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  1. cassie77775

    On Call policy

    Mother baby here and we do 8 hours of call from 7-3 at 2$/hr(woohoo). If anyone is called off, they are put on call as well as anyone that is actually scheduled for on call that day. The people that were called off are first up to be called back IF they aren't going to go into overtime. All open beds have to be assigned and we have to have people in l&d past a 5 or 6. Doesn't really account for those that may walk in and deliver in triage or emergent csections and we just figure it out as necessary if it's after the point to call someone.
  2. cassie77775

    Night Shift Snack

    Boiled egg and fruit most of the time.
  3. cassie77775

    is it nurse's week?

    yep same thing here.
  4. cassie77775

    Not excited to start nursing. :(

    I was excited but I was scared to death! I knew I could do it and would love it(and so far I do) but I was very worried about hurting someone, not knowing what to do in an emergent situation, etc. I've been a nurse coming up on a year soon and my confidence is increasing but the fear is still there!
  5. cassie77775

    No more glucose checks by CNAs/PCTs

    Yea I work mother baby so we do a baby when it is first admitted and more if necessary and only on moms that are ordered which is rare :)
  6. cassie77775

    New RN= need not apply NYC hospitals?!

    I had very little hospital experience(worked 6 mths as a nurse tech) and I took a job halfway around the country where they didn't know me, didn't know my schools reputation(awesome!) and I was hired very quickly. In fact I was also offered 2 other positions that I turned down. There is hope. Have someone look at your resume, volunteer in your spare time, and do whatever you can go beef up your resume. I went from stay at home mom to student so I had to need mine up with volunteer work and working as a nurse tech but I'm not sure if that even played into it or not.
  7. cassie77775

    No more glucose checks by CNAs/PCTs

    Our NA's aren't able to do them either. For us, it's similar as mentioned, they can't interpret it and since the nurse is dosing insulin, the nurse has to do it. We have to do them very infrequently so it's not an issue for us.
  8. cassie77775

    Working crazy hours

    I work 3 12 hr nights a week, no more! I've also got 3 kids and baseball and things I want to do.
  9. cassie77775

    Has anyone here handled both school and kids?

    I did it with 3 kids but waited until all 3 were in school(so the youngest was 4 and in prek). Best decision I made. I seriously cannot imagine being a brand new mom and a new nurse. You miss out on so much
  10. My unit is desiring better ratios(1:3 couplets preferably). Our manager says she has tried but the budgeting people won't go for it. We aren't union. What are some things we can do to fight for better ratios? I'm not sure what management has don't thus far but it's not working and things need to get better!
  11. cassie77775

    Nurses Notes plagiarism at work such a thing?

    I don't think it's plagiarism. And I aways go through and read the nurses notes and I have picked up tips from more seasoned nurses and found better ways to phrase things.
  12. cassie77775

    Nursing and waitressing/food service industry

    I will have to use this with my patients! I think they would get a kick out of it! Back to the topic-yes I also worked as a server in a pizza joint for many years! Learned a lot of customer service skills!
  13. cassie77775

    Night Shift and nutrition

    Nope I've never had this problem and I always make sure to eat my snacks and dinner. Pack easy to eat snacks that have high calories. Full fat yogurt, nuts, protein bars, etc.
  14. cassie77775

    need help deciding on preceptorship units

    If you need to hone your skills, I would choose some place where you will get plenty of opportunity to do them.
  15. cassie77775

    What's in your nurse bag?

    I stopped carrying my stuff in a bag and just organize it in my locker. I bring my lunch with has a full meal plus 2-3 snacks(yogurt, cheese, granola bar) plus a reusable water container and a gatorade. As for nursing supplies: 1-2 pair of scissors, tape, stethescope, pens, dry erase markers, highlighter(I highlight my notes after charting them), travel size lotion(almost always kept in my pocket), and chapstick. Oh and a mini pharmacy: tampons, advil, tylenol, aleve, claritin :)
  16. cassie77775

    Do you like your job?

    Love it! The main parts I don't like are the political hoops you have to go through, mandatory on call twice a month without potential for OT(I thought I'd get minimum 36 hrs with whatever OT I wanted HA). If we have a lower census and have 3 couplets it is amazing! 4 couplets isn't horrible unless there is a lot going on with each one! I also get a little burnt out when I'm scheduled for 3 days in a row otherwise my job is fantastic and something I really enjoy.

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