Anybody here ever found a GF or a future wife as a "murse" at work?


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Don't date at work. Have you heard this before? This planet has women all over the place.

as my friends crassly put it, you don't crap where you eat.

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I have been a nurse since '06. First stop referring to ME as a "fellow murse". This a professional occupation with severe consequences and peoples lives at stake. Go ahead and call yourself a murse at work and see how it goes man. OFCOURSE there is a chance you could meet someone and date them just like any job on the planet. However 99% of the time you are busting your ass working and not sitting around talking like a TV show. You have to be very focused because you make a med error or screw up an order and your entire career is on the line.


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Two of my classmates married while still in school. Don't know how that turned out long term. Another student ahead of me married a doctor in association with the school and that marriage didn't last longer than two years, if that long. He was known as a womanizer who liked to marry nursing students. There was another individual who was an instructor in the nursing program who left his wife and kids to marry one of the students. People liked to gossip about when he would dump her for a newer nursing student. Yes, you can find someone in or around the workplace or school, but that doesn't mean it will be a successful venture. Personally, I would look outside of these venues.

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I met my husband at my former place of employment. We have been together for a year and have a beautiful 2 month old baby boy. Although we worked in two different departments, I was a nurse & he was a behavioral program manager. So even though we worked together I wouldn't see him every day/moment unless I went to the boy's unit & if we worked the same days.

Oh but I wasn't looking for a relationship & wasn't worried about everyone else being in one, getting married & having a baby. I knew it would happen, no need to rush it. When you rush it you end up in the wrong relationship. Or a relationsh**.

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Just going to throw this out there as a 38 year old divorced woman, I understand where you are coming from, but relax a little. I got married way too young at 22. My sister is 32 and is marrying a great guy in a month. I married an idiot and my divorce was final this past January. I separated last August. My marriage was over like a year before that and around this April or May I decided I was maybe ready for someone in my life. I don't do the bar scene and I don't do a lot of hobbies where I would meet people. I was kind of like how does one go about meeting someone in this day and age because the last time I had dated was the late 90's and I was much younger. If I worked, I would be open to meeting someone at my place of employment. I run my son around to his activities so I don't get out much. But since I don't work and I'm a student, I did decide to try online dating. It has been an experience. There has been a lot of weeding and going out with the wrong guys. Guys who were only interested in sex or just goobers in general. But I did meet several good people on there. Some I am still just friends with, and one guy it has turned into a relationship with and we are both extremely happy. I don't tell many people how we met, but we genuinely like each other and things have been going well. I honestly would give online a go and see what happens. I was very nervous at first, but thought to myself, you only live once!! If you want any additional info, like which ones to use and how to go about it PM me and I would be glad to help you.

I agree with other posters - don't date within your program or workplace. It just makes things more complicated and can cause unnecessary drama. I have heard of people in larger hospitals who have no problem working in the same place because they work completely different units. Try joining a local fitness class or go to the gym. Both great places to meet people, not just females, and could potentially lead to some solid friendships or romantic relationships. Plus, they are generally people who care about their health, which is always a bonus.


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Aren't we all fortunate we can't hear people's thoughts...I guess it kind of bothers me when I consider how much time I am putting into becoming a nurse...reading that people question whether the field is a professional occupation or a job...and then read posts referring to male nurses as murses, and "I no this isn't but" or " why should a male have to take out ear piercings." It would be nice to see people look at the bigger picture now and then.


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Never buy your meat where you get your bread. :)


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Well, at least there is never a shortage of women in the nursing field.;)

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Met my wife at work in a CVICU 5 years ago. After we decided to get serious she chose to find a job elsewhere and we avoided any relationship work conflict. Made life a lot easier.

Before I met my wife I would have been with the others telling you to avoid work relationships, however, if you're smart about it, it can work.

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As a man who has worked with all women for most of my life...don't crap where you eat. Never any good can come of it. Look anywhere but where you make your money!

When you are at work you should be focusing on work, not on finding a wife. Do that in your free time. Keep the two separate. Don't date coworkers, it never ends well.