Are nurses allowed to have facial piercings?


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Tattoos and piercings have nothing to do with self esteem. Your comments to me seem silly. I have worked in the health care profession since 18, I am almost 37 now. I have had and currently have plenty of employees with visible tattoos, piercings and wild hair. Maybe 10-20 years ago some people cared, these days no one cares unless you live in an ultra conservative part of the country.

The issue you will have with nursing schools is they abide by the most stick of hospital policy of the ones they do clinicals with. They also actually enforce the rules, usually. Your a student in a profession that you want to be in. You will have to follow the rules to get there. Piercings will have to be out and tattoos covered while in school. This is pretty much at all schools.

Once your done with school the rules will vary widely but almost always way mor laxed than school. I have tattoos, I'm a manager type. Have people with full sleeves working for me and facial piercings too. Usually it's clear studs and your not gonna get dinged on policy. Few nurses have dreads here also.

gonzo1 said:
Not to be mean, but it's very sad that your self esteem needs to be boosted by a nose ring. The thing with nursing is we come in contact with people from all walks of life and we need to have a persona that plays to the masses in a neutral way.

Perhaps some counseling may help. I bet you are a cutie and don't even realize it. I know more than a few people who would be considered shall we say ugly, but once you know them you love them because they are good people.


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The hospital I work with does not allow piercings aside from 2 ears(unless they are unseen). No visible tattoos either. I have one on my wrist and I wear a sports band to cover it. The same was expected in nursing school as well. A coworker has several lip piercings and she uses the clear things for when she is working.


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My nursing school is super strict about everything from makeup to hairstyles to piercings to undershirts. Unfortunately, though the student pays (a lot) for nursing school, he or she can't call the shots. Here's to hoping my future workplace will be a little more lenient.

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Quite frankly, I was glad for the strict dress codes in nursing school at clinicals. Some of my classmates did not know how to

dress even to go to class, and it showed. (I mean both figuratively and literally, as in thongs/bras/drawers sticking out). I didn't

mind the no jewelry/minimal makeup thing either, because the less makeup on your face, the less to sweat off, and the less jewelry, the less of an infection risk and risk of injury to self due to 'grabby' clients.

if you can't find the clear studs one of my classmates just put a clear round bandaid on the side of her nose for clinical.

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Another one that has found it varies widely from school to school and clinical to clinical. I have 2 sets of lobe piercings, one side with cartilage and the other and industrial. I have not had an issue at all. I see lots if nurses with tattoos now in various places. The earrings can't be dangling but everyone wears studs or barbells and no issues.

Definitely find out what the school's policy is and go with that. It's often more strict than the hospitals are for their employees.

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Being a nurse is different than DJ'ing a rave. If you don't get hired don't be surprised. That said getting the job is just the beginning. When patients are dying of pancreatic cancer and the family is in the room they may not like seeing nose rings in the nurse caring for their dying family member. It is up to you. I don't care what others do. You have to look at yourself and decide what is most important to you. A professional career or something else. It is totally up to you. No decision is wrong it is deciding how you want to go through life. And if you are able to do everything then congrats.


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It depends on the facility where you work. Nursing school, however usually has conservative policies and a dress code. Unfortunately, you would be extremely lucky if the only thing you had to worry about in nursing school or on the job was a facial piercing.

Argo said:
Tattoos and piercings have nothing to do with self esteem. Your comments to me seem silly.

Read the whole thread before making an uninformed comment. The OP claimed her self esteem was based on her piercing.

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I have my lip and nose pierced and visible tattoos and have a great job. Most people I've dealt with couldn't care less, but I don't work in a hospital setting. Actually, the people I met have liked my tats and piercings. Just take it out for the interview if you want then put it back in. Or go to a tattoo place.....they usually have those very small nose studs that really can't be seen

To the person that said we are supposed to be professionals and that's the way of the it's not. I have never taken my piercings out for an interview and have gotten jobs; I was even a manager at one job. I have my BSN and have a great job for a large insurance company. I'm just as professional as a nurse who doesn't have any tats or piercings. I'm not any less of a nurse. I did the same education and took the same NCLEX as the non-pierced/tatted nurses.

OP, my best advice to you would be to check company policy on it. If piercings aren't allowed, just get one of those small clear retainers and use it when at work.

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Yes they would force you to take it off! Not only that they will probably force you to get vaccinated and work mandatory overtime and mandatory on call on your off hours. That is how most hospitals operate! Piercings and tattoos just simply don't look professional and I think it would interfere with even getting hired. Also the fake manicured nails are not allowed either because they can be a reservoir for bacteria.

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Honestly, in any professional career you'll likely be "looked down" on for facial piercings. They really just don't portray the image most professionals are going for.