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  1. pink427

    17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

    Just what I needed to read. Thank you so much for this post. I'm exactly on the same boat and just about to throw away my effort after missing so many chapters. One chapter a day, eh? I will do as you said. Thank you sister in struggle and faith! :) Yeah, I love Saunders too. Exactly as you stated; very ideal for content review. The end question chapters are superbly organize to reinforce the content. It's past 4 in the morning here, with your story, I aim... one chapter today. CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. pink427

    Chinese nurse passed nclex-rn

    2. i did about 12,000 questions in total and in the final 2 weeks before test, i could get about 80% correct wow! there 's determination for ya! congratulations!!!!
  3. pink427

    I have failed the nclex pn (pvt)

    LOL-- I like diana's thinking: we just have to fall in love with it and marry it; then divorce later. :) Hang in there biancha. Sometimes we have to lose some battles to win a war. Let's woo that NCLEX some more and know it's ends and means. LOL. * hands tissues and punching gloves to biancha*
  4. Thank you for this good tips. As I keep answering questions, and got mostly wrong, I became anal and start reading not just Saunders but Hogan too. Then I look at my time plan and thought," I won't have the time to do all basic reading and questions!". Now. You gave me idea. :)
  5. pink427

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    -------------------- Great Job,blue! Shame on me, my day was less fruitful being a mother's day. Past 7 PM here, will try to do some reading cause ....YOU MADE ME FEEL GUILTY! :) :)
  6. pink427

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    I've been silently following your log and you are really doing good and putting in time. It's motivating! Can I hop in and join too? I have skype. I'll PM you my name. :)
  7. pink427

    Help! Does anyone has the Hurst Review videos?

    Same here; CONTENT is killing me!
  8. pink427

    How i studied for my nclex exam

    Congratulations,diana2520! I just tried sending you PM and it failed sending. You've exceeded your allowed PM, it said. I would be grateful to have a copy of your review materials too. And to have you in my skype. Can you please PM me your skype name? Thank you for being a channel of blessings. Have a nice day!
  9. pink427

    I took NCLEX-RN this morning.......

    lol. love the [color=#ee82ee]pink color! you rock,lyttlemomma. :) congratulations again. now... back to my saunders. :)
  10. pink427

    Passed NCLEX-PN, Thank you Lord!

    Congratulations,kabayan! Like you, I finished my nursing a while back. Your post is so inspiring! I want to ask that same question Kishmwah raised. Will wait for your reply.
  11. pink427

    how l passes nclex as a foreign graduate

    Congratulations! Was a pleasure reading your post. Keeping notes. :)
  12. pink427

    Help! Does anyone has the Hurst Review videos?

    I have the same fear. My weakest is CONTENT.
  13. pink427

    I took NCLEX-RN this morning.......

    Congratulations! I'll do as you say;deactivate my FB. :) I have to hammer more on the content, my weakness. But you gave me the idea.
  14. pink427

    The Most Important Must Know Drugs For NCLEX

  15. pink427

    No longer a nursing student

  16. pink427

    Took the test today!!!=/

    Crossing fingers for you too!