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maeyken has 4 years experience and specializes in Operating Room (and a bit of med/surg).

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  1. maeyken

    Changing jobs

    In the OR I work in, people who come new to the OR have to complete their orientation period and I think about 3mos full time, and then can go part time (that's about 6mos full time). We have been really short of part time staff though, so those were open postings they were accepted into. Are there part time positions available in your unit? If there are, it might be easier to convince your manager to let you go part time. Really, you'd think it would be better to have someone go part time than to leave completely...
  2. maeyken

    Local without sedation

    We have a minor procedure area where we do small cases under local only. (no anesthetist, only one nurse and the surgeon). There is no option for sedation here, so if a surgeon thinks their patient can't handle it, they have to book it in the main OR. We do cystoscopy, carpal tunnel, trigger finger release, many little "lumps and bumps" removals (lipomas, potential skin cancers, moles, etc), some smaller ENT things (occ. myringotomy, polyp remvoal, etc).
  3. We have a couple family docs who come in to do the occasional ingrown toenail. I've never seen a plastic surgeon do an ingrown fingernail, but I suppose they could. I would think that a family doc could do it in their office though!
  4. ANY outside cases go through ER whether they come from another hospital, a doctor's office, clinic, etc. If we're not ready for them, and they have a bed, then they go to the floor to wait for us. :)
  5. maeyken

    Surgical Safety Checklist

    we're working on implementing it... so much resistance from surgeons!!! They don't seem to understand that it's not something the nurses dreamed up... this is the WHO telling them to do it!
  6. the only reason i can think of to stay at your hospital would be for seniority, but if you are just starting as an RN I don't know if you would retain any of that seniority. if you don't, there's no reason to stay.
  7. maeyken

    Anesthesia Gas Making Me Tired in the OR???

    The only time I've been affected by gas in the OR is when we're inducing kids by mask. As they go through the excitation phase they wiggle a lot and sometimes we get more of the gas than they do! haha not really but it seems that way sometimes!! Once the circuit is hooked up, the machine takes care of the gasses (as explained above) I am often tired after work, especially after working a 10h shift, or an evening shift. It's an exhausting job, especially when you first start! Your body should get used to it eventually! Just make sure you are getting a good night's sleep. :)
  8. maeyken

    How many hours can you work ?

    Wow, I didn't realize how lucky we are where I work. We're staffed 24/7, (for weekends/holidays- 3 on days, evenings, 2 on nights) The only call we do is one person from day shift will take call for evening shift, and one person from evening shift will take call for nights. So if you would need to stay or get called back, it would be 16h working. But then some people do doubles when we're short and that's definitely 16h.
  9. maeyken

    "TIME BACK" vs. Overtime $$ pay

    We too have 10h shifts, but we are staffed 24/7. We have a choice of whether to bank the time, or take the money. We do a fair amount of OT, but it is counted as such. Doesn't make management happy, but it's that or cancel more cases (which they don't want us to do either...)
  10. maeyken

    OR Lasers, Info Please

    All our fibers are disposable. I think we have a couple old re-usable (sterilized!!) ones kicking around. But NEVER unsterile! And as for leaving the laser unattended?!?! Huge NO NO! We have RNs trained in lasers, and have our own holmium, CO2, and greenlight lasers. I can't imagine any of them leaving a laser unattended. It wouldn't be allowed! That rep must not value his job at all.
  11. maeyken

    OR reference textbooks?

    We used Alexander's in my course... and the standards binder of course!!
  12. maeyken

    age range for HCG?

    I don't know of a specific age. Pretty much everyone who is going for a hysterectomy has one done, either urine or blood. (unless for example they have no ovaries already... or something like that). Also done for endometrial ablations, etc. Not done routinely for non-gyne surgeries.
  13. maeyken

    Colonoscopy - sterile water or tap water?

    Many of our colonoscopies in the OR are done for laparoscopic bowel resections... and so the water could technically leak into the abdomen if the anastamosis site is not sealed. Also, like someone else mentioned, sterile water is distilled, so no build-up in scopes.
  14. maeyken

    Colonoscopy - sterile water or tap water?

    sterile water. not sure what they use in endo.
  15. maeyken

    punishment for not having an H&P

    We need an H&P before we enter the room as well. If it is missing the doc has to go fill it out before the patient leaves say surgery. We don't have any punishments like that though. I'm not sure what they would do... probably just a verbal reprimand or something. It doesn't really happen that I know of. I think your hospital needs a better system...
  16. maeyken

    Specializing in Ortho

    It's great that they're impressed with your skills. However, I personally would want more experience in a broad range of services before committing to one. I would at very least ask to finish my orientation through the remainder of the services. I don't know how your on-shift and on-call time works, but if there's any chace you'll be working outside the ortho department it would be good for you to have your basic skills down in all services. I think it makes you a stronger OR nurse to be able to function in all the services, rather than just being specialized in one. However, after a year or two I think specializing in an area is a great idea. :)