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Anyone, please help me. I recently took the Nclex RN on 2/28. The lady from BON said if she tells me my result over the phone my Interim Permit will be void and I can loose my job. She said to wait for my result in 2 weeks. It sounds like she meant I failed or she would've not said that. What do you think? I can remember some questions I got and looked them up and got it right. So I don't think I can fail at 75, the computer should've given me more chances. ANy info anyone can tell me would be great.I'm about to nuts.:imbar :uhoh3: :stone


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EVERYONE I know who got 75 questions on the boards don't worry about it. I'm sure you did great. I was able to check daily online for my license to come up and found out I passed after 12 days... and I was nuts too. Something everyone has to go thru...


Not to be a downer, but a coworker of mine who JUST passed the NCLEX (on on his 4th try), failed one of those times with taking only 75 questions.

I don't know this to be true, but I heard you can find out the results within two days on the internet now. I think they said to go to the licencing board and type in your name, if you are in thier system, you passed.

Good luck!

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The number of questions is irrellavent. One can get so many questions right there is no way to fail, so you're cut off at 75. On the other hand if you miss so many there is no way to pass, it will cut you have at 75.

Are other people allowed to get test results over the phone? Or is that the standard answer to everyone who calls?

Good luck.

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and I passed! But I was so freaked about it. I knew I hadn't missed enough to be completely failing, but I didn't think at 75 that I had answered enough to be passing so I was totally freaked. Everyone kept telling me that shutting off at 75 almost always meant you passed, but I was still a nervous wreck until I knew for sure.

BTW, somewhere in the threads was one asking if someone that carried Cs in school ever passed the NCLEX. I did and I did..the first time. I took the NCLEX about four weeks out of school. I figured that if I didn't know my stuff by the time I graduated, any amount of cramming wasn't going to make any difference. I studied a little, but didn't kill myself studying.

JMHO, Pam :)

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One point that most of you are missing is that NCLEX doesn't go by the number correct. Everyone actually gets 50% correct and 50% wrong. It follows to see where your skill level is at. You need to have your score fall in that range. It starts by giving you one question. If you get that correct, it gives you a question that is a lttle harder, and if you get that right, it jumps to a harder question. Questions are picked by the computer so none of you will have the same exam, even if you take it the smae day and in the same facility. It is based on your knowledge base. There are nurses that do not pass and the computer cuts off at 75, and others that do pass and have to answer more than 240 questions. So if someone tells you that they had 70% right, or 60%..............................there is no such thing. Either you pass or you don't pass.

For those of you that are waiting, have you been checking the verification roster from your state? Usually results are posted there first before you actually get your letter. Some as soon as 48 hours.

Good luck :balloons: :)


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I found out yesterday that i fluncked at 75 question. I know i have really bad test anxiety. Any suggestions?


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I think I failed mine at 75...what should I do regarding studying for the next one?


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What helped me pass (I got 75 and passed) was studying the many NCLEX prep books out there. Really. Lots of time studying and preparing, eating a good breakfast and deep breathing. Test anxiety is a problem for me, too. I have to literally psych myself up for such things. I am sorry this happened to you. I wish you every success in the future! Try, try again.

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practice, practice, practice!

When I was studying for my nclex i got into a study group. We would meet daily leading up to the exam and take a daily exam with practice question books (princeton review, q&a by Made incredibly easy, etc...) we would review the answers as a group, discussing the ones we got wrong until we understood why the answer was what it was.

As far as test anxiety - get good sleep the night before, eat a good meal before the exam - protein is your friend, relax (it's only a test!) and above all, when the exam begins -RTFQ (read the F^@*!$% question) -you'd be amazed how much you miss by trying to rush through a little or by thinking about what type of questions are to come when your still on the last one. Live in the moment.

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I passed with 75, although I swore I had failed.

What made my anxiety worse was waiting to hear the news. It wasn't posted right away. I took mine on Friday, I got a letter the following Wednesday!


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Did you feel like you didn't know a single answer for sure???? That's how I feel and therefore feel like I crashed and burned!

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