Are there 10 hr shifts in Nursing??


Hi everyone, I returned to acute care and am on orientation this week. I survived my first 12 hour shift and was curious as to if anyone has heard of 10 hour shifts for nursing?? I know the business world does these and usually working four 10 hour shifts meets full-time requirements. I realize with our 24 hour coverage there would be 4 hours that would need either part-time or PRN staff. Just curious. My body wants to quit at 1600!!!


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I know some ERs have all types of 10hr shifts but don't know about other units

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I have never seen any 10 hour shifts.

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Have you tried taking late lunch breaks? I try to do lunch around 2 or 2:30pm then once I get back...its almost time to go home. I've never heard of 10 hour shifts unless management does them, not staff nurses as we need our floor coverage 24 hours.

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We don't have them at our hospital. But if we did, I'd want to change from my 12 hour shifts.


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I do 10 hr shifts in PDN.


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I think surgery areas like PACU, OR, Pre holding do 10 hours. The cath lab here does them also.

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I have seen 10 hour shifts in our intake department (psych).

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At my hospital dialysis works 10 hour shifts. They do have to take call though.


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I'm in L&D and there are several nurses who work 10's. They are "old" positions that are no longer available; once they leave or retire the position will no longer exist. I am actually a little confused by it since they first hour and last hour they are not really doing much since they either have yet to get report or have already reported off.

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We have 10 hr shifts in the OR.

Same here, but it's a very limited number to balance out later running surgeries. Vast majority are 8 hours.