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  1. My dad has stage 4 terminal brain cancer. He lately has been having symptoms that I have associated as having a possible TIA, but my family seems to not listen to me when I tell them to report it to the hospital or his physician when he has symptoms...
  2. Criticism of my Cover Letter?

    We have received absolutely no teaching on making a cover letter, so bare with me. This is what I have so far. Critique the hell out of me. Matthew Hershel Cover letter for AGH.docx
  3. I currently work as a CNA at a nursing home and I am graduating with my BSN from IUP this May. I honestly have fallen in love with Geriatrics. I love my patients to death (from a professional viewpoint of course) and love how close I can get with som...
  4. Does this make a bad nurse/aide?

    She also screamed this at me while three other aides were also present. I am not sure as to report her to the DON or not. This has happened in a much lesser manner on three different occasions (for the tiniest things, like not realizing I left someon...
  5. Does this make a bad nurse/aide?

    Hey guys. I'm a male RN student that works occasionally at a LTC faculty as an aide. I agree with the nurse BTW, but I'll tell you the story. It was my last day yesterday before the fall semester began. I felt really energetic and felt I did a really...
  6. Cna job offer with a week of..

    My orientation was 2 weeks. Overall though, like others have said, the real learning starts when you are on your own. The first couple days by yourself can seem incredibly scary, but you'll adjust. Just do your best. Good luck my friend.
  7. Seriously fed up.

    Apparently she does this with several other people too. Like keep up, I'm going to be your boss in a year and a half buddy.
  8. Is finding a CNA job hard or easy?

    Overall, I did not find it very hard. I found a job within one month of getting my state certification. Although it depends where you live I suppose.
  9. Seriously fed up.

    I work 2nd shift at a nursing home. This one aide I report to on third shift, can go kiss my ass. Seriously. I go through walkthrough tonight with her and she doesn't even listen to my report. I get to a room and I'll say "Patient A is weak on trans...
  10. Should I call off?

    Actually, I am occasional. So I don't get paid sick days. But at the same time that means I have no reason to play hookie.
  11. I am a new grad and hired with 2 nursing agencies

    I'm still in nursing school, but are you essentially like a float nurse kinda?
  12. Should I call off?

    I got turned down. She said to call in tomorrow morning. Said it was too early for a "priority" call off or something. She sounded like she didn't believe me though. Maybe its just me. Idk.
  13. Tolerance and acceptace of gay nurses and patients

    As long as you are a good person and treat me with respect, I don't care. At all.
  14. Should I call off?

    Should I call in tonight? I feel like that's too early.
  15. Should I call off?

    The flu is bad this year. Like really bad. The one hall I was working on has 12 patients, 8 had an URI of some sort, either flu or progressed to pneumonia.