here's how i passed nclex rn on 3rd try!!!


Here's how I passed nclex RN on 3rd try

well. I m a foreign gn. It was very challenging for me. Took Kaplan for 1st time . I studied for 1 mth with full focus and attention ,, but after that I lost my concerntation. I failed with just 75 qs. The result showed only near passing in one section,, rest all below passing ,

tried hursT for second time ... also la charity and davis q/a. still failed . but I did improve. This time all near passing , ended with 129 qs.

After 3 months this march 29th took exam ,,,,,passed with 75qs.

This time did full content review with Kaplan rn course book and hurst content 3 times. Also Kaplan 2011-2012 test taking strategies. ... exam cram chapters, learning extension 3 week . I repeated and repeated.

Was really prepared this time . I did hide the button with shows the no of qs you do. I said to myself .. I m not going to look at the no.. I m just taking my test until the computer tests my minimum competency level whether I pass OR I fail. I ll use all my knowledge I have . I am not going to feel guilty over questions I couldn't make right or I was confused. Because this was all I studied!!

MY ADVICE IS know your content by hook or crook. Then go to test taking strategies ,, Kaplan helped me a lot. And don't forget to repeat ur material again and again . tha is what counts over all.

I already told I am a foreign gn,,,, the place where I practiced and studied was so much different from here,,,, but I did put extra effort. So what I wanted to tell people who have graduated from US is u can do it ,, because you have seen it and u have practiced it here."

thank you for all..

i would look into eveyone's post to be motivated.

and yes it helped me a lot !!!



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Congratulations :yeah:


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congratulations!! or should I say badhai cha! I agree with you 100% on your advise.


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a very very big congratessssssssssssssss. God bless you. I am happy for you.

I like your last wordings of your thread. You are rite.

keep in touch. enjoyyyyyyyyyy now and pray for me.

badhai cha


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okay guys, time to work hard ,, all the best !!!


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congratulations proud of foreign nurses who pass this test. l think the most important thing is to go through the content over and over again.where were u trained and where do u reside currently.


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I agree with your latest strategy that made you succeed. Congrats!


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Congratzzzz !!! Il be taking my test this month for the 3rd time as

well hopefully I will passs also hehe


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thank you somuch, have patience and dont loose your hope .


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Hi your history really gives me hope. I am an international nurse . I applied for the nclex rn twice. The first time oct 2011 and i didn't pass with 75 questions. I studied saunders, lacharity and kaplan 2011-2012. To be honest didn't do so much questions. My report was 3items from 8 near the passing level and the other 5 below the passing level. The second time feb 2012 i didn't pass either with 75 questions I studied hurst( which help me a lot and i love it) and nclex4000, and saunders cd. This time my report was 3 items below passing level, 4 near the passing level and 1 above the passing level.. I was really sad and fustrated I got schedule to give the exam again in april 25 but is hard for me to get back to fully study because i studied a lot and didn't go out for my second exam.. I wonder how many hours do you study per day, how did you study? For me it was too much to be just in the computer and still have 75 questions both times. .. Any advice?

I am so glad for you. You are a very good inpiration and encouragement for me. I am also a foreign nurse and it is very hard to choose the right material that will fill in the gap/deficit of the didactical knowlegde.

I wish I could speak to you over the phone. I have Kaplan online review with QBank and Qtrainer. I also have Hurst review online and know that this is the core content that you have to know without doubts or hesitations. I also have La Charity book, and Kaplan strategy book.

I signed up for LearningEXT from NSCBN and it will expire in 20 days.

I know I have everything that it takes to pass it but I am not able to well-organaized. Please, advise me where to start and how to schedule all this, should I do one company review from the start to the end and move to another compnay review, or should I review content and the related to questions based on the content areas and jump from one company to the other?

I want to take my exam on May 16th and I wonder do I have enough time for both content and QBank?

or should I only do QBank so that I do as many questions as I can?

Thank you so much in advance,

I really appreciate your help. and congratulations again.