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Pedsnurze's Latest Activity

  1. Pedsnurze

    Time for a vacation!! Where do you want to go?

  2. Pedsnurze

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    Awesome Exercise!!!!! Please post more Hope I can get in on discussion before over next post.
  3. Pedsnurze

    Failed NCLEX RN NY State Again...

    It Shall be Done!!!!!! Of course, We are no where near Dumb Finished Nursing school afterall
  4. Pedsnurze

    Telephone order NCLEX Question

    We do not transcribe orders onto nurses notes thus answer would be C. Belong on Physicians/Doctors
  5. Pedsnurze

    Upward Mobility LPN iphone app.

    Never heard of it-exactlty what are the contents?
  6. Pedsnurze

    what do i have to do...failed 4x nclex rn...

    Today the sun is shinning brighter than yesterday. Our creator wants us to succeed and we shall! My results are in, same as yours. Strapping my boots on after taking a breather. Will start fresh next 2012 as if never seen NCLEX prior. Have to put funding together I need new application and all. With God directing my step I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! RN-NCLEX SUCCESS 2012:yeah: Can You See It? I can. Never Give Up
  8. Pedsnurze

    What types of pharm?

    This is going to sound strange to some. Took exam few days ago. Was the easiest exam thus far. It was majority SATA and Delegation/Priority. I felt like I was breezing through then 4th hour came my weakness math questions multiple times. Next PHARM. I have never seen or heard of these drugs- majority. Of course I knew coumadin, heparin, beta-blockers(various),
  9. Pedsnurze

    Passed NCLEX RN Thursday!!!

  10. Pedsnurze

    Nclex-Rn Fail

    WE WILL Master this NCLEX-RN We ARE RN"S I AM AN RN Our day is Soon My Day is Now!!!!!!!! We must believe in ourselves Taking exam Thursday. Walking by FAITH
  11. Pedsnurze

    5th time repeater and I'm FINALLY an official RN!!!

    congrats! RN RN RN
  12. Pedsnurze

    Took nclex rn today

    Wishing the best for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Pedsnurze

    Took nclex rn today

    Dont EVER give UP WE WILL MASTER the nclex-RN
  14. Pedsnurze

    Took nclex rn today

    WOW! I'll never give up after reading this. ANYwho testing again shortly, end of month actually. Problem is I've had no time to do any real valuable studies. What do you guys think go for it or reschedule. I could take some time off from work wasn't an option prior to scheduling this test date?
  15. Pedsnurze

    Failed NCLEX the 4th time feeling VERY down.

    RedDogs, I'm walking with you I've been out since 2007. Took it once then. So distraught did not test again until 2010. Depressed. Finally will master this NCLEX-RN 2011!!!! We can do this We will!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. i'm right there with you. don't give up now. we can and will master the nclex-rn as those initals already belong to us. we will be stronger and more tolerate and patient as well. i test shortly also. it's in god's hands this time. let his will be done.