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I had the same problem this summer and last semester selling my books back. I spent a total of about $500, but only got $47 back...and 2 of the books they didn't even want! Luckily those were phys and micro. This summer bought a book (got the last used one) for $30, they gave me $5 when I sold it back. The bookstore guy said that he had all he how can that be when he had no used ones because everyone in the class had bought them all? I just don't understand that!

We have 3 bookstores in town that have used books for the university and CC. Usually, though, they run out of the books rather fast...and as of yet I haven't checked to see if they have any of the nursing books.


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Golly! That is expensive for just one class. My total for all my books this year is 600 bucks---that is about 10 books or so though. Hugs, Kay


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I wish our school had a rent-a-book program, too. The first semester I paid over $800 for my books, but you use them the first 3 semesters. When you get in Peds, OB, Mental Health-you have to buy about $300 worth of books for those classes. If you're lucky you can switch with other students who have already had the classes. :D


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well, I just bought my books today for my radiology program and talk about sticker shock! :eek: If I had bought the books from the school it would have been a total $511 for 5 editions, now I realize that some of these are multi-volume sets, but good LORD! So I started looking online and found some of the books are lower prices, but shipping was outrageous and not all of the books were in stock. So I followed somone's advice from this thread and went to the publisher's website. Thank God 4 out of the 5 were by the same publisher. I was able to get 4 of the books for less than $400 with expedited shipping and I can get the other book at the bookstore for not that much$$$. I will have them Friday morning.

At least I won't have to buy books again until my final semester of school. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack when he saw the total on the website! :D So I will be putting off my pedicure and hair color for awhile, but its worth it I guess.

MY advice to everyone, avoid buying from the school bookstore if you can! If the school won't release the list of books, call the bookstore and see if they can tell you what the books are, then shop for them online. We did this with my husband's books as well and saved like $30 over the bookstore prices.



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I always try to buy my books online. Unless it is a brand new edition, you can usually buy a used copy for much, much less.

I was a little nervous doing it the first time, but I have never had a problem with a book and have saved hundreds of dollars.

For example, the book for my statistics class is $125 in the school bookstore. I just ordered a used copy for $40.

I use and

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