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    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    This is a big topic. If we tested a nurse today and that was negative and then worked 2 more shifts possibly exposed would you test them again in a week?........ the working and testing could go on and on. That's why I think its good for all healthcare workers to wear masks at all times. Maybe get a baseline test, where a mask at all times, and then test only if there are symptoms. However if you are in an area without enough PPE maybe you won't be able to mask at all times.

    Threw out back, what’s next?

    I agree with what the other posters have said about throwing your back out doesn't necessarily mean your bedside career is done. Do the prescribed therapy and see how you are feeling. Your back may flare up from time to time as mine does. Educate yourself about good body mechanics, use all lifting equipment available to you at work. Each person's back issue is unique but I'd actually be worse with a sitting job. My back does great with walking, not so good with standing in one spot and terrible with sitting.
  3. I was in your shoes. I've been a nurse for a long time now. These days when patients ask me how long I've been a nurse or how long I've work at my hospital and I tell them, they say " Did you start when you were 10 years old?" It never was a real issue in my career.

    Paid for Mandatory Online Learning from Home?

    We can do them from home and are paid, if the system works from home. Some e-learning only work on the intranet at work. Some things are long and require headphones and would be very difficult to do during a shift. In the past employees have gotten suspended for padding the amount of time it took them to complete learnings. Some of our systems have timers built in so management can tell how long you are using it. Other items we are told how much time is allotted for each thing. I set my timer on my phone when I sit to do my education and charge that much time.
  5. https://www.rn.ca.gov/consumers/fees.shtml the information I have says $300 for initial PHN app and $125 for renewal., as of January 2019.
  6. Also it is only $125 a year to renew the PHN certificate. $187 if delinquent
  7. I don't know the answer for sure but I renewed last fall and no penalty. I don't think most graduates even get that certificate when they graduate anymore. I don't know the ramifications if for some reason you want to get it back. For me it was a non issue
  8. I got mine 30+ years ago without any extra effort on my part. Never paid a dime to keep it. I let mine lapse when I saw the cost at my last renewal. Other people I graduated with that I still keep in contact with let theirs lapse as well. You have to look at your individual circumstances but I have no intention to have a job where I need a Public Health Nurse certificate. I know I don't need it if I were to do home care in California in the future. Nor do I want to pay $300 every two years.

    PCA pumps yay or nay

    I take care of medical patients with some surgical patients as well. I’ve seen many times that the patient doesn’t do so well using the PCA despite instruction/explanation from staff. They don’t use it enough or regularly and their pain control is all over the place. An example is a patient sleeps for two to three hours and wakes up in a much higher level pain because they haven’t hit their button for several hours. We rarely see a basal rate plus bolus doses. Fortunately they usually have oral pain medication which seems to provide the patient with more even pain relief and then they can supplement with a PCA dose for breakthrough pain. If the patient is NPO we just have to remind them to use their PCA . Sometimes the patients will get Ofirmev and/ toradol which helps Anyone else see this in their patients?
  10. RNKPCE

    Are O2 sats a vital sign?

    I remember long ago> 28 years, when only RT had access to pulse ox. It was rare to get an RT to do one without an order.
  11. RNKPCE

    Getting Sick as a Nurse

    I don't have enough fingers on my hands to count how many times I have been asked to trade or work extra for someone and I can't do it and then that person calls in sick that day. Most people manage to squeak by within the absenteeism policy. It's funny how the people who sound actually sick(coughing, laryngitis etc) express the most guilt about calling in sick.
  12. RNKPCE

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    I do believe that some hospitals cut back on nurse's aides when the ratio went into effect or did so over time. Some tout it as all RN staff! Some hospitals cut back on the number of nurse's aides on a floor, so now maybe two for a unit of 30 patients where before it was 4. I also worked with someone who about 8 years ago came from a hospital in the central valley of California that would tell staff "they were a ratio free" hospital and they tried to get away without following the law of 5 patients at all times on med-surg etc. There are no such hospitals in CA that are ratio free. However despite the law not being perfect it has 1) increased patient safety 2) increased nurse satisfaction. Why is is much harder to get a job in California? Many travel nurses have taken permanent positions in California, even with the high cost of living in most areas. After having only 5 patients I don't think I could work in another state where I'd sometimes have 8 patients at one time. If it has worked in California it can work in other states too. Nurses in MA would be wise to vote for this new law.
  13. RNKPCE

    When did being pregnant become a disability?

    No I hadn't and I've worked with many travelers. Thanks for the reply.
  14. RNKPCE

    When did being pregnant become a disability?

    Just curious what is a "guest staff member in the icu"?
  15. RNKPCE

    Mandatory Uniforms

    I'm wondering too. Years ago you could get uniforms that weren't scrubs. Most staff were excited when we could get "scrub" like uniforms. The other uniforms would sometimes button up the front and have Peter Pan collars, and a belt around the waist. They weren't nearly as functional as scrubs are today. Wouldn't want to go back to that.
  16. RNKPCE

    PCCN vs CCRN

    Not sure you have enough practice hours yet for any of them. When you do also consider, cardiac-vascular nurse certification. Cardiac Vascular Nursing Certification (RN-BC) | ANCC