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  1. idobelieve

    Hospice Nurses who work in an ALF

    Hello Carla, I am an RN Case Manager for a hospice company. I have residents in ALF and SNF. Med audits are good to do but your concern is the hospice patient. I would have the med techs to give me a copy of all the hospice patients mar so that you can make sure that in your system it matches what meds the patient is receiving while in the ALF. Check the hospice patients physician orders on a daily bases to stay abreast on new meds being added and meds being discontinued and this way you can inform your pharmacy that your hospice company use what meds are discontinued. This is a starting point and I am new to hospice also but I truly love my job. I hope this helped.
  2. idobelieve

    Taking NCLEX RN tomorrow!

    I will be praying for you, I know how you feel, I just pass my RN boards. Focus, calm your nerves, take your time and read the question, and be cautious in second guessing yourself.
  3. idobelieve

    After 7yrs, 75questions and 10th Attempt

    Rita1015, I used the NCLEX RN 4000 CD and on that, it has sections to focus on your weak areas separately as well as select all and that is how I studied. Hope this helps and I know exactly how you feel and what you're going through and with hard work, God on your side then you can make it. Don't lose the momentum and stay on your course:hpygrp:
  4. idobelieve

    After 7yrs, 75questions and 10th Attempt

    I did the "Miller Nursing Review" in Kissimmee, Florida
  5. idobelieve

    After 7yrs, 75questions and 10th Attempt

    I finally pass and all the Glory goes to God and Him alone. I always knew I had what it takes to be an RN, but I would panic, freak out, and not apply myself to the fullest as I did this time. I studied the Saunders RN 5th edition 2 times, went through the Priortization,Delegation, Assignment book 3 times and I did all the questions on the NCLEX RN 4000, and got a complete understanding of the concepts. And lastly but most important of them all, I had faith in God to take me through. Now for some this is overboard, but for me this is what it took and I also had a fabulous RN Refresher Course. My test stopped at 75 questions and I walked out of the test center totally in crocodile tears all the way home with my husband driving with no sound heard except my sniffing. Took the exam Nov. 19, 2011 and Monday checked the Florida Board of Nursing and my name was not their, I automatically assumed I had failed. Check back Tuesday my name not thier and now I really knew it was over, until Friday afternood I received my license in the mail and all I Know is that God gave me my heart desire.
  6. Also computer skills are the basic.
  7. I am an LPN working at an ALF that uses only LPN's and not med techs. I pass meds to 15-30 people all based on which shift I work. The treatments are very minor like skin tears and if anything beyond that then a wound care nurse comes in from the outside and do those things. I supervise staff that works with the residents ranging from 4-8 people all based on which shift. Incident reports if the resident is found on the floor or with a skin tear. Chart in the LNS book which resident had treatment done, receive oxygen during my shift or sleeps with a CPAP on my shift. Their are no IV fluids to be concerned about and if they have a foley it is for a very short while. Drama can be anywhere but you usually have a much smaller staff at ALF than LTF. If an ER arise than you send them out to the hospital do all the necessary paperwork as normal. This is what I do and the pay is not bad at all.I hope this is a help.
  8. idobelieve

    My NCLEX Experience.......

    Wow!!! that is the kind of report that is very encouraging to me. Thank you
  9. idobelieve

    Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    August 27th @ 8:00 on a Saturday morning!!!!!!!
  10. idobelieve

    NCLEX today...walked out in tears!

    Congrats!!!!!! You kicked some NCLEX butt!!! yeah!!!!!
  11. idobelieve

    Working full-time and studying for NCLEX

    Their are some people who have the luxury of being home or having better work hours than some, so therefore they can have that extra study time. But for people who have to do what they have to do, like work weird hours, two jobs, or whatever I applaud those people because alot of them pass their NCLEX boards inspite of the difficulties. So press forward and do what you got to do.