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  1. https://www.rn.ca.gov/consumers/fees.shtml the information I have says $300 for initial PHN app and $125 for renewal., as of January 2019.
  2. Also it is only $125 a year to renew the PHN certificate. $187 if delinquent
  3. I don't know the answer for sure but I renewed last fall and no penalty. I don't think most graduates even get that certificate when they graduate anymore. I don't know the ramifications if for some reason you want to get it back. For me it was a non issue
  4. I got mine 30+ years ago without any extra effort on my part. Never paid a dime to keep it. I let mine lapse when I saw the cost at my last renewal. Other people I graduated with that I still keep in contact with let theirs lapse as well. You have to look at your individual circumstances but I have no intention to have a job where I need a Public Health Nurse certificate. I know I don't need it if I were to do home care in California in the future. Nor do I want to pay $300 every two years.
  5. When we got time clocks incidental overtime went up because staff were no longer donating the 10 minutes here or there.

    How do you induce passing gas post-op?

    This is not just simple passing gas a couple days post op. I would hope a lot of the suggestions have already been done. A family member had an ileus recently and had a therapeutic colonoscopy done to release air. Never seen that done before but it worked.

    reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    @ emergency nurse You stated you still intubate DNR patient's at your facility, if they haven't "died" yet? I think at my facility a DNR patient would not be intubated if they were desating. We do not have DNI. We sometimes have Limited resuscitation and there are specifics like " no shock" but "pressors" or intubate but no shock. How is it at other facilities all All nurse posters?

    ALWAYS called to work on days off?

    Feel guilty only when you've done something wrong. Calling in sick when you aren't, yes you should feel guilty. Not working on your scheduled day off, no you should not feel guilty. Hospitals will always have short staffing. Work when you are scheduled. Don't come in when you are sick. That's all that is required.
  9. We can discharge a patient from a hospital without a ride home if the patient has not had sedation. For instance a patient drives himself to the hospital when having chest pain(stupid but they do it). He's worked up, discharged and is alert and oriented and able to drive he can drive home. If a patient has a bunionectomy(same day surgery) with propofol sedation that patient can not drive themselves home.
  10. Doesn't need to be family but must have a responsible adult sign discharge instructions and drive the patient home or if the responsible person doesn't drive they still sign instructions but both will go home in a taxi.
  11. Some patients in day surgery say they have a ride home and then don't. You can't legally discharge someone unless there is a responsible adult to drive them home post op.
  12. RNKPCE

    Full time vs. per diem

    What do you mean by primary care setting? I think some people think you are referring to primary care nursing on a medi-surg floor. But you refer to working with a wonderful provider who loves to teach, which makes it sound like a doctors office. Can you clarify? If it is a doctor's office that might change people's response. Also can you find out more specifics about the OB prn position. How will orientation be handled? You will need a very detailed in depth orientation to be able to function in OB. You will also need to have some decent hours in order to use those skills you learn in orientation. Is this OB, labor and delivery or post partum? L&D is more specialized considered equal to critical care by most.
  13. Pre-op/PACU in a ambulatory surgery center(ASC) would be very different from the same in an acute hospital. The patient's are generally healthy or low to moderate risk in ASC. Early on in your career you might be better off in the surgical icu. If you worked at the surgery center for a year or so and lost your job or wanted to leave it might be harder to get back into the acute setting. I work acute care medical and part time at an ASC. They are worlds apart. I feel challenged every day at the hospital not so much at the ASC. However my long term plan is to retire from the acute care in 10 years but continue to work at the ASC. Every ASC is different but there is a lot of orthopedics , ENT, eyes, podiatry, some plastics, pain injections, some general surgery and sometimes endo/colonscopy.
  14. RNKPCE

    CSUS Fall '11 Hopefuls....??

    I know someone last year who was 39th on the wait list and got an email late June that he was accepted. He had already accepted elsewhere at his first choice school. So even if you don't get in initially you might move up the waitlist quicker at CSUS than other schools.
  15. RNKPCE

    Mandatory Overtime?

    We have no mandatory overtime. Is the mandatory overtime premium pay? Like time and a half? Why can't they hire traveling nurses to cover maternity leave. Like a previous poster said about New York, if they are required to show they tried, then traveling nurse would be the way to go. How about calling your local paper and letting them decided if they want to write a story, anonymously of course.