Anyone else starting to stress about Nursing 1??

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I'm starting to worry.....I haven't gotten all my books yet because the book store did not have them in yet. As of last Friday they still did not have the syllabus......they were closed Monday-Wednesday and I am not sure if they are open today and tomorrow. We have to have all course objectives for week one completed by the first day of class.....just starting to worry....anyone else??


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Don't worry.. That is how it was when I started... They didn't have them in until the week before classes... I am pretty sure they don't have the Nursing 3 ones out yet either.. But I am still in Mississippi, so I can't stress about it yet... :) Don't worry too much... I plan on being at the book store on Jan 2nd to get mine, and they better have them :)

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Yep, I'm getting nervous.......wouldn't call it stress yet though. I have a few of my books. Another one should arrive in the next few at least I'll have the books they told us we had to have the first week of school. I looked at our online calendar...we start on Jan 6th & we have our first test Jan 13th....ahhhhh the fun is just beginning!!! Plus I just went today for all of my immunizations plus the flu shot-----waiting for the side affects to kick in. I know how to plan a great weekend, don't I??? lol

I'm glad I have you guys to talk it over with though. It will be interesting to see how similar yet different our nursing classes are.



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Yes, I am very nervous. Because I am considered a "transfer" student (I have 60 hours at that college, but took last couple of semester getting pre reqs at a juco) I can't enroll until 1/15 this is also the day of Nursing Orientation, so. . . I am stressed.

I wanted to get there on 1/15, enroll get my schedule etc, but according to my Nursing advisor, there are not any real options, basically, you show up and they give you your schedule. Only 2 of the clinicals have optional times (do you want Tues or Thurs) the rest are assigned.

They have exactly enough books for everyone and exactly enough class slots for everyone. I guess this helps, they know I am coming so all I do is show up.

At any rate, I will be glad when things get started.


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Advice to ya'll

Take it one day at a time. I felt the same way my first day, first semester and I look back now and think WOW I don't know why I was in such a panic. The reason is is because you have to learn so much so fast, your schedule is so full and they have you going and doing so wonder we lost so many students.

I wish all of you luck with your first semsester, and you know if you have any questions, there are always people here who know what your going though, let us help you!



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I'm not stressed out about it. Ordered my books online, expect 'em any day now. The bookstore ALWAYS seems to run out of books (even though they know how many to get). You will have access to 'em when school starts.

Just another day, just another class... :D


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I was so overwhelmed before I began my nursing school experience. I was a nut case until I met all the other nut case nursing I felt right at home and you will too. It will be an amazing journey. I am looking forward to my second semester starting on the 22. I can't wait!


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I'm nervous but not about getting the books, more so of paying for 23 text books and feeling overwhelmed with all we'll learn in 16 short weeks! :chuckle

Some how it all works out! Good luck to you!


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Good advice to take one day at a time:)

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Eh, I wish my school would come out with the syllabus already so I could go ahead and order my books online. :( Orientation isn't until the 15th of January, so I am biting my nails waiting.


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Went and got more books today....still waiting on them to get 3 of my required books in....they hope to have them by Friday the third ....class starts on Thursday the ninth......this is getting old....

I did get the syllabus though......I need to go buy a new binder to hold it....its that huge!


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Good Luck to everyone who is starting their classes soon!! I am not yet in nursing school, but it seems as though I alread know what to somewhat expectjusy from coming here. Ya'll are great!!!!!!:D:D:D


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