Are nurses allowed to have facial piercings?


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OCNRN63 said:

Nursing is a profession that doesn't lend itself to let you let your freak flag fly.

OMG, if I had a nose ring I'd have laughed it out of my face by now!!!


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So, OP, what do you think of all this?

You've heard alot of input. Bottom line, of course, is whether you will be willing to accommodate your future school's (and employer's) requirements--and get a good education, a good job--or refuse these accommodations, and do something that allows you to do whatever you want--probably without the education/job.

My advice? Keep it simple, keep it clean, and roll with the punches. There will be much in life that will work to your advantage by following the rules. Make yourself able to adapt to whatever those rules are, and you'll be better off in the long run.


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BSNmwsu said:
Im sure most nurses here are pretty wild and crazy on their days off; getting drunk, doing drag, going to swinger clubs, or participating in roller derby, etc. One thing most nurses (no matter how 'wild' they may be) can agree on, is that we are professionals. We stayed up studying into the wee hours of the morning, we slaved through clinics, we took test until we wanted to self harm.

I'm laughing at this because ill be trying out for roller derby in a few months but I don't consider myself wild and crazy lol. But yes, all jewelry will be removed before playing roller derby lol.