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  1. UW Books

    i posted in the other thread!
  2. RN-BSN completion??

    Look on http://www.half.com http://www.campusi.com/ http://www.amazon.com (they sell used ones) I used these and got some great deals! GOOD LUCK!
  3. Hospitals paying for RN Education?

    Check out Abington!
  4. questionaire in Pa license renewal packet

    I did! Plus, you can do it on-line!!!!!!!
  5. Have question for a Crozer or Riddle nurse!!

    I went to Abington and they still have a great nursing program. Many different options as well. Check out the web site or call for more information. Would be kinda far for you if you live by Crozer though. I really don't know if any other hospita...
  6. IV Toradol?

    We use it quite a bit on the med-surg floor where I work. Many times for kidney stones/renal colic a lot. Also, for many other things too. I have taken it myself and acutally refused the morphine they wanted to give me instead. It worked extrememl...
  7. New Member Hello!

  8. University of Wyoming, advice

    Just checking in, this really does seem to be the best school out there for me. I am glad other think so too. I hope you all doing well, maybe we will have a class together :)
  9. R U busy at work

    oh yes, I am in southeastern Pa too. We have been so tight on beds since the fall.
  10. University of Wyoming, advice

    suemom2kay, thanks. Apparently, it didn't matter anyway. Thanks for the explanation though. I got my official acceptable letter today:) I started my class the 20th, the format is a bit contusing but I think it will be ok. We have a lot in the cl...
  11. No fake nails, no dangling earrrings-posts only, No neacklace, bracelet, etc. May wear rings but they discourage it-ask only wedding bands.
  12. University of Wyoming, advice

    WHOO HOOO!! I still am taking prereq's at my local community college but they told me I could also take come classes at UOW too. They told me to start with Nurs 3010, however, it was waitlist only. I received an e-mail today. I am in!!! I am a b...
  13. LPN Help!

    I live in your neck of the woods. No you don't need to be a CNA first. However, when I was in nursing school I was a CNA. It paid good money, I worked relief so I could pick my hours around school. It also heped me a lot with school and becoming fa...
  14. University of Wyoming, advice

    Sorry, I am taking STATS at my local community college. I think they offer it on-line too. I am not that good in math so I decided to take it in the classroom. Also, you might try to call them and they might tell you wich ones they are offering in ...
  15. University of Wyoming, advice

    THANKS for the kind words Snowy. It seems like things are working out. keep in touch Paula, I am not sure. I am going to try and take some in the summer too. Maybe we will be in the same class. Well, all Maureen told me was to watch for summer regi...