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  1. iamhopeful2009

    So disappointed

    Try to look into volunteering in the meantime while your looking for an rn job to add to your resume and exposure. The gap is only perceived because the concepts and theories are all the same. The practice may be different only because our exposure in the Philippines is limited to those patients who can afford to pay. Where as here PTA are treated irregardless of capacity to pay.
  2. iamhopeful2009

    Everest College

    Ontario metro is now having info meetings for ASN for june or july 2011 start.
  3. iamhopeful2009

    The BEST advice EVER for NCLEX RN

    congratulations.... good tips surely manu will benefit
  4. iamhopeful2009

    NCLEX-RN May 11,2009

    Hang in there, up until you get your results in the mail will it be official. Good luck.
  5. iamhopeful2009

    no calculation... NCLEX RN exam

    calculations are considered foundational skills questions so if you didnt get any then good for you. Good luck.
  6. iamhopeful2009

    Failed for the 4th time...confused!!!

    Im sorry to hear you didnt pass. I feel your pain, I was in your same situation not too long ago.... passed on my 5th take in a period of 3 years after graduation. I too had a diffcult time reassessing which books to review on after each try. After my 4th try, I read about Suzannes plan and focused on Saunders Comprehensive answering only the chapter exams and rereading the chapters if I scored less than 75%. After fininshing, Suzanne was no longer giving her tips so decided to practice on the Saunders CD in study mode particularly on the Chapters which I had difficulty in while answering the chapter tests. I followed it up with the Saunders Q&A book and found it so useful since it is divided into categories like in the nclex. Hope this helps and do keep trying. The only time we fail is when we stop.
  7. iamhopeful2009

    Graduated PN school 6 yrs ago

    couldnt help but feel you in your post. our stories are so similar. felt the same way before my latest attempt. browsed thru allnurses website and read other peoples stories then didnt feel quite so alone. felt hopeful afterwords and continued to browse to get inspired. i did my study plan, studied, read, answered numerous questions and finally made it. your study plan sounds good. you seem to be focusing on one book/course at a time. have you been able to get your eligibility yet? take it a step at a time and you will reach your goal. good luck to you!!
  8. iamhopeful2009

    How are you using Saunders

    i answered chapter questions first and read the chapters only if didnt score well. once i got to the system chapters, i tried to answer all the cd questions pertaining to the particular system (study mode) especially if i didnt feel confident regarding that system. once i finished the saunders comprehensive, folloewed it up with the Q&A saunders book. very complimentary since the questions are divided per category as categorized in the nclex. it gives a different form of feedback. good luck.
  9. iamhopeful2009

    LPN Programs @ Community College in SoCal Area

    chaffey community college has a LVN program in their Chino campus. From what I read before, you will need to attend an information orientation. community colleges are definetely cheaper but your start date depends on the how many students are applying and how many slots are available then the waiting depends on what system the college goes by, some use lottery system, some use a list system. hope this helps.
  10. iamhopeful2009

    I got a JOB !!!!!

    congratulations... couldnt help but smile at your post since I too have been the same way since I got a job. WIth the current economy, I am simply thankful for having a job.
  11. iamhopeful2009

    California's 2009 New Grad RN Program- Who's hiring right now?

    Citrus Valley Health Partners in Southern California has a year round 12 week new grad RN residency program. They have 4 facilities - Queen of the Valley Medical in West Covina, Citrus Valley Medical, Inter Community Campus and Hospice in Covina, and Foothill Prespethyrian Hospital in Glendora. Their website is cvhp.com and all positions posted which lists qualifications like --- NEWLY GRADUATED NURSES are all available positions for new grad. As of this afternoons browse, I saw 35 full time positions in different departments and facilities. I started applying to various open positions of the units I wanted to work in last month and got an interview last week and was offered a position from their DOU . will be starting in 2 weeks. the residency program starts june 24 good luck and hope this helps.
  12. iamhopeful2009

    Nurse Residency Programs

    New grad RN programs in California St Jude Hospital - Fullerton, CA Citrus Valley Hospital - Covina, CA Pomona Valley Hospital - Pomona, CA Loma Linda Childrens Hospital - Loma Linda, CA
  13. iamhopeful2009

    New Grad Programs in Southern CA

    some new grad programs i am aware of are at Citrus Valley Health Partners (cvhp.com) in covina, CA, san antonio community hospital (sach.org) in Upland, CA, St Jude Medical in Fullerton, Loma Linda Childrens Hospital in redlands. I have also heard some new grad programs in Pasedena, Newport Beach, some major hospitals in Beverly Hills but cant remember the name of the hospitals. Good luck on your search...
  14. iamhopeful2009

    Out of school for 8 years and still haven't passed the NCLEX

    Re: Out of school for 8 years and still haven't passed the NCLEXyes i am doing NCLEX RN. I HAVE SMALL DAUGHTER OF 10 MONTHS SHE IS NOT LETTING ME TO STUDY. WHTS UR E-MAIL ID hi kiran kaur, i too have a 18 month old who wouldnt let me pick up a book. i eventually sat down on one of her naps and with a cutter and my sauders book, i proceeded to cut up my book into chapters and punched holes thru them and placed them in those thick binders. when shes awake and busy playing, i can simply pick up a chapter and do some reading, even in the car when my baby is asleep and hubby is driving. its not the ideal senario to study but at least something gets done. i am starting suzannes plan and by cutting my book into more manageable chunks, i am now 50 chapters in. hope this helps....
  15. iamhopeful2009

    Where Can I Buy Saunders at Best Price.? Every Penny Counts!

    i found a barnes and nobles coupon for 10% off online. i just googled it. it valid til feb 15.