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  1. treeriver1966

    Big Fat Failure In Syracuse

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for all your support. You are my family. I really appreciate it. The 4 1/2 hour drive home gave me time to think and cry and think and cry and get angry at myself. Again, thank you so much. I will be continuing to participate on the boards here and keep you all posted. I don't know a better "support" and learning group then here. Again, thank you. treeriver1966
  2. treeriver1966

    Big Fat Failure In Syracuse

    I am sick to my stomach right now, but I just wanted everyone to know that I failed. I failed 3 labs out of the four and had to repeat them today after my two PCS. I flew through my two PCS and went to redo my labs. I completed the wound correctly and I completed the IV push correctly. I went to the easiest station, and what do I do...... I give an IM with a SQ needle (what a freaking idiot.) I would have had only one more PCS to complete on Sunday. I can't write anymore now. I am just sick and crying. I have to drive home 277 miles alone. Just wanted to keep all posted. Another fact of interest too, is that five out of the seven have already failed. Only two more are continuing tomorrow. I am in no way blaming the CEs or CA. They were my big fat stupid dumb mistakes in the easiest part of the CPNE, the lab. The PCSs were fine. I need to take a break. Does anyone know how soon we are allowed to test again? treeriver66:cry:
  3. treeriver1966

    My CPNE Experience

    A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!!! I thought we put air in cloudy first and then air in clear - draw up clear then draw up cloudy, so it isn't contaminated.... Thanks for the post. It sounds like you had a real doozer for your first PCS. I guess I should be prepared for it all! treeriver1966:clown:
  4. treeriver1966

    Leaving Thursday For Syracuse

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to thank everyone for all the good information posted on this site. I want to thank the individuals who responded to my private e-mails too. This site and the Electronic Peer Network (EPN) through Excelsior has helped me a great deal in prepapring for the CPNE. I will be posting to the board on Sunday the 17th. Thanks again for all your help and support. TreeRiver1966:clown:
  5. treeriver1966

    Has anyone done this???

    The program takes self discipline. You have to want it really bad, so you study. When we were in school, we were tested every 10 days in school. At excelsior, you have the option to go at your own pace. They suggest 3 months study for each nursing theory exam. there are 7 of them. take the practice tests they offer and use the free study guides. also, use the on-line library articles and the epn. go to the site and you will know what all this means. i know a lot of people who took the test with studying less than 3 months. it all depends on your family, if you work, etc. after you take the 7 exams, you will apply for the cpne - 3 day clinical. check out excelsior's web site. also, they will let you know as to whether or not you fall under the completed 50% of your rn program. every rn program is different, that is why the take a look at traditional rn applicants on a one to one basis. good luck. :loveya:
  6. treeriver1966

    Has anyone done this???

    Hi, I fall under that category. I comleted more than 50% of my traditional program. I also completed a summer externship program between first and second year. I had a B average. It was due to personal reasons that I chose to complete my degree through Excelsior. It is a hard program, but worth it. I live in Central Pennsylvania and all the magnet hospitals are very happy to hire Excelsior grads. They know the program is hard and know all the hard work we do to get our degree through Excelsior. Check with your state and call a couple local hospitals to get a feel. Also, you might want to check out LTC facilities if that is your interest. You can do it. I am taking my CPNE in less than two weeks. If you really want it, you can be there too.
  7. treeriver1966

    My CPNE Experience!!!

  8. treeriver1966

    Passed CPNE at Grady

  9. treeriver1966

    ADN transfer to Excelsior

    Hi, No I haven't had any trouble. I contacted all the hospitals, including large teaching hospitals, and they happily accept Excelsior graduates, who were not LPNs when they enrolled into Excelsior's AD Nursing program. They know the program is hard and that it takes a lot of work. There are plenty of positions at hospitals, LTC, etc. for graduate nurses in central PA who are graduates of Excelsior College. I have not graduated yet. I have completed all my nursing theory exams, and I am scheduled for the CPNE mid-August. The Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing recognizes Excelsior graduates, whether you were a traditional RN student, LPN, or whoever Excelsior accepts into the program. Good Luck. treeriver1966:yeah:
  10. treeriver1966

    Np PedsClinical Sites

    I believe it is a requirement for Excelsior to have their nursing students do a ped rotation, so all the hospitals have to have a ped unit to be accredited. Now, if the census is low in the ped unit, which happens some times, you will be assigned an adult in place of your ped patient. This is no fault of Excelsior as they cannot control the census of the participating hospitals. I would just be prepared for a ped patient. Make a mneumonic for their vital signs and the fontanel and also for changing and weighing diapers and you should be fine. If you don't get a ped, all the better for you, but you know you are prepared. It is some kind of theory, what you are not prepared for, you will probably get. Just plan on practicing on the things I listed above for 10 minutes a day and you should be fine.:typing treeriver1966
  11. treeriver1966

    Talk me down from the ledge!

    Suesquatch, I know you are going to be posting to this board a really short message that reads "I PASSED" next weekend and will be telling us that you will posting your journal later. I know things (believe me, I do), and I know that you are going pass. You know your material and you have been practicing a gazillion times. You have been there and know what to expect. My prayers are with you and you will be fine. Suesquatch, GN:yeah: Treeriver1966
  12. treeriver1966

    Reregistered for the CPNE

    CRACKER SMACKS.... Well, we will both have our passing journals to post. treeriver1966:yeah:
  13. treeriver1966

    Leaving the 15th!

    Hi, Is anyone on the board testing at Syracuse, August 15-17th at St. Joes? I can't believe it is only 2 1/2 weeks away!!!!!!! Relax.....stay calm......happy thoughts.......blue birds........trees....... they're coming to take me away ha ha... treeriver1966
  14. treeriver1966

    Reregistered for the CPNE

    I am scheduled for August 15-17, Syracuse - St. Joseph Health Center. If you are scheduled for then, let me know. I am not staying at the hotel they recommended because the rates were 232.00/night!!!!!!! Syracuse University is having graduation that weekend. treeriver1966:rolleyes:
  15. treeriver1966

    Got my ATT letter today!! :)

  16. treeriver1966

    NC 5 troubles..

    Remember this: ROME Respiratory Opposite - Metabolic Equal When respiratory the numbers go opposite and metabolic they go same way. Now this is not taking in account when the body goes in compensatory mode, but this is the basics you need to know.