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I am taking a chemistry class as a prerequisite and the books are soooooo expensive! The main text is 150, the study guide is 120, and the lab is 100. That comes to a grand total of $370 for just one class. Plus I'm taking other classes and they require books too.....chemistry was just the most expensive I've seen so far. How about you guys?


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My dtr just spend over 500 so yes the books are high.


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My nursing skills book was 180. And has paper covers.

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I just called the school bookstore today to get the bad news on my A&P books-around $300, but they're good for A&P I and II.

nurse2be in ny

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P.S. Renerian, I love your starfish.


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Yep, I hear you! Last semester I spent about $500, and this semester I will be spending about $850.

But, the nursing books seem to be under $100 each...except a computer program by Delmar that we are required to buy! :(


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Be sure to check out the used books on Yahoo and other auction sites. If you know ahead of time what books you need you can pick up some of your texts at really good prices. I bought used books online or from student noteboards throughout my graduate program and saved a small fortune.

In some case you can pick up a slightly older addition of a required text and get what you need. This works well with hard science texts that don't change much from edition to edition.

Also, nursing school is a great place to share books. I shared books with two other people throughout my BSN program. Access to a "free" copy machine helps out for chapter notes and exercises. You also end up with a pretty tight study group with this approach.

Good Luck,



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Hi Keeli!

Actually, I was surprised by how inexpensive my A&P text set was! $205 new at the college book store. It's "Human A&P" by Marieb, 6th ed. The part that surprised me was how much it weighed! The packaged set must be close to 20 lbs.! Does anybody benchpress their books in lieu of going to the gym? hehe


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The best thing about our program is that we will buy most of our nursing books in the first semester and use them all the way through the program. The only time we buy books again are the last semester and it is only 2. So at least you are spared expense every semester from having to buy nursing books. Textbooks are so expensive.

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Actually i do benchpress my Maternity nursing book. It weighs about 6 pounds


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My fundamentals book is 195.00. I think all together my books are going to cost about 700.00. Although next year I will only have to purchase 1 book for 200.00.

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Book prices suck. :o

I will be so glad when I am done spending all this money and start making some of it back!

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