Any Veterans in nursing here?


Just wondering... Any veterans here currently in or working towards a career in nursing? If so, what branch?

Myself, I'm a Army medic currently on my 1st year of my BSN program. I also have a professional career in Occupational Therapy.



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former army medic 155th regt combat team, iraq 2004, now rn almost complete with online bsn upgrade.


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Navy, Special Boat Team 12, 5 months from graduating with my ASN

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Yea im a veteran, During my active duty time I was in the army in the 160th Spec ops aviation regt as one of the paratrooper/flight medics for six yrs, I got out started college for my RN, joined the National Guard as a medic , earned my BSN, went to afghanistan as medic with the Indiana Army Guard , started graduate school to be a Family Nurse practitioner, transferred over to the KY Army Nat Guard.. I graduate with my FNP in 10 months ! But anyway yea im also still a medic in the guard... Hows it goin fellows ?

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Naval Reserve as a 0000 HM. Got out to go to Nursing school...Planning to continue my service as part of the VA health care team

Zash is also a Navy Vet.


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Started in the Army to be an Army nurse. Didn't like the program. Stayed in for the duration. Retired to become a civilian nurse. All my life it's been the service and nursing. If only I could redo it!


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Ex mortar man and then medic (91C). Still in nursing for 35 years. Holy Moses, I'm almost dead!

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imma vet..

i used to be a flight paramedic... then joined the navy..

was a naval hospital corpsman for a stretch...

green side...

was with the marines....

got out because they would not honor my contract and send me to med school.

stupid heart of mine....

my GI bill paid for my way through nursing school...

ive been accepted to a med school...

i am not gonna die of a heart attack....... yet



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How about that, you guys saved the best for last >:D AF Security Forces here huah :)


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I was in the Marines for 7 years (accountant) before going back to school to get my BSN.


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12 years in USN as MS1 "a chef" got out after the 91' Gulf War, then became a fast food manager on the outside ,now a nurse, talk about complete career change.

Some days I actually miss getting yelled at for putting too many pickles on the burgers!!


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Navy Yeoman for 7 years. Started my first semester of college preggers with #4, all paid for by the VA. Been a nurse for 6 years. Love what I do, Loved the Navy/military and would really like to be able to go back and work in a military hospital or with vets.

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