Anyone else do wierd stuff when studying for a test?

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kahumai, RN

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I don't have any specific "rituals," but the morning of the test I have to limit my intake to a few small sips of water because if I don't totally dehydrate myself then I have to go to the bathroom during the test, which is the WORST feeling in the world (my bladder seems to ~SHRINK~ on test days from all the anxiety.) I also will eat peanut butter on whole wheat toast because it gets my brain going. After the test, I down a huge bottle of water and take a loooong nap when I get home from school.


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The couple of days before any "big" test my house is SPOTLESS. I am usually a messy person. My husband always knows when I have been studying. There is usually a homemade cake in the fridge too.

kellyo, LPN

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I had a test today, and made sure I didn't leave the house w/out my lucky socks! I got a B!


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I graduate in a couple of weeks and no longer have anything left to study for.

Yay me!!!!

BUT....I just house no longer gets clean!!! I've always been an "anything but study" person before tests. More rooms got repainted that way!!! :rotfl:

Gompers, BSN, RN

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When I was in college, my apartment was never cleaner than when I had a big test or paper coming up. I would procrastinate by taking on huge cleaning projects - like emptying out a closet or taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets, washing them down, and rewashing everything before I could put it back in. :uhoh3:

TiffyRN, BSN, PhD

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Back when I was in school my best friend and I would meet at 5am at the local waffle house and have a grease/calorie fest with lots of their great coffee. We would eat then review until time to go across the street to the college. Then a few minutes before the test we would say a "Hail Mary". . . which was a strange ritual for two people not raised Catholic. We didn't mean it disresptfully at all and we both graduated with B averages in our nursing classes.

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