Cheapest place to find scrubs?

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Any suggestions? I checked a few online places, but even wasn't that low after shipping is paid. Does anyone know of a lower priced site or store? Thanks

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Jasco Uniforms ( is cheapest i've seen so far.

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I'd avoid if you'd like to get your order anytime this year (and I mean 2005).

You can do a search for threads on's problems.

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i'd like to add that i have ordered online from Jasco, and have had no problems.

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(I deleted the website I had put here)

I just bought a scrub set last night and paid $10 for it. (Go to "3 pocket scrub sets"--it's on the side tab) I'm sure it's cheaply made, long as it lasts me once a week for one semester, then it's a bargain. I googled cheap scrubs, and found several places that have scrubs on clearance (certain colors and certain sizes only). Also--Walmart sells scrubs for about $15 a top and $12 for bottoms.

Good Luck!

DO NOT ORDER SCRUBS FROM BETTENCOURT MANUFACTURING!! So sorry if I caused someone to buy from them. I just got my scrubs today and they are horrible. They are sooo see-through (my white scrubs looked pink from my skin--hehe). Also, they charged almost as much for the shipping as they did for the scrubs. I will be disputing that.

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I had no problem with allheart when I have ordered from them several times. If they backorder anything they tell you at the time you order it and you can choose whether to continue the order or not.

I have had good results with Jasco too.

I ran across one web site that had really great prices but then when you went to check out a "fee" of 2 to 5 dollars was added to each item, thereby raising the advertised price - watch out for this! I promplty halted the order.

Now if you could just try on shoes before ordering them!

i would try scrubs xpress. they have very reasolnable prices.

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We have three of these shops in our area. I have sold a bunch of uniforms and bought some there. Very cost effective. Most are nice. Some are actually new with tags on them. I got pretty good money for mine once the shop sold them.


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I look for cheapies at, and have web specials and clearance items at a reasonable cost...Many of them are cute prints, which i like.

Specializes in Rural Health. has a nice cheap selection BUT the shipping is very pricey if you are ordering 1 or 2 things. They do $7.99 for up to 4 items though, so the more you order the better the shipping. It's SLOW to get to can take up to 4 weeks. I ordered a really cute jacket that was $15 after shipping but it took almost 4 weeks to get here. I didn't realize until I was done with placing the order that it comes from Canada and it was being shipped to the US.

I can get scrubs now from the medical supply store affiliated with the hospital I work at and I get a 40% discount plus she'll order anything I I'll probably just go that route for the rest of my stuff.

I highly recommend Uniform I have been using them for years. Their brand of scrubs are cheap, high quality and wash up wonderfully. My favorite is their brand of unisex drawstring scrub pants. I have also used Jasco who also makes great quality scrubs for good prices.

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