Big Fat Failure In Syracuse


I am sick to my stomach right now, but I just wanted everyone to know that I failed. I failed 3 labs out of the four and had to repeat them today after my two PCS. I flew through my two PCS and went to redo my labs. I completed the wound correctly and I completed the IV push correctly. I went to the easiest station, and what do I do...... I give an IM with a SQ needle (what a freaking idiot.) I would have had only one more PCS to complete on Sunday. I can't write anymore now. I am just sick and crying. I have to drive home 277 miles alone.

Just wanted to keep all posted. Another fact of interest too, is that five out of the seven have already failed. Only two more are continuing tomorrow. I am in no way blaming the CEs or CA. They were my big fat stupid dumb mistakes in the easiest part of the CPNE, the lab. The PCSs were fine. I need to take a break.

Does anyone know how soon we are allowed to test again?


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I am so sorry to hear that news. I am sure Ms. Sue will have some soothing words and encouragement for you. I am just starting, so I have not had to go against the beast. Chill now and then get back on the wagon and show them who the boss is. You are still just as awesome as you were before, and don't tell yourself any different. CYBER HUG! Traci


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You have every right to feel angry and upset with yourself. You blame no one but yourself and thats good. Take the time to be upset and get it out of your system.

When you're done, send the money in and wait to take it again. I failed in February and passed in June. You know EXACTLY what you need to do next time. Regroup, go back and kick ass.

I know you feel like crap right now. It gets better. Once you take it again and pass it won't even matter that you didn't make it the first time.

Godd Luck!

Oh, treeriver, I know just how you feel. Believe it. It's nerves, pur and simple.

Have a good cry. Call on Monday and let them know you want to retest ASAP. They got my results in within one day and I retested - and passed - within two months. Two weeks ago today, in fact.

I'm so sorry. It's such a heartbreak. But you'll mend, and then you'll nail it.

PM or email me if you want.


God, now I'm weepy typing this. I'm so sorry, honey.


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I am sorry to hear you didn't pass, but now you know what to expect. Take some time regroup and go kick some butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can do this, you made a simple mistake from nerves and I will bet, you won't make that mistake again. :D

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please treeriver don't call yourself a failure, because you are NOT:no::no::no:, myself and everyone else is heartbroken with you, please be careful driving home by yourself and know that we are here for you:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat

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Oh man.

Wishing you the best on your next attempt.


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I'm sorry! Keep your head up and know that you CAN do this~ you proved that you can, you just made a simple mistake. Reapply and get your GN status! I believe you can get a cancellation date rather quickly.


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You'll be okay, even though I know that means nothing to you now, but you will be okay. Calm down, and take it easy. After you rest for a few days, analyze your mistakes, reorganize your thoughts, practice, get in line for a new date, and practice some more. But, most of all relax.

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I am so sorry that this wasn't your weekend, treeriver ... the next one will be!! This was an expensive workshop. Now you'll know exactly what to expect!! *hugs*


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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your support. You are my family. I really appreciate it. The 4 1/2 hour drive home gave me time to think and cry and think and cry and get angry at myself. Again, thank you so much. I will be continuing to participate on the boards here and keep you all posted. I don't know a better "support" and learning group then here. Again, thank you.



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Good luck, next will do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:up:

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