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no calculation... NCLEX RN exam


isnt calculation considered the difficult questions??

so why didnt i get any..... about 4 SATA 2 drag and drop... 3 meds.... ALOT priority.... no delegation and calculation...

anyone pass the board without getting calculation???

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Many don't get calc in their test. I haven't heard calc being considered difficult questions and I can't remember getting any in my exams

Good luck

Each test is different and unpredictable. If you didn't get calculation problems, that means you were probably getting higher level questions, which in turn means that you have a higher chance of having passed. Good luck.


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i recently passed nclex-rn without any calcs. i've heard they're actually the easier questions so i took it as a good sign. good luck!

i heard priority questions are consider high level questions as well. goo luck

I just passed last week with 75 questions and no calculation questions.


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I also passed with 75 and without any calculations...

Good luck with your result... :)

I got a bunch of med questions, but they were about side effects, questioning doctors' orders.......no calculation.

calculations are considered foundational skills questions so if you didnt get any then good for you.

Good luck.

took mine today. i got 75 questions no calculations and 10-15 sata im scared hopefully its a good sign. i felt my last question was a good higher level priority question, but i just dont know till' the results arrive. :imbar

You do not want calculations, they are lower level. Sounds like you had all higher lever, good luck! I passed at 75 with no calculations at all, 4 select all that apply and lots of meds and priority with tons of infectious disease and what room or type of isolation.


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Sounds like we had a similar type of questions... I had 9 SATA, 1 drag and drop and 1 exhibit question. Lots of meds, infection control, prioritization, patient teaching, no calculation at all... I finished with 75 questions. Good luck... I hope you will pass too...

i took mine 5-14-09 and i had 3-5 maths and 15-20 SATA's.. i answered 265 and found out yesterday, i passed! :)


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I had no calculations,but a lot of SATA's(10-12),infection control,prioritization,meds,health teachings,4 delegations and 1 exhibit.I answered 75 questions.I guess they are low level questions. :twocents:

xinammon, RN

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had mine last Oct. 2 and it stopped at 88 questions. as i was leaving i saw others scribbling computations in their boards and i got anxious because i didn't encounter one, all i had were 4-5 SATAs, meds, priority, infection control and other multiple choice stuff that i can't remember. good thing that this is a good sign because i'm hanging on every positive thing to get me through another 2-3 weeks...

Ace587RN, RN

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i got a calculation question 8 questions before my computer shut off and i passed

I'm so depressed...cuz i tried pearsonvue trick and still shows CC page, i took my test on 12/23/2010 in San Dimas, CA. I have 75 questions, 5 SATAS, 4 Meds, 1 drag and drop, lots of priority question, no calculation. Since i read this post I felt really confused. I don't know if anybody failed the test with no calculation...

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