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  1. TraumaORnurse

    Pre-solidifying disposable suction cans?

    The ASC I worked at add solidifier pre-case. You are not adding enough that it will throw off the amount of fluid in the canister.
  2. TraumaORnurse

    Moving to Mississippi

    Hello. I am potentially moving to the Meridian, MS area this summer and am beginning to look at hospitals and jobs in the area and so far I'm not finding much. I have almost 12 years experience, 3.5 in the circulating in the OR specializing in trauma (general, Ortho, hand, neuro), however I am able to do most surgical procedures. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of facilities to look into. Thanks!
  3. TraumaORnurse

    Who Runs Your Operating Room?

    Charge nurses runs ours..m If there are issues we call our Trauma Anesthesiologist to triage...(s)he has to be the bad guy sometimes, but it's more helpful for doctor to doctor discuss when bumping a case.
  4. TraumaORnurse

    Transplant Team in your OR?

    We do kidney and pancreas transplants and do not have a dedicated team...we average 5 kidney transplants a month, pancreas is pretty rare and it's always in combination with a kidney. During the day the surgeons have their favorite GU scrubs that they always request. We are staffed 24/7 and everyone on our night and weekend shifts have been trained and are proficient in transplants so we don't need to have call staff.
  5. TraumaORnurse

    Nursing in Indianapolis

    IU Health laid off a large number of nurses. The majority of people St Vincent laid off we're not direct patient care staff, it was mainly unit clerks and cutting/combining management and directors. There are currently have a large number of open positions there.
  6. TraumaORnurse

    STAT C-Section, Local anesthesia only.

    I'm shocked that any hospital with OB services isn't required to have Anesthesia in house 24/7 for situations like this! Sounds like the hospital needs to investigate this.
  7. TraumaORnurse

    Charting Bathing/Grooming/Dressing for FIMS

    When I was a rehab manager, I had all of my techs go through basic FIMs training so they understood what the nurses were looking for. They then were able to tell the nurse in better detail what the patient was able to do and where and how much assistance was needed.
  8. TraumaORnurse

    Are there 10 hr shifts in Nursing??

    We have 10 hr shifts in the OR.
  9. TraumaORnurse

    Preventable deaths while incarcerated.

    Sadly I'm not surprised. I recently had 2 young, otherwise healthy prisoners nearly die due to poor care while in prison. The first was in a fight & his head rammed into a cement wall. Per records, he immediately complained of a headache with nausea/vomiting. He was taken to the obs unit where he lay minimally conscious for 18 hrs until the doctor came in, assessed him and noted he was non-responsive & had a blown pupil. He was flown to us and underwent an emergent crani, twice in 24 hours. He was on the vent for weeks. The prison refused to consent for a trach stating they were just going to take him off life support and "see how he did." Amazingly he was successfully extubated and discharged. The second, lay shirtless on his belly with his hand against his chest on the floor of his jail cell for three days. He never went to medical obs because guards just knew he was faking being unconscious for THREE DAYS! Finally someone with an ounce of sense had him seen and immediately transferred to the local hospital then to us with compartment syndrome of the arm he was laying on. He requires emergent surgery, then spent several days intubated while they tried to determine why he was unresponsive in the first place, the guards response when asked why he was left "we rolled him on his side a couple times."
  10. TraumaORnurse

    When A Nurse Needs A Doctor.....

    As an OR nurse, needing surgery means having staff you work with routinely, which I actually felt to be more comforting. I knew my surgeon was phenomenal because I had worked with him so many times and trusted him completely. And, I hand picked my Anesthesiologists knowing who I most trusted...I even had the very attractive young guy do my anesthesia for a cysto/stent, which was slightly embarrassing but totally worth it because I knew he was good and I trusted him.
  11. TraumaORnurse

    How is the job market in Indiana?

    Most hospitals won't even look at your application until you pass your boards and are licensed in the state. You cannot work or even do orientation in a hospital until you have it. So they don't want to waste time interviewing applicants who can't start for months when there are so many licensed applicants. Nursing homes and LTACs could be different.
  12. TraumaORnurse

    Indianapolis RN jobs?

    The larger Indy hospitals are still trying to recover from the changes last year that led to layoffs. It is starting to pick back up, however, as you said patients aren't staying in the hospital as long and reimbursement sucks causing hospitals to work with less staff. In all the positions you've applied for you haven't gotten one single call back or interview? Are you applying for positions in a certain specialty or a broad spectrum of positions?
  13. TraumaORnurse

    Scrub caps

    My hospital allows us to wear them but we are required to wear a bouffant cap over. They are now enforcing this with the surgeons, which hadn't been done before.
  14. TraumaORnurse

    How to get into Periop Nursing

    Most large hospital systems offer peri-op training programs, basically paid on the job training. Mine was 6 months, during which time we did the AORN peri-op 101 program and learned the ins and outs of surgery before spending the last 4-ish months in the ORs putting what we learned to work. Getting into surgery is a HUGE change and there is definitely a lot to learn. Research larger hospital systems in your area and keep an eye out on their job websites. Most only offer the program once or twice a year because it's a lot of work. You may also consider contact the HR rep listed for experienced OR positions and ask if their facility offers a training program and if so, how often.
  15. TraumaORnurse

    Most common Adult surgeries

    From an OR nurse... Elective/scheduled surgeries: Hysterectomies, cholecystectomy, total joint replacements, hernia repair, laminectomy/spinal fusion, prostatectomy, plastics (tummy tuck, breasts). Urgent/emergent: appy, fracture repair (hip/mid-shaft femur in older adults, tibia/ankle/radius in younger adults), bowel resection (perf bowel), crani (brain bleed).
  16. TraumaORnurse

    RN refresher

    Community Health used to offer one. Not sure if they still do but worth checking in to if you're still looking.