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  1. cokie

    Really need some advice about orienting/vent

    thank you for your kind response to my post. it was just food for thought. one more thing that i thought of after i posted last night is this. this is not an excuse for their behavior (which i find appalling), but could be a reason. at one of the hospitals where i work, the really choice staff positions are going to new grads, and the people who are there everyday, working hard, trying to apply for the staff positions (my hospital loves to hire per diem), are overlooked. i think the management mentality is that these people already on the payroll won't leave, and they are trying to attract the new grads with benefits. just another thought. not sure if this is part of the reason for your chilly reception. i know that this is causing some hard feelings at my hospital. personally i love per diem.....use dh's benefits........take care, and i know that you will do great. also, don't feel like it's a test. if they overload you, tell them you need to take less patients for now. also, some of the things you mentioned (i.e. dressing changes) do not always need to be done at a specific time. mostly during your shift is ok. prioritize. we really can't do it all at the same time. you'll get it, just takes practice. also, if you really dislike med-surg, find out what the policy is on floating. some hospitals always float the newbies, but in CA the union says this is not fair. it has to rotate.......ask ahead of time. have a great week.
  2. cokie

    Chronic Tardiness

    management needs to be aware of this, and something CAN be done. at one of my jobs if one is 5 minutes late the staffing office is called, so that they can call a replacement. i would like to see people docked 15 for anything past the time they are supposed to be ready. and to me, 3 means, you are in the chair, all items in hand ready to roll the tape AT 3. my first job in high school, one punched a clock. if one was one minute late they didn't get paid for the first 15. made an impression........is it easy to see i'm one of the early ones......i leave my house 45 minutes before my shift, even though i only have a 20 minute drive. i like to take my time. rushing is just way too stressful.
  3. cokie

    Really need some advice about orienting/vent

    don't think i understand the reason that they would send you to a med-surg floor, if everyone is clear that you will be on OB. med-surg is not understood in 7 days. at the risk of being unpopular, are you sure that your attitude during this time is the same as it would be if you were going to be spending say, a year in that unit (med-surg). i have seen some people come through on their way to ICU, and they seemed to have a "i'm better than you med-surg nurses" kind of attitude. i warned you that this would not be a popular response. i don't understand why the hospital would put them in a situation where the person they are orienting is not staying. i'm not saying that there nurses are correct in their response to you, but can you put yourself in their place.
  4. cokie

    3 - 11 shift

    i think i am weird.....by first grade my kids were able to get themselves up (cool alarm clocks). eat (cereal and milk, no cooking or knives allowed), and out without me .....of course we carpooled.....so, i get home about 12, have a set routine, hot shower, warm milk, read in bed, when drowsy sleep....1 or so. i even grocery shop on the way to work, use a cooler with ice, but no frozen food on these trips. only work this shift if it is YOUR cicadia rhythm.......it is mine. being to work by 7 am makes me feel urpy, no kidding. best of luck finding a shift that works for you, i wish i could work noon to eight pm, can't.....
  5. cokie

    Nursing Student

    if you want to do it, do it.......i was afraid of needles, got over it.....i mean petrified....some smells still gross me out, but white flower oil under the nose helps. you will probably see hardly any blood (er excepted), more bodily fluids other than blood than one thinks possible. i now work both ms and pp and some people don't see how i can handle the smell of lochia....nursing is the kind of profession that after paying some dues (6 mo. to a year of ms) you can usually write your own ticket. as for pay, i make per diem, 44 an hour p.m. shift........best of luck....stay positive,,,,
  6. cokie


    careful with the melatonin....read up on it
  7. cokie

    Do you nurses get breaks?

    am typing with one hand......breaks....yes....but only the dinner break, not the 15's. as far as the 30, i don't wear a watch and i don't watch the clock. some days my dinner break is short like 10 minutes, and some days it is an hour. at my med-surg job we have a very strong union. if you know that you are too busy to take your dinner break, you are to call the ns, and they will pay two hours of overtime for missed breaks. if they can make it possible for you to get a dinner break, they will....i do see some of the new grads missing their dinners, but i didn't even when i was a new grad....not too long ago either,2000.......don't let all the complaining get you down......some people like to complain....this site lets us complain..........have a great thursday...i know i will.....
  8. cokie

    Send Good Thoughts

    not yet. she does this once in awhile. i'm hurt that she doesn't even care how my surgery went.....thanks for the positive thoughts....i love this bb, you guys are great.......
  9. cokie

    HPV question.....

    yikes, isn't this genital warts..........
  10. cokie

    preventing burnout

    read a very good book about this. i talked about the stages...in recognizing that right now you are in the honeymoon and i can't remember the other 5 stages, but one is disillusionment and depression. the previous ideas given will help.......
  11. cokie

    Send Good Thoughts

    have a big cast like thing on my lefthand, so typing all with the right....slow...that is why the a is back. the horse is fine.....
  12. cokie

    Send Good Thoughts

    thanks again for all the kind remarks.......vicodin makes me sick...
  13. cokie

    Send Good Thoughts

    surgery is over and i am home. they bumped it up a few hours. now i can't use my left hand at all, so i have to look at the keyboard and it is slow go. no pain yet...one week of pain almost to the minute....t.y. for all the prayers, mantras, incense. and ggod thoughts.....
  14. cokie

    Is It Too Soon

    no a's due to broken finger.....my nephew nd his wife h d b by die this j nu ry....you m y remember me..the b by h d hlhs....my question is, how soon before they should try to get pregn nt g in.
  15. cokie

    Send Good Thoughts

    i m lmost npo, nd i m too nervous to e t. i m one of those people who c n't e t when upset...so we h d s lmon for dinner, prep red by my dh....my son scre med t me when i reminded him th t he is npo fter mn tonight (for his g stric emptying test tomorrow). my best friend decided to stop t lking to me tod y...s id f... you nd hung up on me......only she didn't just s y the f she s id fornic tion under c rn l knowledge.... nd then hung up....she w s going to drive me to surgery tomorrow, guess i'll get nother friend to drive me...my dh h s to t ke the boy to the g stric emptying test...th nk you ll for your hugs nd kind thoughts.....
  16. cokie

    is it oriented or orientated?