Anybody here ever found a GF or a future wife as a "murse" at work?


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Wish I did! I'd say 95% of the females on my unit are already taken. We're all around the same age which is cool (late 20's to early 30's), but I kinda joined the unit late haha. Some day...some day. Though, I think if I could choose, I would prefer/hope my GF is at least on a different unit or hospital in general. But anything can happen.

I am not even a nursing student yet. Gonna start in January. BUT I am married. I would say if it weren't for my wife I wouldn't have even gotten into nursing. She is my soulmate. She became a teacher but at one point she was in a nursing program but dropped out when she found out it wasn't for her. Me on the other hand, I was an education assistant working with children with autism thinking about becoming a teacher but decided I wanted to go into nursing. So in a sense, we went opposite ways but we complemented each other.

I would say try not to be overly concerned. It can depress you and drive you crazy when it doesn't need to. The girl will come eventually. I am 31 at the moment and I think I could have enjoyed my 20s a little more if I wasn't depressed about girls sometimes. Not saying you're depressed or anything but I know the search can be hard at times.


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Dating a person from work, in my opinion, is definitely not a good idea. I am just speaking from experience. Although I personally know people who met at work and it worked out great for them.

Good luck

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1. GENERALLY, dating from the workplace is fraught with hazard.

2. In my specific case, I knew my future wife from our time in nursing school. Thus, when we started dating while working in the same unit, we already knew what we were getting into. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary this month.


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Don't stress looking for a significant other. Focus on yourself first and that means finding a place to start your new career as a nurse after you pass the NCLEX. From what I've learned don't be hard pressed to find a girlfriend or a future wife. They will come along. Try to stray away from finding a significant other at work that can cause problems such as jealousy and if you two break up you're stuck because you're working at the same place. Just enjoy life right now and explore new things. Who knows, the future wife or girlfriend may be lurking around the same area and if it's meant to be it will happen.


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Don't get your honey where you get your money!!!!

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@ Mrsboots, no no no, your response is welcomed!

I have been out with a few friends at bars. But the quality of females you meet at bars, or heck, night clubs, are not the kind of mate you want to be with for the rest of your life. Trust me, I have been in a relationship that I have established from a night club "fling" and the relationship only lasted ONE week. LOL!

I am still "young," at least that's what my parents tell me, in my early 30's. Yet, my younger sister got married four years ago, and gave birth to her son last year.

Another former friend of mine (since he moved out of town for his fellowship, lost contact with him) also got married two years ago.

I feel like I'm behind that of other siblings, relatives and friends.

Get involved in activities you enjoy in your has an awesome app which creates groups to do some fun stuff like outdoor activities, coding, fitness, sports and anything else you could think of. Get yourself out there.

Also i'm a bit younger than you but would say that guys have it much easier than girls when it comes to the timeline in which they can decide to get married in a reasonable time. Guys can wait till early or even mid 30's and still easily date/marry a girl ten years his junior just because of evolution (you know, the whole security thing).

In my experience, the right one will come along when you stop looking and least expect it. Good Luck!