Anyone else starting to stress about Nursing 1??

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Just wanted to wish all of you the best of luck as you begin nursing school. I'm beginning my second term Monday and I so remember the awesome feeling of that first day of class-getting schedules, meeting classmates, looking at all the work to be done for the semester, etc. It was so exciting. Our clinical rotation first term was long-term care and this term we have labor & delivery, pediatrics and geriatrics. Be sure and post how your first week goes!


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Dont sweat it! They didn't have the objectives completed until the day of the first class! I thought a whirl wind had sucked me in and taken me to oz! Don't worry though, you will get the objectives and catch up in no time!! Good luck to you!!


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I've been lucky enough to be able to get all my books ordered, and I've almost completed the first reading assignment. But, I still have a good deal of anxiety, just from anticipation of that first day. It's so bizzare...waiting, waiting, waiting for SO long to get in....and now I "only" have a few days left before it's HERE. YIKES!!

I made plans to go out to dinner with my sister and mother tomorrow night, and then with friends on Saturday night, just so that I can RELAX! I don't expect I'll be able to see much of anyone besides classmates/study partners until June....LOL I'd better enjoy my last few days "off" NOW!! :D

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Yep, it's getting really close now---aaacccckkkk why does the 3 weeks off have to go by so quickly???? :)



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Oh, Jen! The past 3 weeks for me have gone SLOWLY. I'm entering my final semester of nursing school on Tuesday, and I cannot WAIT! The sooner I get back, the sooner May 19, 2003 gets here (graduation!)

My younger sister is just entering her 2nd semester of nursing school and got her books today and is reading already tonight.

All I know is ... we start lectures on Tuesday and clinical already on Wednesday morning. Here I go again, but 5 mos from now...yeeeeeeeeeeeha!!!


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i start 2nd semester next week but remember how anxious and nervous i was in aug going into 1st semester.

i do fine the closer to next week it gets, i can "feel the butterflies" in my stomach.

all the best to every one!


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Well.....we went to a little information session ans looked over the syllabus was interesting to see 25 people walking out of a room....half in hysterical laughter...the others in shocked silence...oh yes are we going to have fun.......I am terrified......


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Cool.. Did they go over anything interesting??

I went and got my books yesterday and they syllabus is broken up in 3 of those big packets.. I was like OH BOY.. First test is on Jan 30th.... Clinicals begin on Jan 15th.. I guess I should probably start studying... What is your first day?


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Jan 9th is first day......first test is Jan 27th...trying to read the syllabus, lol. Thats what we spent alot of time on in the session.....learning how to read it. I got there alte because of another meeting I was required to attend(my WAEDA meeting that is paying for my classes) so I missed some of it, but much.....we are pretty worried.....hopefully I will see you around!

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