


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Had terrible lower back pain that radiated down right leg during my pregnancy my chiropractor was the only thing that helped. Have also been to him for headaches, neck pain, and sinus problems with good results. He also used acupuncture for my neck pain with good results. My PCP had sent me to a neurosurgeon for my neck pain, he said I wasn't a surgical canidate YET, but gave me 2 RX for tylenol#3 and valium 10 mg TID with 3 refills each. I decided I couldn't live that way(sleeping all the time) threw away the RX, and went to my chiropractor. This isn't the route for every one to take, but it worked best for me.

I have gone to a chiropractor for years, & love it! I usually try to go once a mth for an adjustment, but it helps w/headaches, cramps, & just general stiffness. Now that I moved away, I need to find another good one :D


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I'm bound to be flamed for this, but my personal opinion is that the entire chiropractic profession is a scam.

In radiology, we call x-rays done at chiropractors' offices "radiation therapy", due to the low quality and tendency of chiropractors to do what they call full-body x-rays. Since these exams are very rarely if ever diagnostic quality (meaning that they can't provide any useful information because the technique was so poor), the only justification for these x-rays is financial--the chiropractor could bill insurance for them.

I've seen patients with permanent neurological damage from "manipulations", and I've seen patients who were told by their chiropractors that chiropractic could cure headaches that turned out to be originating from subdural hematomas. I believe that chiropractors are a drain on precious healthcare resources and that they should not be licenced as healthcare providers.

Flame away.:chair:

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