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Well, you do not see an abundance of Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Administrators, etc. etc., with tags and signs on their cars and many of the times the oneswho have it do so to bolster their self esteem. My background is in Clinical Counseling and I used to see a few drs. here and there do this and others would laugh at them because they saw straight through this. If you are proud to be in the occupation you are in , just be great at it and others should see it, but I am not sure that you will get the respect that you are after by labeling your car based on your occupation. I hear all the time on this board how nurses want to be seen as the "professionals" that they are, well seldom do you see "professionals" label their cars because they are proud of their occupation, there are so many other ways to show nursing pride, etc, like joining nursing organizations or starting one for that matter that might make a difference in your chosen career.

Originally posted by Sarah, RNBScN

A few of my pals are police officers (male / female) and they just laugh...


That's funny because my police officer pals tell me the exact opposite. They put the bug in my head about this.

A woman at work was pulled over for speeding and after the officer wrote the ticket, it came up she worked at xxx hospital as a nurse. The officer told her she should have said that to begin with and that she should go to court and he would not show up, the ticket would be void.

I am not condoning hazardous driving. and I'm sure I'd be hard pressed to find someone that hasn't gone over 55 mph. What I do advocate is unity and pride. And if a doctor or architecht needs that ego boost RN2007, why not. Is it wrong to feel proud and give yourself a pat on the back? Is having a liscense plate any different from wearing a t shirt or having a coffee mug?


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Dawngloves, I guess it is the norm that people with ok self esteem do not need to have that extra ego boost. And really, with the way that these look on cars, it can really be pretty tacky. It is one thing if your employer mandates that a certain outfit is to be worn, then this is not the fault of the employee, however don't expect for nursing to gain any professional status when you do not observe certain basic rules of modesty. Again, most people who I have talked with in the past have commented about others that have these type car tags as being show off types, having "low self esteem", and that equals being unprofessional for sure. Plus, if you are having a nursing tag put on your car in hopes to also avoid tickets from patrolmen, etc., well that is downright WRONG, because your occupation deserves no more breaks than ANY others!

There are so many other ways to show nursing pride or whatever you call it, and you all could start by encouraging ALL nurses of every rank,title etc., to start getting along iwith each other instead of "eating their young" personalities. Many new nurses do not want to go into nursing because of having to deal with the very catty behavior of other nurses, etc. Recently, two of my girlfriends of which one became a radiology tech and the other a surgical tech told me the main thing they hate about their job is having to deal with the nurses there because they are cold, controlling, unfriendly, and generally unhelpful to most new personnel. While I know this is only their experiences, I have seen evidence of this all over these forums, and it is one of the reasons why I decided NOT to go into nursing myself. Anyway,go ahead and put a tag on your car if you want but I do not think that you will get anything from it other than attention from a few perverts or those who wonder why you needed to identify yourself on your car.

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Uhhhhh....that "professional courtesy" thing doesn't always fly, as I found out to my sorrow last weekend. I was ticketed for going 40 in a 25, and my stethoscope was coiled around my rear-view mirror as usual. A license plate or tag won't do it either if you're really breaking the law and/or the officer is determined to cite you.

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Originally posted by RN2007

While I know this is only their experiences, I have seen evidence of this all over these forums, and it is one of the reasons why I decided NOT to go into nursing myself.

You changed your mind? Are you going to be RN2007 or not?:nurse: :confused:


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Oh sorry - I explained this in a previous thread somewhere on these message boards. If you know a way for me to change my UserName for these boards I will be glad to change it cause I have most definitely decided against nursing. After reading these boards over the past year I decided it is just not what I wanted although I have several friends who are nurses who constantly complain to me about the field.

I have already started back to college in Health Information Management /Medical Coding where after I graduate and get certified I will work for a nearby hospital and am very sure that I will enjoy it. I am able to work more independently and the job is not near as stressful and as I get more experience the pay is really good as well. I am glad I came to this site because it made me see the realities of nursing - both good and bad. Anyway best wishes in your chosen field! ...April

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It's better that you don't go into nursing, if you have unhappy friends. Maybe they need to go into a different line of work, too. Nursing doesn't suit everyone!

I didn't want to be stuck in an office, sitting at a desk. Been there, done that. That's why I went into nursing, and I love my job.

I don't know how to change your name, but NICU_RN just changed hers, maybe you could send her a PM, and ask for help.....she's a moderator.

Sorry for hijacking the thread!

RN2007 you are really straying from the topic .I'm sorry you perceive nurses as being a bunch of back stabbers. Good luck to you in watever career path you have.

I did write I am not condoning bad driving. One of the problems in nursing IS poor esteem. We are looked down upon as glorified butt washers and some may have the feeling that "I'm just a nurse, who cares?"

Modesty?? What is this, 1935? Are we still hiding behind the

doctors?Like I said, yeah it's pretty tacky to have a vanity plate "HOTTIERN". But to have a plate showing you belong to a professional organization,advertising it as well, is not being unprofesional.

If we continue to hide behind this "angel of mercy that hands the doctors instruments oh no don't thank me thank the doctor" image that the public perceives instead of touting our acheivments, we'll always be "just a nurse".


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No plate for me. I just have no desire. Thanks for whoever posted the picture, i did want to see what it looked like, thanks!


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I just might do that. I'm also going to get plates for the other two cars instead of having the hang tag for disabled parking. NursesCare.jpg

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When I lived in New York state, I had an EMT plate on my car. My experiences with it were:

1. When I returned to the US side of the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, my license was checked, and then I was told to pull over to the side. At that time the fruit fly was infecting orange trees, and I had previously purchased a a bag of oranges on the US side. When I crossed over into Canada, there was a sign posted at the check booth that said, "No oranges allowed." :eek: I certainlly didn't intentionally violate the law, and when I got pulled over on the US side, I thought surely my car was going to be searched.:imbar I pictured myself in a lock-up somewhere. I was asked to go into the large building where they would run a check on my license and registration.:rolleyes: I waited for what seemed to be forever, when someone emerged, handed me the report, and said, "Interesting." Then I was dismissed. Did I ever breathe a sigh of relief!

2. A co-worker read my plate and stated, "empty" for the EMT.:(

All things considered though, I did enjoy the plate. Even though I put myself at risk for being ordered by a policeman to help in an accident scene, I did many times anyway, and I was allowed to do medical assessments, etc. at many different places.:)

So, would I want an RN plate? No thank you. Been there, done that.;)



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Originally posted by dawngloves

Memberships to profesional organizations are tax deductable. Speeding tickets aren't.

The fire dept. and police dept. have their own plates. Do you think their cars get broken into because people are looking for guns or drugs? Do you look at them and think, "What a tool?! Who cares if he's a EMT?!" Or "I hope he hits me! Firemen make the bocu bucks!

I'm not embarrased that I'm a nurse. I don't avoid telling people I am. If I had a plate that said "1HOTRN" Yeah, that's pretty vain.:chuckle But if my husband can avoid a ticket going 45 in a 30 zone beacuse a trooper thinks, "It's cool. He's "in the biz". Then it is way worth it! My insurance in the city is outrageous!

And PNA is an organization for RNs. If LPNs have an organization, they can lobby Harrisburg to get one too. And I say go for it my nurse sisters!

I just stated my opinion, need to be so hostile! I think if you're going to speed, you need to be prepared to be fined...getting a plate so you can have carte blanche when it comes to the road...pretty lame.


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