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  1. rn pay rate at kindred rehab hospital?help

    hi hello texan nurses, i am scheleduled for an interview with kindred rehab hosp arlington. any idea whats the pay rate there? i have one yr experience in hosp setting? how is staffing rate ? any info will be great!!! thanks
  2. rn pay rate at kindred rehab hospital?help

    it is in arlington
  3. rn pay rate at kindred rehab hospital?help

    hi .. i have an interview at kindered rehab hospital. anyone has an idea whats the starting pay rate for rn with 1 yr experice in hospital setting at kindred hospital??? feel frree to share ur comments thanks
  4. job help needed??? any advice appreciated

    thank you
  5. job help needed??? any advice appreciated

    Dear friends, I live at forth worth. I have just applied to parkland hospital. have 8 months of experience in rehab center. I just wanted to work in long term care facility before I get hired in any hospitals. But I have no idea about the ltc facilty...
  6. here's how i passed nclex rn on 3rd try!!!

    thank you somuch, have patience and dont loose your hope .
  7. foreign grad, passed nclex rn, have license ,now what?

    i have one year experience in my country. but i dont know whether i ll find any job
  8. foreign grad, passed nclex rn, have license ,now what?

    yes, i am a citizen of united states. i havent applied for jobs yet. i was just looking for some kind of training in hospital setting
  9. hey, i am a foreign grad, i just received my license this week. but i m not familiar with the hospital setting in united states. there is rn refresher course,, but i have to do the theory portion too. but i dont want to do all the hassle. is there ...
  10. Re:where can i get rn refresher course

    thank you
  11. TEMPORARY PERMIT help needed????

    Thank you all for ur suggestions . Appreciate it
  12. Anyone taken the NCSBN Online Review

    the questions are good enough , the content is very lengthy and boring
  13. TEMPORARY PERMIT help needed????

    pl some comments here,,waiting
  14. TEMPORARY PERMIT help needed????

    guys pls need all ur help
  15. TEMPORARY PERMIT help needed????

    HELLO, i have just passed nclex rn and have my temporary permit. i am a foreign grad , a permanet resident so texas requires me to complete rn refresher course because i do not have 2 yrs of nursing experience in my country. can i endore my temprary ...