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  1. Anyone else applying here? It seems to be one of very few schools in the state that admit in the Spring. Does anyone have any idea of how stringent their admission process is, or if they consider out of state students? It looks like they only look at your last 5 years GPA, which would take my abysmal 2.6 to a more competitive 3.5. You also have to have completed AP I, II and Patho or be in the process of completing them by the application deadline of Sept. 15th and have taken the Kaplan Test. They will invite the applicants with the highest scores based on those criterion to an interview. And, it's only 4 semesters! Anyone know where I can take Patho online?
  2. rock hopper

    Denver School of Nursing - BSN January 2018 applicants

    I want to say it was just a few weeks after the deadline to apply like they had mentioned.
  3. rock hopper

    Denver School of Nursing - BSN January 2018 applicants

    I had a 2.65, all prereqs, previous BS degree and got an interview. Unfortunately had to cancel as I ultimately couldn't swing the massive tuition burden that comes with it. Good luck to everyone, I wish I could join you
  4. Im moving from one state to another with family and want to start a degree in nursing in the spring, so will be applying very shortly. I am trying to apply as an out of state student with a Bachelors degree. Does anyone know if it is fairly difficult to get accepted as an out of state student? I'm kind of at my wits end here as i don't have enough money for a BSN and the CC programs in the state im moving to are either too competitive or there's a waitlist.
  5. rock hopper

    Jobs during nursing school?

    Im not in nursing school yet, but in CC you get your LPN on your way to your ADN, no? So couldn't you conceivably work as an LPN on a couple nights/weekends while in nursing school if you got your LPN cert? I have also worked as a scribe and would highly, highly recommend it. Also, im considering getting my EMT certification before school starts in the spring just to get first responder experience.
  6. rock hopper

    Jobs before applying to nursing school

    EMT? I'm considering getting my EMT-B this Fall before starting nursing school in the Spring. My nursing school is hella easy the first semester (basically all classes i have already taken at uni) so I figure that I could work a bit to pay rent.
  7. Get involved in activities you enjoy in your community...Meetup.com has an awesome app which creates groups to do some fun stuff like outdoor activities, coding, fitness, sports and anything else you could think of. Get yourself out there. Also i'm a bit younger than you but would say that guys have it much easier than girls when it comes to the timeline in which they can decide to get married in a reasonable time. Guys can wait till early or even mid 30's and still easily date/marry a girl ten years his junior just because of evolution (you know, the whole security thing).
  8. rock hopper

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    Some encouraging and discouraging posts here from a perspective of a prospective nursing student. I suppose that I have been floundering on obsessively looking over career choice websites or trying to find something that pays decent and doesn't require 4 or more years of schooling that I would enjoy--and always really came back to nursing. For me, getting personal satisfaction in genuinely helping someone and that confirmation of them knowing that I will take care of them is what would drive me. That and I am a social butterfly--I seriously doubt I would enjoy a career in which I wasn't surrounded by and talking to people all during the day. It just makes me happy. I am also considering a code bootcamp to become a Web Developer. I have always been drawn to computers. It's really between those two fields for me, but i've found that I just need to be in a place I love doing something I love to remain happy. That's the goal anyway.
  9. After a lot of consideration I am going to attend a Community College nursing program next Spring to get my ADN. Tuition is fairly cheap at $1,400 a semester, so you can't really beat that. I am currently 27 and will graduate when i'm nearly 30 but I think i've gotten over the whole obsession with savoring my 20's in favor of doing what I actually want to do career wise instead of random odd jobs and more years of "what can I do that i'd enjoy that doesn't involve me paying a fortune". My CC has an LPN "exit option". After the first semester you can get your CNA, after the second you can get your LPN license and after fourth apply for your RN license. I know that I can call/email my CC program director but I wanted to see if anyone knew off hand if I can get my LPN license and work p/t (weekends) to pay for rent and necessities while in nursing school to eventually get my RN license? Also out of curiosity, are CC's usually pretty strict on out of state nursing students applying? Family has moved and i'm trying to be near them. GPA is low at 2.65 and i have BS degree though i have already taken all necessary prereqs. Thanks for replies.
  10. rock hopper

    Summer 2017 Chat

    There is a small calculator on the upper right hand portion of the computer screen that you can use (which I ironically forgot about while working out multiple number-crunching problems). Reading through the ATI Test Prep booklet from Amazon, I was stressed at the prospect of math as it's been years since i've cracked a book in that subject. Fortunately the majority of math questions were just plug and play word problems and no formula memorization at all. An 86 is awesome though, you should do great.
  11. rock hopper

    Summer 2017 Chat

    Just took the TEAS for the first time. Virtually no study apart from briefly (15 min ) looking over the science section. Got a 72.7 % on first try which apparently is about average. Best scores were in math and reading. Science section was toughest but none of this test was difficult. I actually feel I should have scored much better. Hopefully it will be enough to get into an ADN program.
  12. rock hopper

    Semester is over / Psychology question

    Psychology was a cakewalk, and I was a pretty bad student when I got my degree in it. I did enjoy it immensely though.
  13. rock hopper

    Denver LPN Concorde

    I want to get more opinions on Concorde too. I am considering applying for the Denver location and either doing LPN or ADN. I suppose it would make more sense to go the ADN route. Lady on the phone told me there basically are no prereqs to get in, which was a little unnerving. I know it's an expensive program, but I just need to start working. I am considering getting my CNA license in June, wonder if I could work nights while in the program to pay rent? Any other opinions on Concorde, please do tell!
  14. Hello all, It's been awhile since ive posted but my family is moving to Colorado and i will be moving to be closer to them as they are not in the best health. I am going from a career of construction/business to nursing, with a degree in Psychology (BS). It feels as though I am starting completely from scratch and with my low gpa (2.6) it seems like trying to crawl out of a deep slippery pit. I am looking for an LPN or ADN program to apply to for Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. I know that it is late in the game for Fall admission, which was why I am still considering attending a technical college so I can get the ball rolling and at least work on my LPN. Alternately, I could start in the Spring, but would be at most likely a severe disadvantage being from out of state and having a low gpa. Would anyone recommend a school that may be more lenient? With all of the tests i'll have to take and HCE i need to have to be competitive it almost feels like no matter what I do, I can't break through into the field of nursing. I was actually granted an interview at Denver School of Nursing but the tuition was absolutely outrageous and im already very deep in debt. Any advice much appreciated. I just want to start somewhere.
  15. rock hopper

    Advice on current situation

    Thank you for the responses. I was just notified that the D i received in Micro will disqualify me from the BSN Nursing program I was looking into. I suppose I should really consider the CC route. My family is moving to Colorado so I will be applying to local community colleges in the state as an out of state student. I don't know how friendly the CC's there are to out of staters with the enormity of applications they receive each year anyway. Also, I'm not sure if it matters but "technically" I have a B in the Micro I took from a CC and a D from the Micro I took at University (the CC course is 200 level and the Uni course is 300 level), would this fact maybe let me slide? It is pretty overwhelming all of the tests I have to take (HESI, ACT, Placement, etc) and even HC experience I am recommended to have ( i have no CNA cert., just several jobs helping sit for elderly people as a patient caretaker at their homes). I suppose I figured it might be easier, but wow, it's a good bit of work! Maybe just to avoid another year or two of waiting/disappointment since I can't afford to quit my job and take classes now, I should just start from almost the very bottom of the totem pole with an LPN program. They might be a little more forgiving. All of this is pretty overwhelming. Thank you again for all of the replies! So helpful. I hope to be able to come back and say I was accepted and I'm ready to get to work :)