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  1. xxkouxx

    Please dont hate me, it might be worth reading

  2. its hard to talk to someone with an accent, but just be patient and ask for them to repeat themselves if you didnt get what the person said.... that's what i would do....
  3. xxkouxx

    Need Help with Smoking Issue!!!!!!!

    i would suggest for you to talk to him AGAIN and show him this thread you started, that it really bothers you so much...maybe for him seeing your actually asking for other people for advice on what to do would knock his senses out.... i used to be a smoker,and its hard quitting too but because my now husband then boyfriend doesnt like it and asked me to stop smoking, i stopped for him at first but also realized its for my own good....just decided to stop,never tried anything to help me but honestly im still craving for it...but health and family is important so im still staying away rom it, two years in counting.. God Bless
  4. xxkouxx

    Sleepwalker found frozen after taking Ambien

    i dont have problems sleeping, i just have to rest my back on something and next thing i know im sleeping, but my husband on the other hand is opposite and sometimes if i stay up with him late night watching tv, we always see commercial of ambien and he said next time he sees his doctor he would ask about it but now reading about this article i dont think i want him too...
  5. xxkouxx

    A Tribute to My Mom

    My relationship with my mom is not a close loving relationship... all I know is I have a mom