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I am a Chinese educated RN and after a long process of paper work, I could finally take my nclex-rn on in the end of Oct. The test was really tough, while I walked out of the testing center, I felt my legs were shaking and I thought I might come back and take the test again. The first thing I did after I went back home was surfing on internate and searching for nclex-rn retaking information. I did Person trick also, and Pearson wouldn't let me continue the re-registration process, then I thought I might have passed it. Later at 5pm, my BON sent me email and said I was officially licensed as an RN! Finally my journey to RN is over, that was really a great relief for me! Here are my strategies I'd like to share:

1. The books I used: Saunder's review, Mosby's, Illustraed guide for nclex-rn

2. I did about 12,000 questions in total and in the final 2 weeks before test, I could get about 80% correct

3. Nerver give up, trust yourself that you can do it!

4.Before the test, know your infection control, normal values, medicine calculations, and be familiar with SATA questions. I did 75 questions and I got 25-35 SATA questions. Those SATA question will make you feel extremely bad, but do not let them make you feel sad while you are taking the test. Just keep going and you can make it.

5. Believe in GOD. This is true, GOD will guide you on the way for nclex because he knows how you can pass it.

Good luck on your NCLEX-RN! My friends!

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well done..congrats

hi there, i am a chinese student and my undergraduate background is nursing. i finished my nursing program in china, and right now, i am studying another program in states. after reading your post, i really really want to contact you. if you will log in, could you please leave your e-mail address to me? thank you sooooooo much.


Hi,you guys are awesome!!I really jealous lol! I am also a chinese,now planning to go to nursing school,I will start my prerequisite in the coming semester and hopefully could enroll the nursing program a year after,pls lily and cailian if you saw my msg here pls contact me,your advise will be so helpful to me!i am in San Diego CA and my contact is:[email protected],or you can drop me a private message here,I am really really happy to meet you guys here!!!big thanks!:)Liu Su

2. i did about 12,000 questions in total and in the final 2 weeks before test, i could get about 80% correct

wow! there 's determination for ya!


i am Chinese nurse.i will take RN-TEST in Jan. 2014. who can give me some good advice?

I am a Chinese nurse. I gratuated in China. I will take RN-test in Jan 2014.please contact to me If there are Chinese nurses to attend groups. my email :[email protected]

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