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  1. active duty while attaining an MSN/DNP

    Doable, but you may need to strategize it. I saved my MSN for an overseas tour where things were 'slower' but it was still pretty rough with work and collateral duties necessary. It can be exhausting when working 12's to come home and want to unwind ...
  2. Hours as Navy nurse

    Navy here. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but how will you handle deployments where you are gone for months at a time with your family concerns? I've worked 5 12's maybe twice in 6+ years (overseas, short-staffed, only one available etc...
  3. DNP should be the Minimum Entry Practice

    Sounds like a troll post. For an NP prepared at the doctorate level, the writing in that post has me concerned if true.
  4. Army or Navy

    The majority of the patients I see in a military hospital are dependents and retirees, which is typically reflective of the civilian population's health status (read: same). Military members 'may' be grateful for your care, or they may treat you like...
  5. Nurse Investigators/Nurse Coroners

    Are there male SANE's? Yup. I'm a male sexual assault examiner. I think it has to do with how you develop a rapport with the person presenting for care - letting them know they are safe, that they are in control of the exam, and that my purpose is to...
  6. Need advice regarding Mavy Nurse Candidate Program

    Having been both enlisted, and currently a Navy officer - do not enlist if you are going to soon be a practicing RN. That's bananas. If you want to join the NCP, as I did, you'd best straighten out your grades. I know school is tough, but so is your ...
  7. Let me interview you!

    Hello, I'm currently taking an informatics course this semester for my MSN (current background: Navy RN working in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; 6 years MedSurg, 1 year Cardiac Intervention; Current SANE), and am looking to interview someone about their role...
  8. Health care military recruiter locator, HELP !

    Heck even with your license and experience, don't expect an immediate call-back. Patience and persistence. The National Guard or Reserve would probably be easier to get into, but just know that they are not a path to active duty.
  9. FNP in Navy

    Smaller commands (ex: overseas) can expect to see more FNP use in their respective roles. Ours is a provider, and manager of 100000000 things. I don't envy her
  10. Navy Nursing

    The military won't pay for you to break a civilian contract you have that isn't education-related. Student loans? Maybe - even then they'll 'help' not clear.
  11. Joining the military in pursuit of CRNA

    As the poster above me said, you'll 95% chance end up on Med Surg or Post Partum. You 'may' be allowed to transfer after a certain amount of time, or you may not. I spent 3 years in Med Surg - but that's also where I gained the majority of my clinica...
  12. Toluidine Blue...

    New sexual assault examiner here - anyone have tips for removing excess toluidine blue? I've been using surgi-lube and it does remove a good portion of the dye, but much of it remains even in non-injured tissues.
  13. New grad PCSing to Camp Pendleton

    Shoot me a message when you get to Pendleton. I still know most of the people you'll be working with.
  14. Advice: Do I need an MSN to promote?

    Yes, you're probably right SoldierNurse22 I've tangled with some of the administrative side of the house. Not really my cup of tea - generating endless data and 15 meetings a week really brought me down
  15. New grad PCSing to Camp Pendleton

    Likely if you show some competence in Med-Surg and express interest in working MSW - you'll work MSW. It doesn't hurt to mention your future interests (ICU/ED). MSW = Ill newborn, pediatric, adult; You get occasional post-partum moms with mastitis o...