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  1. bonjovigirl

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    I'm an RN in florida, with 1 year experience, day shift cardiac floor, 36 hrs a week, and take home approx $1200 Q2 weeks, after health ins for me and hubby and small amt in 401k. I don't think the poster is out of line, alot of people don't want to answer, so don't. Theres nothing wrong with either. If my co workers and I never spoke of money, they I wouldn't know that after many many years of experience, some people are making a whopping $2 more an hour than me. That make me look into future plans. Also, anyone who thinks a person is not going to make a good nurse because she wants to find out how much theyy make has never been broke. I personally find it crazy that I work SO very hard and put up with so much bs, and have to bite my tongue CONSTANTLY, not to mention the level of responsibilty I have and the fact I miss out on holidays and sunday dinners for what amounts above stated wage. Am I a decent caring compassionate nurse who ill do whatever it takes to be a pt advocate, yes, do I want to get paid a decent wage? oh yeah. Hello? while you're busting your butt taking care of everyone from millionaires to homeless people, your electricity and mortgage need to be paid. I wouldn't trade my job for most others, but dang, I NEED that paycheck.
  2. bonjovigirl

    how to select a nursing school?

    Can't give you advice on your particular choices, but what I looked at was schools retention/graduation rate. I agree its important to "weed out" people who may have no business in nursing school, but that should NEVER be the schools primary goal. One such school I looked into has a graduation rate of about 20, when they actually took in 70 students. I hear if you graduate from there you're really smart, yet I feel if you have a nervous breakdown on the way, and have those nice loans to pay back anyway, you really don't care about those that graduated. good luck!
  3. bonjovigirl

    Getting hit!

    On my floor we have been getting alot of dementia elderly, combative patients. Just the other day we had a gentleman start that nonsense, kicking and biting and what not. We porceded to call security who put him in 4 point restrains after taking him down. We are not expected to handle 250lb plus old men who are punching us, dementia or not. If anyone gets hurt, its a big deal. We restrain, then call md. If he as a problem with that we invite him to babysit the pt. If we have to call security and the md doesn't want to cooperate, it goes over his head. restraints are not to be used lightly, but no one gets abused where I am, NOBODY.
  4. bonjovigirl

    Breech of ethics

    When I first read the post I thought the same as the rest of you, that said student was wrong. HOWEVER, if the pt has dementia and isn't all there, is it the same breach of ethics? If I failed to admin meds to every dementia pt that originally says no, nobody would ever get meds. Not saying that I shove meds into a pts mouth, but if for fourty five minutes they were talking to their great aunt faye that died 20 years ago, I may not take their objection as seriously. Most of our pts that aren't completley with it refuse EVERYTHING. How many times have you all cleaned up a person covered in bm that was telling you to leave her alone? Now, if the person was "halfway" with it, I would have tried to find out her objections. She may just not understand why shes getting her med. I would not sneak a med to a person who was coherant. EVER. Not only do they have the right o say no, but I DO NOT HAVE the right to force them to do anything. In other words, I agree with sharon.
  5. bonjovigirl

    Pay Rates?

    Florida here. $19 an hour here, brand new asn grad. 0.50 more for BSN. Nights are I think abour $4.50 more, weekends a PATHETIC $1/hour. ( I NEVER volunteer for w/ends. I just left Philly, where my buddies are now making $24-26/hr, new grads.
  6. bonjovigirl

    Nurses tossing scrubs for all-white uniforms

    our facility has big color coded badges that stick out under our name tag that say RN or PCT. ONLY RN's or PCT's get these. oh sorry, RT's do too. this really works well believe it or not. its very simple, but goes a long way. when I was a pct there, no one mistook me for a nurse. Now that I am an RN, the tag makes it easier for pt's and the millions of md's that come and go in our place. I think everyplace should have these. it's espically nice because usually your name tag is backwards, and it says RN in really huge letters on BOTH sides.
  7. bonjovigirl

    Moving To Tampa from NY _ Tampa Gen Rates?

    You mentioned making alot on your house in NY. Keep in mind that houses are very expensive here in Fl, but they pale in comparison to "up there". I recently moved from Philadelphia. I made enough profit on my house to buy a modest home here in cash. My property taxes are very reasonable ( unlike the 3-5000/year in the Philly suburbs I was seeing) and most other things are a little bit cheaper. Unfortunatly, Florida has usually been a place where people had to bring northern money to. When I grew up here, hubby and I were making a pittance, I mean really bad money, houses were less than 100,000 (mostly) at the time, but that may have well been a million dollars for what we were making. Things are different now, because we spent a few years away, this is sad but true. Also, there is no state and local taxes here. I was paying i believe 2.5% to sate and a whopping 4.9% to local taxes. I am making $5 less an hour than my philly new grad friends(I am also a new grad) For my husband and I, we are living in a house we wouldn't have been able to afford in philly area. It's not all bad news, but it is tough if you started out here. $19/hr is "decent" money, but I am making a whole dollar more an hour than my husband who is a delivery driver. It's not really a fair wage. But, personally, you couldn't drag me back to Philadelphia. So, best of luck to you. I think you'll be happy.
  8. bonjovigirl

    What squicks you out?

    This thread is all at the same time making me laugh and skip dinner. I helped re-dress a stage 4 ( sometimes ya think there should be a stage 10) decub that had taken over this poor womans ENTIRE backside. All you could see was bone. The stink penetrated the ENTIRE floor. That was gross, but I went to lunch immediatly after with no problem. But ANYTHING that has to do with the mouth GROSSES me out. The thought of dentures makes me want to hurl. Clean or dirty. If there was a fresh pair that had, never been used ever on a person, I still would rather clean up a code brown. Mouth care is the singlest biggest chore for me. poop is gross, but brushing another human beings teeth, I am getting sick just THINKING about it. Feet don't bother me at all, even the really gross ones, but pulling on toenails makes my skin crawl. Sputum doesn't ick me out *too much* but ANY of it landing on me, and I'm gagging. ( I seem to be the queen of sputum landing on my person) I almost passed out watching an epidural. The birth was fine, but that long, long, long needle going into that womans spine, and I nearly hit the floor. But teeth. GROSS.
  9. bonjovigirl

    Hospital infections on Good Morning Amercia.

    This is somewhat unrelated, but this made me think of this again, and made me mad. I was having dinner tonight with the parents, and my mom commented that she saw a man on " the tv" who went to the ER of the hospital that I just started as a brand new GN in. She said the guy was complaining that he was treated as a "second class citizen" because he didn't have insurance. Other people with ins. were taken in before him, and were treated nicer than him. He was made to suffer in the waiting room, and then when he went back everyone was "mean" to him, all because he didn't have insurance. My parents were appalled, as was I, but obvisouly for different reasons. As I tried to explain that the doctors and nurses and techs, couldn't really care less of this guys financial status, they were looking at me like I was 5 again. My dad commented that I just didn't understand how emergency rooms were run (my summer as an ER tech and 2 years of nursing school paled in comparison to his 30 minutes of watching the nightly news) People love hearing about the big bad world of healthcare. Its a very enemy and victim mentality to many people. People need to be protected from the very people who save their lives. ( now don't get me wrong, there needs to be ALOT of improvements, and there are evil people in HC but please.)
  10. bonjovigirl

    Applying to hospitals in different state.

    I just went through this myself. I got a job in Florida, and I go to school (and have lived in) philadelphia for 5 years. I sent in online applications and resumes to hospitals in the area we are looking at living in. I got calls from all of them, and they were more than happy to set up interviews for when I would be in town. They were all one interview only, and I got all four that I interviewed. If they don't call you a week after you email the application, call them. Not one seemed at all biased at an out of state applicant. Actually they were quite helpful about relocating. Good luck.
  11. bonjovigirl


    The only way I can keep myself at all motivated to go to school every day ( i graduate in May) is to not think about it. I have a job lined up already, so I am just plunking along, trying not to think AT ALL about graduating. It doesn't really work.
  12. bonjovigirl

    Is This Standard Now With Pap Smears

  13. bonjovigirl

    Is This Standard Now With Pap Smears

    Kinda off topic, but I recently saw a commercial about the importance of getting a hpv test along with your yearly pap, saying something like 90% of all cervical cancers are from the std. Now, I know this should be vital info that women need, but I wonder how many people "know" a girl who had cervical cancer ( I know quite a few) and now are thinking about them "differently" because they had an std? I mean, what if you told your uber religious parents that you were being treated for cervical cancer, and they were all understanding and now they see this commercial (by the way I only saw it air once) and they get crazy. I know a std is nothing to be ashamed of (what, a third of people have one) but some people want it to be kept private, and here is this commercial advertising it all over the place. Again, I know this is EXTREMELY vital info, but do we need a commercial about it? I cringed for the people I know who have been public about cervical ca (or pre-cancerous ca). There are alot of people out there. Anyway, off topic, but irresponsible television if you ask me.
  14. bonjovigirl

    Artificial feeding-Terri Schiavo

    I never thought about the hospice patients. how terribly sad for them. For this one patient that can't die in peace, how many other families are suffering. sad sad sad. I saw a snippet of protesters who brought bottles of water to terri. I am so glad the world has become health professionals all of a sudden. Oh! and how dare the families "worry" about the Doctors "killing" their daughter. What a fine thank you for caring for my daughter. What a great idea to put into the minds of frenzied americans.
  15. I'll join the club. I graduate in May also. I was in the elevator with a couple of my classmates on our way to our clinical floors, when we all voiced how we dreaded coming to clinicals lately. Then someone mentioned that thats what we were gonna go the rest of our lives. That was scary. Then I got to my patients room, in the SICU, and I was thankful that the nurse was in there the whole day with me. HELLO? I graduate in may, this may. Then, I was sooo happy when 1 pm rolled around and our instructor let us go a little early (after post-conference and lunch, about 2pm.) Went home, did laundry, took a nap, went to the grocery store, started dinner, and then the lightbulb went off again (3rd time that day) the nurse I was working with was still at work. Probably without much of a break. So how, I ask myself, am I gonna transform myself into a real nurse, who works 12, yes 12 hours a day, and has to do that on nights, weekends, holidays, and will actually be responsible for another (or 6) person's life? I am really happy to be graduating, I just can't believe that I'm graduating, and that graduating means I have to be a nurse now......that just seems crazy. You are not alone.
  16. bonjovigirl


    Dena, Foleys are very easy, on men that is. The hardest part is the sterile technique. Now women, er, I straight cathed a woman in labor. It was significantly harder, but I did it!!! I tried a baby once in our ped's rotation. We needed a sterile sample, but learned that there was something amiss in her anatomy. Over the course of 2 days many people tried, I think she ended up going for some sort of tests. Its really cool when you sit back and realize how far you came since starting nursing school. 11 weeks to go !!!!!!!