Anyone else do wierd stuff when studying for a test?

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I don't usually make dinner, my Hubby usually does. So what did I do tonight when I am supposed to be studying for a test on Tuesday night?

I made a lovely pasta, veggie and turkey sausage italian dish dinner and some splenda oatmeal and raisin cookies.



Why do I clown around when its test time? I do get good grades but SHEESH!!!! I will end up studying like a fiend on Monday LOL OY VEY! :p


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Don't feel badly, Amy! I'm studying for a big exam we have on Wednesday (the day after clinical, I might add - grrrrrrrr!!! Why not on Monday instead, our other lecture day??? All the other ones were!) and I got my new People Magazine and Nursing Made Incredibly Easy magazine. I'm reading both - well, in-between doing some IV rate problems! LOL

I find I procrastinate if I don't take a break every 1/2 hour or so. I get bored with it.

Your meal sounds yummy! :)

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I go to the nearest coffeeshop, drink about 5 cups of their wonderful coffee, and review, review, review. It works for me.

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When I am preparing for a test, it the only time ever I enjoy (okay, maybe not enjoy!) taking a break to do laundry! Of course, I find a sudden urgent need to change everyone's linens. Not to mention the laundry room floor needs to be swept, the washer & dryer should be cleaner, I should assess next summer's clothing situation for three growing boys...:rotfl: Anything to avoid going back to studying!

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I do a lot of studying at the library. My first stop is the periodicals. I take in the guilty pleasure of People magazine before studying. It helps relax me...:)

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Interesting that people have different study habits. Usually, night before a test, I have a bag of chips with my studying. Not a good habit at all.


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Okay I graduated many moons ago, but for finals my friend would come over and I would clean my kitchen, deep clean, while she quizzed me. Very weird but graduated with a 3.7 gpa. Also I could never study in silence, I always need a tv or some other noise.

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i have to have music playing in the background ( usually classical or something with no words, lyrics are too distracting). also, i like to study in our living room sitting in front of the couch with my books spread around me in a semicircle. you can always tell when it's test time because our dining room table is a mess ( where i use my laptop to study using nclex questions ) and there are books all over the living room floor. my husband hates it but he understands and just goes to our bedroom to watch dvd's. he understands that i get very involved in my studying and concentrate very hard. sometimes so hard that i give myself a headache! then it's time to watch tv, go out to eat or just goof off!

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Interesting that people have different study habits. Usually, night before a test, I have a bag of chips with my studying. Not a good habit at all.

I traded the bag of potatoe chips for Sweet Tarts! Don't ask me why, but I can sit and eat those things all night long while I study. (Of course along with coffee!)

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I had a routine before tests that really helped me! It was almost a ritual actually!

I ran a bath in my favorite bubble bath scent, a mini TV (way way away from the tub..with the cord duct taped so it could never ever reach the tub!!!), and a glass of plum wine. Every night before a test I would NOT CRAM..if I didn't have it in was too late.... I would soak for hubby was even kind enough to make me warm water on the stove incase the water heater didn't kick in in time. I would just relax!!!!!!! Then I would get out..apply my favorite lotions, powders...just for me..then I would go to bed. I would wake up the next day refreshed, and ONLY told myself..."you can only do your best..and your best is more than you think!"...nothing about the test...JUST THAT!!!!!!

I would drive to school with a tape or CD I burned with my favorite 'get ya going' songs. I had a coffee place that had great mochas and got myself my 'treat'..and drank it down (went potty of know coffee and full bladders during tests!) and took that test. I was scared the first few times..but you know what..a relaxed mind opens..a stressed constricted one does not! I aced Nursing school tests..and I have test anxiety!!!!!!!

Find what relaxes well during study time and don't cram...believe me it is in there, you just have to relax and find your way of is amazing what you really have in that brain...don't force it..let it flow out :)

Try it...takes a few times (hey and I never bombed a test trying!!!!!), but SO WORTH IT! I have given this advice so many times in more than if you take the advice..I haven't had a single complaint yet..and nothing but rave thank yous!!!!!! And for me..that is really why I went into nursing...maybe not only to help patients..but helping other nursing that is the achievement I find most fulfilling!!!!!!! :)

Oh yeah, and watch the 'plum wine' at the bath if you so choose..LOL, stress..oh brother could down a bottle...limit yourself..LOL..relaxed not numb! LOL!!!!!


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I dance while reading my notes outloud. If I can't dance to music then I pace the hallway while reading my notes outloud. Don't know why it works, but hey whatever helps me pass :p


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I like to pick up chinese food and go sit at the local park and study. for some reason the chinese food helps me concentrate! lol

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